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  1. Is that the concept art version of anakin for revenge of the sith?
  2. https://youtu.be/tAlGBofkekc Here's a few things I did a few months ago, returning to the idea of kotor in JKA I was inspired by TNO's kotor conversion mod and I saw a part of the video where Chewbacca is replaced with Canderous Ordo. Here's my take on it for dialogue (most of Chewies dialogue is unchanged, when i find the inspiration and how i can make it coherent I will make a full walkthrough of the Mercenary Activity when I do this). Also i think Jaden's unaltered dialogue with Canderous' in this footage is funny Me replaying Crimelord takedown with another change I did MONTHS ago. What's different on this version? I changed the Nikto who replace the human mercs with ACTUAL human mercs from kotor (specifically kotor 2) with a soundset i assembled with VO bits from kotor 2
  3. https://youtu.be/ThUOhOQGEFI"]https://youtu.be/ThUOhOQGEFI I’M OVERDUE FOR POSTING THIS LOL In this rough recording I show off some weapon sounds I combined to make a unique sound (for most of them). Also this was made with ultimate weapons (obviously). Also i need to think of some for the others (if i can think of any) Also if anything seems of with the weapons (specifically the firing speeds) it’s because I was playing Escape Yavin IV when I was testing these sounds and just loading a map in that mod. E11 - I combined the fire sound from the ultimate weapons mod and combined it with the E11 from free radicals BF3. Same for the alt fire but slightly pitch shifted to match the sound Bowcaster - This is the same one used in KOTF 2.1, specifically the primary fire sound. I combined the vanilla JKA sounds and added the bowcaster sound from Republic Commando Disruptor - Combined the OG battlefront 1 firing sound for the primary fire and the secondary fire when scoped sound is the sniper rifle sound from The Force Unleashed Repeater - Combined the vanilla firing sound with the repeater sound from 2017 Battlefront 2. Funnily enough I also took that sound and combined it with the firing sound from Rayce’s reskin of the TL-50 https://jkhub.org/files/file/3059-tl-50-heavy-repeater/ (not featured in the video) Flechette - Combined the vanilla firing sound with the one from ultimate weapons Concussion - Republic commando concussion rifle sound. I still need to figure out a unique combination for this weapon.
  4. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/7/77/AndeLeg.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190409194935 looks promising but i'm not too sure on the choice of the head since Darth Andeddu, while looking slightly undead to an extent does have eyes and lips https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/0/07/UndeadAndeddu-Leg27.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190414172413 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/8/81/AndedduLavaMaker.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190414173606 or is it off of his resurrected form?
  5. it's nice to have variations of death (zombie storm)troopers than just the bloody helmet and exposed mouth. shows that the stormtroopers armor were torn and damaged in different areas when attacked during an outbreak. makes me want a total conversion mod about project blackwing lol
  6. anyone have a copy to download from, the DL links are dead
  7. Seeing this post about the purge trooper soundsets you might want to reupload it, the link for the soundset in the main post doesn’t work
  8. did you port the trandoshans from RC? i think you did but idk if that was from a random pack or a seperate download
  9. Just a small bump as this mod came up in my memory. Anything new with this mod that’s been worked on over the last year?
  10. Having a love for sounds and audio editing, having a bunch of sound effects at my disposal, and learning how to get them to work in Jedi Academy, results in the stuff that will be shown in this forum. Here are some examples of my efforts: Early attempts at adding sound effects (weapons, footsteps, and sound sets) from the Knights of The Old Republic games. Some I have shown in the past in other threads. First attempt https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lnkh-XtEc18 what I replaced: replaced the stone and metal footsteps with the ones that were used for the sith soldiers (i liked those more than the ones the player has) gave saul some new damage and one new death noise from kotor 1 gave the sith officers their respective soundset from kotor 1 gave the nikto their respective soundsets from kotor 1 and 2 gave the sith assassin their respective soundset from kotor 2 (wasn't sure if the sith assassins would replace the saboteurs) gave the pistol the pistol draw sound from kotor gave the cloaking sound the ones from kotor (not shown in the video) replaced the following force sounds: force speed with an unused sound effect that was suppose to be for force speed in kotor force drain with the death field and affliction sounds force push with the force push sound from kotor force jump with the force jump sound from kotor force heal with the force heal sound from kotor (not shown in the video) and yes, the ones not shown in the video do work as well Take 2: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f4EmGyTUTao https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fgHiyGqSM5E replaced the grass movement sounds with the ones from kotor (includes ones that weren't put in the final game) replaced the rug, and dirt sounds with the ones from kotor (not in the video, couldn't find a map to show them off) replaced the imperial heavy repeaters sounds with the heavy repeater/disruptor rifle from kotor replaced the heavy repeaters alt fire sound with the power blast sound from kotor 2 replaced the explosion sound from the heavy repeater with the thermal detonator sound from kotor replaced the heavy repeater hit_wall sound with a hit wall sound from the heavy repeater/disruptor from kotor replaced the rocket launcher sound with the one from kotor 2 (i think it appears in the game in the form of mira's rocket laucher) replaced the bowcasters sound with the bowcaster/ion blaster sound from kotor replaced the bowcasters alt fire sound with the sonic blaster sound from kotor replaced the grenade throw sounds with the one from kotor 1 (it appeared in the calo nord cantina cutscene) replaced the grenade explosion sound with the frag grenade sound from kotor replaced the lightsaber hit sounds from the ones from kotor replaced the force protect sound with the force shield sound from kotor replaced the force absorb sound with the force aura sound sound from kotor replaced the mind trick sound with the ones from kotor (i believe they're unused) replaced the force grip sound with the force choke sound from kotor replaced the force lightning sound with the one from kotor (At the moment) finalized versions of weapon sounds, more still to be added https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JFIk01tgPOU blaster pistol replaced with the standard blaster pistol/rifle sound from kotor, the alt fire is replaced with the power blast sound from kotor blaster rifle replaced with the ion blaster sound from kotor, alt fire replaced with the alt fire sounds with the power blast sound from kotor bowcaster replaced with the sonic blaster sound from kotor, alt fire sound replaced with the sonic blaster power blast sound from kotor repeater sound replaced with the heavy repeater/disruptor rifle sound from kotor, alt fire replaced with the power blast sound from kotor and the explosion sound is replaced with the thermal detonator explosion sound from kotor replaced the rocket launcher sound with the one from kotor 2 thermal detonator explosion sound replaced with the frag grenade explosion sound from kotor, throw sound is replaced with the one from kotor and the bounce sounds are replaced with the ones from kotor replaced the lightsaber hit sounds with the ones from kotor This video is a little outdated in the NPC department but this was my first attempt at replacing dialogue with ones from kotor. In this case Crimelord Takedown but Lanik Racto is replaced with David Kang. Inspired by The New Order’s kotor conversion mod. Lwkill helped with getting the music to work in the game. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=--fECEBiNhI https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OpJh50IQyAA A more goofier attempt done as a joke with Rax Joris’ dialogue replaced with Commander Dern from Kashyyyk in kotor 1 and replaced some of jadens lines with slightly edited lines from Atton “Jaq” Rand from kotor 2. The replacement for Rax’s dialogue was inspired by the Jedi Academy Re-Edited series https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a9aUGoR3U8g https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=azPQpjH5AY4 Two tests of footstep sounds from the OG battlefront games Other stuff I’ve done that’s not in video form or barely touched in the videos: Made some proper soundsets for the kotor 2 sith assassin, saul karath, emperors royal guard (using unused dialogue from OG battlefront 2), and many more. Because hearing random quotes when characters take damage irritates me. I also provided voice clips, soundsets blaster sounds among other stuff for KOTF 2.1 and later SWGL Much more to come but that’s what I have at the moment that’s in video form.
  11. i wouldn't mind discussing it over discord PM me your discord name
  12. in regards to the sabers, ok as for sounds I'll try to mish mash weapon sounds from various star wars games and see what i can come up with. same with the soundsets. should i also use the ultimate weapons mods since you're using it in your screenshots? also for voice lines, i'm going to wait before even doing anything with that since i imagine you plan on having the vast majority of the voice lines re recorded by new VA's
  13. great stuff you've been showing! weird question: are you planning on keeping some of the more goofier lightsabers like that saber mace or what ever that is. personally the dual wielding saber staffs and X staff are fine in the context of the ancient sith but the weird saber mace and the circular sabers are kind of goof and out of place with the star wars universe also my offer still stands for providing new sounds and etc.
  14. glad to know your still have it and working on it btw, I am more than happy to provide sound effects for weapons and soundsets for character from various star wars games in regards to weapon sounds and the kotor games for the soundsets
  15. Anything new to report? It’s been almost a year. Did you ever find that mapper or find a way to decompile and recompile the maps yourself? Etc etc
  16. also on your bossk and mcquarrie boba fett: their heads could use a bit sizing up because their heads are a little too small also what jka mod had the kotor trandoshan head that you used for bossk or did you port it in your?
  17. k, i could tell the influence minus the Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's revenge mandalore mask funnily enough i've actually contributed to that project by providing audio for that mod
  18. Lol is that ported from or based heavily off of the mandalore the ultimate model from the upcoming kotor mod for battlefront 2?
  19. I could, dunno. My worry is that it’ll feel unnatural especially with the fast delivery of the voice lines by Davik’s voice actor I think the HK in Abroms kotor pack includes the clanking for HK, I’ll have to check As I thought: I hope someone does. If we can get working droidikas in Jedi academy then we should be able to get a mk1 assault droid lol. In the meantime I have an idea as a substitute. If not I’ll just modify it with the cultist class because the asassin droid class doesn’t work on the HK’s The Rodians are no problem, the human mercs are kind of pointless since they’re rarely used but I do plan on replacing them. Why do I say this: because there are NPC’s that are unused. Since I posted the last post I replaced the nikto (that replace the mercs) and replaced them with the kotor 2 mercs using Derrick (derrick being the pmhc4 (I think that’s the head name) and using the heavy combat armor) and making a custom sound set for them. For the bowcaster and repeater users I gave them a vibrosword. I plan on doing something similar for the concussion rifle merc but instead have him being a mandalorian or a kotor merc like the rest with him either: keeping the concussion rifle or give him a rocker launcher or a vibrosword. It’s now only the weequay that are the nikto. Them and the e11 using rodians. Yes the hud i’m using the kotor 2 hud. Also what’s going on with that, this HUD could use a good refining.
  20. No luck, and the only download that contains kotor models doesn't have all the character models and bodies but i know of some tools to that should hopefully work, if you think you can work for them but they're for 3DS max and gmax
  21. could you port the rodian model from kotor?
  22. some of Davik's lines were edited to make sense with the scenario but it's not all that noticable if you were to replay davik's estate from kotor. as for editing them a little more: i don't see anything else that i could edit to be completely honest as for the nikto dialogue, they're probably the same voice actor but different lines Didn't someone already do something like that where the HK's have those clanks for footsteps? also i don't think anyone has ported the mark 1 assault droid yet into jedi academy I might swap out a few of them with bith, rodians and grans. thank god for the weequay NPC which can allow me to add all of them in if i wanted to, lol I'm considering swapping out the nikto (who replace the human mercs) with the derrick character (who resembles the mercenaries from kotor 2) i'm also surprised the guy who made the kotor 2 hud didn't makes a kotor 1 version yet. i'd be shocked if he could get the features to work to resemble the kotor HUD's
  23. lol, shows how much time i have one my hands. I still want to get a copy of the mod so i can add the sounds and NPC's i've assembled and potentially add some more stuff for to get experimental
  24. https://youtu.be/--fECEBiNhI It's been 10 months since i've done anything with the audio assets I assembled for jedi academy. Recently, over the course of a few days, I went back to assemble something new since over the months I learned how to export voice line files from kotor 1 and 2. I downloaded a bunch of kotor models Jeff ported, took out their soundsets and modified them. I later applied them to the Crimelord Takedown mission by replacing Lannik Racto with Davik Kang, voice lines included with some of them spliced respectively. I also changed out the music with ones from kotor (specifically the ones from Davik's estate), the only thing that's missing are the battle suspense tracks which i hope to get working, i have kotor 2's with no problem but not kotor 1, good thing i had help with the music. Thanks to Lwkill for optimizing the music for jedi academy. Keep in mind: This is not official
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