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  1. does the location of the model have any significance? https://img00.deviantart.net/fd4f/i/2018/143/5/4/blender_by_mr_mannface-dccdisz.png Edit: nevermind, it doesn't
  2. If i may reccommend a new VO for Rosh so he sounds like Jason Christopher Marsden. There's a guy from the kotor modding community who i hope could lend a hand to the mod. he goes by Zhaboka. I think he'll make a better Rosh Penin than whoever did the voice in the original mod
  3. as long as they sound like Philip Tanzini (Male Jadens voice) and Jennifer Hale (Female Jadens voice) I won't complain.
  4. similarly to the lost maps release of escape yavin IV, could we get some sort of option that results in jaden redeeming himself and returning to the light side? also i would like to offer toward providing new voice overs for the sith lord if possible. or at least edit the voice actors lines to make the sith lord sound scary I also don’t mind voicing minor roles either
  5. also will there be an overhauling to the voice acting too?
  6. i also hope the skins get replaced with something more... i think lore friendly is the right term to use. immersion is a helpful thing and the overhauling of NPC's with their approptiate looks or replacing them with something else that makes more since will be a well needed facelift for this mod
  7. what weight paint tutorial are you refering to. could you send a link to it please?
  8. will not-windu and not-yoda be replaced? if so, who will take their place?
  9. when you do get on your computer, could you take a screenshot showing where i should look because i don't know what you're referring to. i think our layouts of blender are radically different
  10. yes, yes, and where do i check that because i don't see that option?
  11. yes, i did. i don't know what else to check. i did multiple things to see if it would allow me to export the model and no results
  12. got the triangulate faces things now, tried to export it again and got an error saying "could not load a vertex: unweighted vertex found!" i weighted the thing, it's weight is set to 1 like in the tutorial, i checked my model i'm trying to add on, it don't get what's going on. for the umpteenth time lol (i gotta stay optimistic sometimes)
  13. for some reason hitting Crtl + T does nothing, it's in edit mode and it does nothing and i have the node wrangler enabled too
  14. went to bed, cooled off, followed the tutorial some more but the current problem regarding trying to export it is this: https://img00.deviantart.net/ba10/i/2018/114/3/b/blender_2018_04_24_17_02_11_37_by_mr_mannface-dc9qnzz.jpg what do i do?
  15. I'm honestly on the brink of giving up because trying to add the torus onto the head of my model is getting frustrating. I'd rather have a one on one conversation with someone over skype and talk my way through this because that's how irritated I am
  16. managed to figure it out with the tutorial, thanks. now i face a new problem, when trying to export the model, it says blender can't load the surface of my model and says something like vertex without UV. what's that about? how do i go about fixing this?
  17. because of my unfamiliarity to blender, where do i find that option?
  18. the playermodel is playable, i just want to add a new detail to it with the torus i'm putting on my model
  19. I'm trying to add something to my model but when i try to export it, it says it's missing ghoul2 proporties or something like that. what do i do? the part in question is the Torus i added. How do i rig it to the head? https://orig00.deviantart.net/9b25/f/2018/113/c/6/blender_2018_04_23_13_34_39_18_by_mr_mannface-dc9myp8.jpg
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