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Status Updates posted by Circa

  1. Jedi Academy: Enhanced v1.1 is out now!


  2. Sorry for the mess lately, we had a random issue with the server configuration that seemingly happened due to an update. All should be working as normal now.

  3. GOG is a great resource for buying old Star Wars games, if you don't have them digitally and legitimately yet. 🙂 Here's their May 4th sale!


  4. We have a tie for the Underworld contest! Crazy!

    1. Futuza


      It's all my fault, I forgot to vote in time 😅

    2. Kessno


      Same, the voting ended by the time I remembered 😂

    3. Circa
  5. Vote for the best Underworld mod!

  6. Underworld contest deadline is Saturday! Submit your mods here.

    1. Kessno


      I ran out of time to work on an entry for this contest, but hope to make some content soon for the community. Good luck to all the entrants!

  7. I got to interview some of the original developers of JK2 for the anniversary! Check it out:


  8. If you could ask the developers of Jedi Outcast one question, what would it be? 👀

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    2. CansecoDev


      I have another one, honestly curious about this one because of some dialogs in the game, but if I had to choose, the previous one takes the high ground 😁

      Some of us modders have figured out while digging the files and the code that there must've been some cutting room floor in some areas, could you tell us about an interesting deleted scene that didn't make it to the final game?

    3. GamerRedNeck


      If there was anything you could change or add into Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy, what would be it? 

    4. Chansta


      I would have the deleted cairn levels be restored. and maybe a more consistent plot for jka more akin to jk2

  9. We only have 3 entries in the Underworld contest so far. Hoping for a few more before April 8th!

    1. Futuza
    2. Ramikad


      I should be able to submit mine before the deadline.

  10. Sorry for the super long downtime today. On the bright side we should be running faster and not have the file upload -200 error anymore. If you run into that, let me know.

  11. No Halloween contest this year. Sorry guys. I didn't really have a chance to get it posted early enough and two weeks just won't be enough.

    1. Mandalorian


      That's ok by me. Thanks to the staff who keep this site up and running!

    2. Kessno


      Thanks for continuing to support this site and community. I wanted to participate in the last contest, but due to time constraints with my job I wasn't able to. Hoping I can participate in the next one that you guys have.

  12. Reminder: Summer Mod Contest deadline is September 12! 🏖️



    Check out the latest news post about the new contest!

  14. A new theme is coming, and incidentally there will be some changes you'll see on the old one as I work. Stay tuned!

  15. Rearranged the forum a bit to have most used sections at the top. See changelog thread for full explanation.

    1. minilogoguy18


      I still keep scrolling down though out of habit lol

  16. Removed and merged a lot of unused subforums in the Mod Projects area. Spring cleaning!

  17. Voting for the Mando contest is open!

  18. Five days left for the Mando contest! Get those mods done by February 1st!

  19. Mandalorian contest is live! See news post. :mando:

  20. Contest poll is open! Not many submissions this time, sadly, but the ones that were are great!

  21. It's been 3 years since the last Halloween contest! Spooky. Check the news post! ?

    1. Ramikad


      Now I'm compelled to spook you. I do have a thing or two in my mind... *Evil laughter*

  22. Currently we have a handful of files that are downloading as empty zip files. We are looking into it. No need to report any more if you come across them.

  23. Limited Run orders have begun! https://limitedrungames.com/

  24. Did anyone happen to ever save MUG's mapping videos to their hard drive at some point? They suddenly got deleted.

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Circa


      I don't think YouTube deleted them, pretty sure whoever made the account did it.

    3. Langerd


      I am not sure ... every site nowadays (big sites like youtube) are becoming real assholes... It is sad because i know these tutorials and i learned from them ... knowing basics was enough to make something interesting.


    4. TheWhitePhoenix


      @Langerd Which is why backups are vital in this day and age.

  25. Bagel I had this morning: 5/10

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    2. Circa



    3. Bek


      Maybe someone stole Circa's bagel and this ststus update was a plea for help.

    4. AnonMC


      Bagel begone... but where has it gone? What a conundrum.

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