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Jedi Home III - Temple Edition

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You're not the first to bring them up, I may put them back. What would I put to represent the Senate though. Don't say palpatine XD!

Two circles with hexagons/octagons around the enclosed outer ring? Your senate pods had sharp angles, right?

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Ok so part of the final touches has been nailing down the correct color themes etc, last minute adjustments. The senate hall and chamber nearly complete. just needs some plants, , seats & lastly power conduits. All through out the map small flush outs are taking place with the last bit of the budget I've got left Traingles wise.



Theirs still a bit more to finish in that last image. I want to make some quick custom rugs for this area, possibly a beige or cream carpeting for the primary here.

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nice! your words should be in Aurek-Besh... not English.

Originally I wanted all the signs in aura, but after some tests people got a little lost and it sort of became a mute detail if it doesn't help them find there way around the map. usually if I have a sign for where you're at I'll have english and aura. 

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So this is how [diplomacy] ends... with thunderous applause. I'm really disappointed to see the fighting over clan stuff. This thread has so much going for it to see what's possible in the game engine.

I had hoped to use this map in my films because it was the most inspirational map that had come along in such a long time. It combined the utility of the clan maps with a clean, pure, genius aesthetic. It implemented things that had been learned over the years... and then the time kept slipping away.

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Really hope this will be completed soon, we've been waiting years...although it hasn't felt like years, time is going faster for sure.


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