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  1. Tri count is 9,234 and the inset area is baked (although a lot of needless geometry lol), I have realised that it came out more dense than I would have liked and I will be working on improving this when I can. Thanks for the advice anyway! Big admirer of your work.
  2. l retopologized her higher poly model from Fallen Order, only making the low poly from 'scratch' (used a plane going over her entire body) but baking the details of the ripped model onto what I created. In other words everything apart from the high poly model I created which is something I will be moving away from in future Here are some pictures to demonstrate: (a lot of needless geometry :p but this has been a great learning experience and future models will be much more optimal) As for whether I will be working on her unmasked version, that is something I honestly never thought of doing but it sounds like an interesting challenge! Will take quite a bit of time to get around to however (Unless I do what I did here and go over the original model) as I am currently learning character sculpting.
  3. Thanks for the kind words all! It means a lot and i'm glad to be here Here is an update on the Second Sister as I have completed her Body Retopology, UV and Textures
  4. Hello there! I joined this forum a while ago and have been greatly inspired by many of the talented artists within this community, needless to say my passion for all things 3D has recently sparked and I look forward to being able to continue to Improve and share my works here as a learning experience. So.. Welcome to my WIP Forge where I will be working on various models that I hope to eventually finish and share. Recently I have been working on some Retopology of a familiar model: I will try to update this regularly but these things take time ^^
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