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Tompa's WIP thread

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On 12/15/2016 at 3:41 PM, Tompa9 said:

Hello all, I´m back. This is reskinned Luke by Seven from Battlefront, to be more like Luke in ROTJ. Lighter hair, lighter skin, darker torso. All skin variations are inside pack too :)


Tompa, i need battlefront luke, can you send latest version's download link?

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On 7/5/2020 at 4:21 AM, Tompa9 said:

My recent progress on 442nd Siege Battalion clone pack.

Basic, Heavy and Commander versions.

  Reveal hidden contents


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Since you pretty much got everything else done in regards to arc equipment, would you like a rex helmet to go with those models?:


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14 hours ago, Tompa9 said:

After many months that I've spent on modding Movie Duels mod, I've finally decided to do something for my own purposes. I've always played with the thoughts how would Luke looked in the Clone Wars armor as Jedi General. I think result looks pretty good.





This is really cool, dude! I'm definitely going to download that from your MEGA next weekend and try it out!

Any chance for additional brown and white options to go with green? 

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13 hours ago, loriloveslore said:

I remember this being posted in another WIP as something you were working on, did this ever get done or not yet? 😆unknown.png?width=703&height=407

I havent finished it. I think @Jeff has it in his collection.

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