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  1. Even though I am not such a huge fan of the TFU series, I will definitely try him out. Thanks for another great model, Jeff.
  2. Santa Jeff, handing out one present after another. Thank you very much Jeff, enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas.
  3. So, any news regarding the Lord Scourge model?
  4. Although I really like the new Emperor Palpatine model and would love to get my hands on it ... I can't stop thinking about this image once I see his face.
  5. That Exar Kun model rocks. Are there any chances that we will see a Massassi Warrior model in the near future aswell as Ulic-Qel Droma ?
  6. I personally really like the Old Republic Soldier but @@Jeff why didn't you use the body from KOTOR aswell ? And do you plan on makeing the Old Republic Officer and Sith Officer ?
  7. Hmm ... the cookies are strong in the last one. Excellent work @@Jeff
  8. Does the new Grievous come with a four armed version ?
  9. Darth Marr ? Jeff, are you reading my mind again ? Awesome model, can't wait to get my hands on it.
  10. Nice model, but I have to agree with the others. Perhaps you should've taken the Anakin head from HapSlash's or Toshi's Anakin model ?
  11. Thank you for your Naga Sadow Model. I will keep an eye out for your next model, especially if its a Massassi.
  12. Great model, one of the most impressive ancient sith lords ever. If he would have his Massassi warriors now...
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