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  1. Oh man, this is one heck of a model, i didn't knew i needed it until i seen it, badass armor, fantastic work there, 10/10 for me
  2. More Trandoshans, like an actual Bossk model would be great
  3. that only appears on medium to low geometric detail, on the highest polygon count that small piece is not present
    Impressive quality, and it was a joy to help in this all the way, all i wanted and more, youre robbing yourself if you dont try this out
  4. This map like the republic prison, has the potential of me rtving to then very often, really good work there
  5. This is all i wanted and more, really good work 10/10
  6. Get Luffy from One piece one day pleeez, I luv one piece :^(
  7. i would reguarly host this map on the server im on, i just hope the play in there is as good as the map looks
  8. That chewie looks tight, i dont know the verts count before i start drooling for it tho, but its still good, nonetheless gibe more more
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