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    I like this one! It's not the most complicated but still great. A new little permanent to my base folder
    A little suggestion If you plan more simple npcs like this, just release them together as a pack. The npc itself is as good like the last one
    It's okay, I guess. And yes, it's just a stormtrooper commander with a green lightsaber. Pretty accurate I think. Maybe saber throw isn't that accurate to Kreel. Simply because he isn't a force user and at level 3 the saber finds always his way to the enemies. (For the author as answer for the readme: I've already made a Kreel privately but never upload because it's just a simple npc file like yours.)
    I've seen many reskins that turn the human characters into Chiss and you do the opposite. I like the idea! It's something new. The skin itself is pretty good. I will use it in singleplayer for now, danke! (german for thanks)
  1. It's pretty simple. The text color is defined in the .menu files itself. You just need to change the forecolor viable. // Big button "NEW" itemDef { name newgamebutton_undertext group toprow style WINDOW_STYLE_EMPTY type ITEM_TYPE_BUTTON rect 36 194 130 24 text @MENUS_NEW font 1 textscale .7 textaligny 0 textalign ITEM_ALIGN_CENTER textstyle 1 textalignx 65 forecolor 1 0 .33 1 visible 0 decoration } Above I changed the first number of forecolor in the main.menu to 1, which would cause the game to show the aurabesh on top of the new game option in red. The first 3 numbers are the values for RGB from 0 to 1 (1 would equal 255, I think you understand) and the last one is the alpha value, I think. I never changed it so I'm not sure about this one. Another possibility is to the same method like with colored name in multiplayer (eg. ^2RandomText) which I find a little bit easier. Just open the .str file and put a ^ with a number in the beginning of the text. I hope it is understandable enough. May the force be with you
  2. Nobody replied to this? Then I will try to help you! Where exacly is your problem? Did you just try to use the base hoth gear textures on your model? If yes, that probably won't work at all. There are 2 things you could do: Make your own hoth textures or just use some of the textures that came with your model. Hopefully I was at least a little bit helpful to you edit: I've looked into the file. You actually just used the .skin files from the base jedi_hf model, did you? Well, no surprise that this wouldn't work. I would recommend to just copy a torso.skin and a lower.skin file and just rename them to torso_g1 and lower_e1. This would fix your problem. If you have any questions, please ask! May the force be with you! Revan
  3. I've looked into the source code for Jedi Academy. Did you know there's been a command that allows to easily change your player tint without using the g_char_color cvars? The commands name is playerTint {0-255} {0-255} {0-255}

    I know I know, I am 7 years to late but there was a shader file in the JA version of Haps trooper. Maybe you could include it in your file? No need for crediting me, I just found Haps shader in a old reskin at mr. wonko's jk3files mirror https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5OHhMfky3pVXt_hfOeyUrtv--vxB0uY/view?usp=drivesdk
    It is possible to make the npcs react like in Jedi Outcast if you change the target from "kyle" to "player" in the scripts? Cause in Jedi Outcast the player NPC is called Kyle and in academy player
    Great map with much love for detail. It feels like in the movies! Thanks and may the force be with you!
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