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  1. Then, there are no comments from the beginning. I see.
  2. In the trailer, you made all of firearm weapons as magic staff ! It's very similar to 'M&B phantasy mod 2018'. I've once played that mod of M&B and found that the magic of phantasy mod is just throwable weapon or instant activation item. Well, primary fuction of M&B is riding a horse and slashing a sword. Phantasy mod is just spin-off. But if you like Middle age, you should play M&B and Mordhau(I haven't played it yet, too...).
  3. With Katana and VibroBlade, which cutting power is better?

    1. McGroose


      A vibroblade uses some type of emitter that amplifies the strike of the blade, IIRC.

      So I'm guessing the vibroblade, but a canon vibroblade is basically a knife, not a short sword like in KOTOR. 

      A Vibrosword would absolutely destroy a Katana.

    2. syainkn


      Katana can be destoryed by a longsword, too.

      It is essentially for cutting power so that its durabiltiy is weak.

      Katana can cut a pig's leg by one slash but longsword can't.

      VibroBlade uses vibration by utilizing a generator to enhance cutting power. So it cuts meatbags very well.

      But Katana can do it, too. Therefore, I want to compare VibroBlade with Katana.

    3. z3filus


      What if the Katana was made of beskar? ?

    Rosh suddenly became a clown !
  4. It seems it's fantasy mod in JKA similar to 'Pantasy mod' in Mount & Blade !!
  5. Happy New Year!!

  6. Use Vibro-weapons as much as you can, and we can survive against Dark Jedis or Sith Lords........Maybe :shifty:

  7. I like vibroblades and vibroswords more than a lightsaber. Because it symbolizes resistance against Jedi, Sith or Dark Jedi. It can even make you hold on a second against their attacks. You would have been slain unless you had these weapons. I substituted a vibroblade for a lightsaber and fixed its description like this. What a surprise ! The current user of that weapon is Dash Rendar !! Well.. I just added .sab file and used some console commands. It's no big deal. Actually He has no force powers in this picture although he is wielding 'WP_SAB
  8. I decided not to go to watch episode 9. I think it's not worth paying 8.6 dollars for that movie. 

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    2. lpriefer01


      i kinda liked it but i didnt buy tickets

    3. syainkn


      Oh.. my.. My brother wants to watch it. What do I have to do?

    4. lpriefer01


      Message maulgus from the kotf discord server 

    It was so great when I used this yesterday !
  9. OpenJK does not support option of the past. From the beginning, an option file between original and OpenJK is different. Path of Original JKA: Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy \ GameData \ base \ jaconfig.cfg Path of OpenJK(Windows 7 default): user \ My Documents \ My Games \ OpenJK \ base \ openjk_sp.cfg So you need to set option again in OpenJK. But there's a shortcut to set your option. 1. Open the console by pressing Shift+~ 2. Type "exec jaconfig" It'll load your saved option from cfg file. Enjoy your game
  10. Is Star Wars 9 worth watching in the theater? In korea, it will be released in 1/8/2020.

    (No spoiler please..)

    1. Lancelot


      If you enjoy Star Wars, you definitely don't want to miss this film. And especially because you don't want to be spoiled, it's one more reason to watch it in theater (because by the time this film is on DVD, there will be spoilers all over the place). Just keep your expectations low, get yourself a ticket and enjoy the ride.

  11. It's a good thing JK series releases on console. But on the contrary, we cannot mod them if JKO and JKA are console game. Rom files which can be mounted on emulator cannot be hacked unless you seek another means. It's a troublesome duty for you to do. Well, we've already had PC version. So we don't have to do it on purpose.
  12. It's an unknown bug of JKA. Even if you install OpenJK lastest version, it doesn't be fixed. https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/11155-staff-and-dual-wielding-npcs-are-using-single-saber-stylesstances/?tab=comments#comment-155353 When a player wields a staff, an opponent holding a staff suddenly begins to use fast or medium style with both blades on. As you know, sab file of staff restricts saberstyle 'staff' locked on, so that he cannot switch to other style unless he turns off one of his blade. Can this bug fixed?
  13. Can captain America block a lightsaber with his shield?

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    2. syainkn


      His shield is made of Vibranium. It distracts and absorbs heat energy and vibration energy.

      Lightsaber blade is plasma. Plasma is based on movement and vibration of ions. And his shield can distract it. So it can decrease the temperature of lightsaber blade.
      In this theory, Captain is able to parry and block weak attacks and short attacks of the lightsaber.

      But if the shield and lightsaber counterpose for a long term like saber lock, what would happen?
      Captain's shield is circular shaped, so that saber blade which is straight line barely touches a point of his shield.
      Perhaps that point of shield would manage to distract and absorb energy, but the other section of the shield would melt due to saber's high temperature.

      However, lightsaber never emits heat unless it is contacted with solid object. Saber blade only damages and hurts something that is touched directly. Therefore the Shield doesn't have to be melted because of heat. All the Shield has to do is just blocking a blade which is touched directly.
      In conclusion, Captain America can block lightsaber as much as he can.



      But in lastest Marble series, Thanos broke captain's shield. Because his weapon is made of True Adamantium(Maybe..).

      And the shield is actually made of Vibranium and Iron. It's called proto Adamantium(Vibranium + Iron). Maybe this shield can block energy attacks but not physical attack of high ranked metal.

      In addition, I heard that old Captain America gave another shield to Captain. Perhaps that shield is made of True Adamantium. So he will be able to block Thanos's attack. But instead, he won't block lightsaber attacks easily with that new shield.


    3. Lancelot


      To be honest, I can't read through your theory, as I can't take this seriously. I mean, you're comparing two entirely different universes, with different characters, different technologies, different worlds and different rules. Basically, you're comparing a grapefruit to a Snickers bar. Unless someone makes a official Marvel and Star Wars crossover, we will never find out if Captain America's shield can absorb a lightsaber.

    4. Lord Of Hate

      Lord Of Hate

      It probably can, but we'll never know.

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