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  1. It is the John Wick from Fortnite. I think the face was remodeled tho.
  2. I really really want to believe in this movie, but the silence is just so uncomforting, not to mention the director change etc. The Last Jedi was a bit of a disappointment for me and I don't want to be disappointed again by Star Wars, but I'll give it a chance.
  3. PotatoMaster


    @Plasma: Nice map! Is that Jedi Academy?
  4. Problem fixed! I have deleted the OpenJK folder from Documents/My Games and everything is working as normal!
  5. Help! I can't perform any special moves! Neither simple LMB+RMB moves nor jump attacks. NPCs can perform them fine. I am running OpenJK's Jan 15 build. Without OpenJK, they work. Did I mess something up? EDIT: After verifying the game with Steam and completely reinstalling the Jan 22 build, they still don't work.
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