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  1. First off, I'm sorry to hear that. At the moment i was not able to test the mod on windows 10. To modify some specific settings, you can go into "GameData\base" and look into the "XYZ.cfg" files (XYZ stands for different names) and set your prefered settings To start it, there should be a "JKJA.bat" or "JKJA.exe" in GameData folder of your installed game version. And for clarification, there is no differences between retail & steam/gog versions. Non of these hypocrites fixed something on his released "platform" version. I've played and compared all three of them. kk, not in direct link library. But i would not bet on that^^
  2. Sorry for late answer, many things changed in my life. Now i got what you mean^^ I can look through files in freetime besides my mod time to ensure you the files ONLY. I've done some other things for the mod, most time polishing and adjust work. And now with a special from User Fire_Phoenix which was one of my longest awaited features for a retail version mod (non openjk) ever! (Thank you again to him for his help!) At the moment i am experimenting with the saber styles and his popular fast (blue) saber style stuck Bug in retail version code! But I can not say when I can say or am ready for a release.
  3. Removing the first two lines will give a graphical glitch in cutscene and a cvar error in wpnselect menu So it needs to be changed to You are the first one with such a detail hint and the (maybe) only one who knows about sp in depth. Thank you for help +hint.
  4. @@Fire Phoenix How do you removed the ingamewpnselect.menu hack from the sp maps academy2 to hoth2 ? I've tried some code changes but wasnt able to solve it. Everytime after the cutscene of academy2 i got the weapon select menu again. I want to play without these weapon choices and screens. I managed to remove the menu for any other mission, but not for those who introduce a new story tier during the campaign. The equipping of weapons during the playthrough is not important. But a Jedi/Sith should start only with a Lightsaber. Is it a source code work (executable or direct link library) or a map function work in Editor? I would be very grateful if you could tell me please how you realized that. regards, Nardja
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