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  1. >Holiday contests (Halloween / Christmas / St. Patrick's Day / April Fool's Day / New Years / etc... just not Thanks Giving. ) >Super fancy forum badges for contest victories It's the simple things. Contests for JKH haven't been consistent but I think there'd be more participation if there was a reliable expectation of them. Also yea, revamping the wiki would be great. But I've been saying that since like 2016 never seen a good solution to it come up though. Its the kind of thing everyone complains about because it sucks but no one bothers to suggest a better alternative. And I'll be the first to admit, I have not thought up any alternatives.
  2. Not trying to heckle here, but could you elaborate on what brings you to develop this? On one hand, its kind of neat. On the other, it seems severely outdated with the existence of Discord and more standardized utilities for accessing the server remotely. Additional question: By the looks of it, I'm guessing you'd essentially have to send a bot to a server and the bot speaks on behalf of the user, right? Won't that artificially bloat the player count? Also, how would this work on, say, a duel server where players are not able to simply spectate? Like I said though, looks neat! When admin command stuff comes out, I still expect most clans to take an interest.
  3. I love that orange JKH logo. Not sure why, but the orange just looks super sharp.
  4. Rconpassword will be a setting in your server's configuration file. You'll need to set one and then you can use rcon from in-game. If you're home-hosting a server, you can also type the commands directly into the console box without the rcon prefix.
  5. Yes, absolutely. JKHub has a server list you can look at here: https://jkhubservers.appspot.com/ Game is still quite active with many servers and many communities. If you'd like any help navigating feel free to PM me and I'll give you some more personalized assistance ? I highly recommend downloading EternalJK since all servers will show up for you even when Raven's master server list is offline. https://github.com/eternalcodes/EternalJK/releases However, if you see a server you want to go to, it's as easy as opening the console (Shift and ~) and typing /connect IP:Port (It'll look something like with actual numbers, of course).
  6. You know what REALLY bugs me? All I want is just one open-world single player starwars game. Is there even one? I've only ever seen level-design games for star wars. Think about it: -Battlefront -KOTOR -Jedi Knight -Force Unleashed -Rogue Squadron -Whatever that SW RTS game was -Republic Commando ...It's like the concept of "open world" doesn't exist for Star Wars and I have no idea why. It's a sad thing to think that the closest we have to an open world is a crappy mmorpg (SWTOR) and, in an amusing sort of way, Jedi Knight. Yes, I know, JK is also a level-design, but it's one of the few games with legitimate freedom of movement. Kotor tries but it feels so restrictive while only giving the appearance of free open-worlding (I mean, you can't even jump, and you're pretty bottle-necked ultimately). Honestly, the climbing mechanics are cool. The combat is meh, but I don't expect much from EA. But, if they made it open world? If they gave us some like Assassin's Creed, even to a lesser degree, I'd be happy. Give me a Force Unleashed clone with an open world and let me GTA my way around with force powers and that'd be sick.
  7. (I'm running a little behind on forum reading so excuse my 13-day behindness and necrotic powers on this topic ) I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but we have evidence, at least since the first movie, of JKA activity increasing as a result of the movie releases. I can't say for sure for the others, as I haven't seen any statistic data, but we actually have a post here on the Hub back from the Episode 7 release when Caelum went crazy with statistics. https://jkhub.org/page/index.html/_/sitenews/happy-new-year-r135 I would love to see an updated version of this actually for recent years, because I get the feeling the trend has continued to a lesser degree even from the most recent movie releases. Thing is, whether or not people like the SW content being released, it reminds them of the nostalgic old content (and it also causes SW activity to be more prominent--such as in the form of steam sales--which raises awareness for the game). Just as well, not to parrot others, but JKC has taken a LOT of the activity since Discord is just a more modern, better platform for communicating than forums. We still receive relatively regular mod submissions here, and there are plenty in-development which is pretty surprising honestly. Which reminds me, I may have to go check on the growing quantity of submissions in our queue right now that I've been neglecting duty on, heh. tl;dr: circa is about right (Yes, the circa/about pun was intended. I know it's bad, leave me alone, it's 1:00am for me)
  8. There are a lot of weird Q3 fps settings. Your jumping will always be impacted directly by your fps, but if you want similar results to 125, 250 might work (there isn't actually an allowed 240 cap. Below is a layout of available fps locks). A lot of competitive players who focus on combat use 142/166 for lower jumps, though pretty much all competitive strafers use 125 as the standard for jumping. Most values have differing effects. 333 makes your jumps floaty and weightless, for example. 200 is pretty common as well for increased frame rate while still retaining jumps similar to 125, if I recall. it has been a while. Simply put: Framerate is a personal preference not for game performance and optimization in JK, but rather, for gameplay optimization. You'd want to pick the one that best performs the task for you. Typically 125 is standard, but you've got a lot of options. (Pretty sure you can do a framerate of 666 as well so.. not sure if this is entirely accurate, I'd need to run an in-game check to be sure, but I may be wrong. In any case, framerates that exceed 333 pretty much just break things anyway, so it's not advised)
  9. This map makes me want to learn what hydroball is and do it. I have a love for the quidditch theme.
  10. Sure thing! If you need any detailed information, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can offer. Haven't played in a while but I mostly remember all the stuff I wrote
  11. Okay so, first of all, if we're talking singleplayer, just spam and win. The real question is, do you want info on JA+ dual sabers or base dual sabers? Very big difference between them. JA+ duals are very strong, in base not as much. I can't help with anything JA+ related though, that's St@rty's domain. For base though, if you want to avoid block spam, you might consider first learning how delays work ( which this can help with ) since that is one of the best ways to break that. There's a lot more to it than delay spam, but good starting point. Truly the best way to abuse dual sabers is to just out-time your opponent though. Can abuse the range pretty hard, especially against a staff. (Also I wouldn't advise the blue lunge personally. Or any katas. Ever.)
  12. There was a different JKHub (.net) for Dark Forces that you may have been on.
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