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  1. oi, I need a few question answered, can anyone help me out with those?


  2. I'm getting back to Academy and I've got a few questions. Can anyone shed some light about piloting stuff in Jedi Academy? What could cause certain playermodels to show and work correctly while others not? I have got an autoexeg file inside my game folder which already provides me some stuff I wanted, alongwith the set helpusobi 1 by the way. My exes are version
  3. I can run sessions on Gameranger, I usually love to do saber duels over there. Is there any other way except Gameranger, actually? Like, hosted servers and such? I know the admin of this site does, but is there anyone actually running games on them?
  4. Hey there peeps, I'm just using this intro section to ask what's the usual fancy nowadays as for Jk multiplayer games. What I'm looking for are mostly vanilla games, all the games I had in the last years were on Gameranger, with the vanilla Jedi Academy. Recently I grabbed Dark Forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith. So what are you playin' nowadays?
  5. I still prefer the other one.
  6. I think there were some male zabrak species packs for JA. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Zabrak_Male_Species_Pack;60076 If there are any newer zabrak male skins for sp and mp please let me know.
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