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  1. One of the most popular names I've heard around the mapping/skinning community. Welcome home
  2. I really admire this, Palpatine was such a good student of the Sith. Thankful that someone attempted this!
  3. MP/ffa5 - I think was the base Taspir map right?. That and a good few custom maps: Alzoc Three. JediCouncil GCX (I think that was the name...). Jedihome V1/2 Coruscant Adventures - Night/Day. Arevass. Nar Shadaa RP. Taris Rp. The list goes on...-Those are the first to mind.
  4. As soon as JKHub hit the air, I was out. I enjoyed their reviews however, had some interesting reads and probably the extensive number of mods and downloads available though it was a mess to move about. Still... R.I.P.
  5. Totally blown away by this submission. Amazing work!
  6. Roughly about twelve - thirteen years. And sadly proud of it
  7. Where's the f$#kin' like button at....
  8. So leagues ago I created a topic looking for someone willing to re-create one of the original corellian freighters, not alike the falcon but similar. In my search for curious suggestions, my love for all starwars vessels and starships, I just found this not ten minutes ago. The Ixiyen-class fast attack craft. It is a starfighter that was commonly used during the Galactic Civil War by gangs such as the black suns and other nameless mercenaries. If possible, I'd love to see this made, flyable and added to our selection of vehicles to download. Should anyone be willing to put in the time to see this done.
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