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  1. ♪Now drop the bass, low!♫

  2. What is "Yeah... no." applying too? XD
  3. By the way, if you don't like "The Lavinian Legion", you should have seen the other candidate for the faction name. Steelhive.
  4. The name itself actually wasn't in mind when it was picked, plus in my opinion it sounded 100x nicer then our predecessors.
  5. See? some good came of this debate. I checked out your gaming channel in curiosity and saw you liked a Markiplier video. Now we all know eachother a bit better
  6. And that summed it up perfectly. Good night, everybody.
  7. The name we use has nothing to do with Lavinia herself. The clan has nothing to do with JKA itself.
  8. living life, happiness, and rainbows, to the fullest.

  9. "LavCorps" is technically something from The Lavinian Legion, but it's more recreational and "away time" for the people there. Plus it's just an awesome username.
  10. I honestly just liked the flow of that word. It went nice and smooth. There's actually a whole other reason why I liked that name, but unless anyone's up for story-telling, I won't say it.
  11. If you're trying to insult the names I picked, you're doing a poor job at it. "LavCorps" is NOT "The Lavinian Legion" "LavCorps" is ENTIRELY different.
  12. They require CS:S, which I don't have xD *The FNaF maps
  13. LavCorps!

    Interview: SiLink

    Still a better creation story then GSA from PB2.
  14. Starring your worst nightmares: Rosh and Kyle Katarn. with the base game then three sequels. But seriously, someone needs to make a FNAJKA with Rosh.
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