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  1. when you place the run block and double click it, smash on Expr!, in the range field put, say 1 and 5, hit Rnd, it'll automatically create a random number generator, in this case anything between 1 and 5. the rest you can solve with if's and else's
  2. waste of entities. you'd need a separate target_scriptrunner for each target,target2,target3,target4 on target_random.. you can however make just one script with 4 functions it picks at random each run, and have just one entity controlling its start.
  3. a) for lugor t2: /place t2_shaderremap * targetShaderName,textures/danger/sand,targetShaderNewName,textures/taspir/ore_lightemittingentity modding: { //ffa3 floor -> lava "targetShaderNewName" "textures/taspir/ore_lightemitting_lavapool" "targetShaderName" "textures/danger/sand" "classname" "trigger_always" }b) lugormod: /place trigger_hurt 0 maxs,300 300 300,mins,-300 -300 0,dmg,30,spawnflags,8this places down hurt area, defined by the maxs and mins dimensions. play around with it. entity modding: you need to make use of brush entities, place them down accordingly and turn from fu
  4. @@Circa, I ment bmodel to be invisible and md3 model being visible i looked up the codes used in singleplayer map t1_rail it goes like this { "spawnflags" "8" "script_targetname" "script_raven_hunter3" "targetname" "hunter3" "modelAngles" "0 360 0" "model2" "models/map_objects/cinematics/ravensclaw.md3" "classname" "func_static" "origin" "24128 0 992" "model" "*22" } I had no luck making it work though ;C Thanks man! I'll try this and get back here. edit; well okay i've tried your thing, it didn't work out sadly. i've also tested SET_INVINCIBLE, SET_FORCE_INVINCIBLE, SET_NOFORCE a
  5. Hello, unsword here, some of you may know my old ffa3 yavin entity modification that I've originally posted to jk3files. At a time most basic brush manipulation, placing non solid *.md3 models, retexturing and inserting additional play room with bsp models was enough, it really isn't anymore as I've visited some very creative modifications out there, and came up with ideas on my own. Spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure stuff myself but I guess I'm not bright enough Thefore, as suggested by Circa, I've came here to ask you guys for help. 1. a) bmodel manipulation. Right here, b
  6. Version 1.0


    Readme File: *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** mp/ffa3 edited into Yavin. author: unsword contact: msn/email - unsword@hotmail.com xfire - unsword filename: ffa3_yavin1.0.pk3 filesize: 3,24MB release date: 30-may-2010 Description: First of all, this is a Server Side mod, not client. It does NOT overwrite original mp/ffa3 map, in effect, when you have this installed and join a server with clear ffa3, it will be clear. And also, since this is Server Side modification, made with textures and models existing in game, client d
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