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  1. I only know how I feel in relation to how I treat myself and how I hope others are in relation to me in regards to treating me how I treat them. I'm sure even people we might consider dishonest, in there minds they're honest. All comes down to a mixture of how much you convey and how you convey it. Sometimes things simply aren't accepted purely on the grounds that it registers in a persons brain aka might of overlooked something you said or they may feel from a big long wall of text you're being showbooty or your full of it or you still got something to hide and so forth. Single person alone can't be blamed or held responsible souly for the production of even ported content, person who downloads it obviously wants it for whatever reason. Not to mention the person who even ported the content got there information from other people, now mind you the information the people with knoweldge before them put out is general it's not meant to purposley aid people to be all goody toe shoes or all mean evil knife in the back people. No one can truly calculate the effect any information they put out will have. For example: Considering the ported kotor models pack I found simply by googling has been out 4+ years for anyone to download/use, ported ones in a large pack mind you as well as MBII having plenty of other peoples content and what have you. Could say it is criminal? Yes you can say ported content is criminal about as much as not buying a 25 cent pack of gum or a 1 dollar bag of candy. But again, to be honest, JA is a very small community. Even from a business/company stand point they wouldn't get anything out of jkhub and there is bigger names they could go after/sites for hosting said content which none of them have. JKhub is just a jk2files 2.0 in regards to rules. Hell even clans/communities in game still have rules that date back to probably even Dark Forces 2. Easy to blame big entities/corporations. But those are still made up of people, just like a small place here is still made up of people. If you blame a corporation itself, faceless entity, you are also blaming everyone who also is apart of that company. Not everyone at a corporation is a vampire or a ghoul who wants to raid your fridge. People in a small scale community can't even agree all the time, I doubt a huger more larger entity is doing really any better. Hell even in a company you still got your drama queens, admins of sorts, high school attitudes, cool kids clubs, etc. Greed is a poor excuse simply because people even who aren't in corporations can be just as self serving and greedy, it is not simply blame the obvious thing for all problems and say that it is. It's like the 99% germ thing on a bottle, always that 1%. People might think that 1 might be really smart but what if it was just really stupid or dumb luck? It's purely randomness and a variable, life is full of those, even trying to stay middle of the road can drive you as crazy as taking sides and absolutes. No one is really immune to simple human fault. Ad revenue is garbage anyway and fair use can be used even for ported content in JA, sure people even use it for ported content into even kotor or even hapslashes models into other games. But a company can still tell you no, don't use it even with fair use. Fair ues far as I see it is still a thin veil or fine line and mind you videos on youtube that are considered fair use, you are getting a picture image you interact with via just looking at it. Don't manipulate it, minus stop start drag the bar volumne etc, where as with say JK when you rig up a ported model you can bend and twist it a bit more aka got more hands on control with it. So to me it's more like people want an image of something like an iconic character and perhaps for some they simply feel better about using something without having a sense of it's from another game and with it being from another game it's breaking the law and it's going to create massive anarchy or something silly like that. I simply view it in the fact that we've had ported content for years inspite of jk2files, now jkhub, can take a firm stance on it. That's perfectly fine, they can be against it in every way shape and form. But you can't think or feel that because you bring down a ban hammer on it here that magically all things here are going to carry out into every corner of the community. The honesty part of the rules only work if people choose to abide by them and or live up to them and it's obvious not everyone wants to do that. No real point in trying to convert people to act, think, talk, walk, and be just like you on really anything. All you do is have people create walls and we have, for example, a ton of servers in game and a few still have the laming rule. Is that rule exactly the same on each server and place you go to? I've seen similar enforcements but variations of it from place to place, it's a matter of interpretation and considering not everyone can find common ground on certain things we basically just end up with more confusion than anything else. Is there a point to the laming rule anymore considering anyone who still plays most likely knows of it already? It's simply basis of if you don't wanna be lamed, talked down to, treated like dirt. You don't go around projecting that back onto others. What comes around goes around as they say. I think we're in agreeance with the fact that anything that borders on money for an open ended game with free creative control, more or less, for JK seems to dirty up the water and make it very muddy/murky aka very obvious it is no longer about whatever drives you to do it but self gratification whether that is monetary or a big boost to your brain. KOTF is still a good example of that, and I think what some people need to realize not everyone is trying to make a name for themselves off other peoples content, some people like to see reinterpretations and seeing old creations given new life. Not to mention you can still get a vast majority of the original content still you have no real obligation to use any new stuff people put out. You have that choice, even sometimes new content or ported content can inspire people to create new and fresh content all on there own to not only test themselves but to give something to the community from the ground up. Not everything done by people has to be a catastrophe provided the person is honest about things. I mean what is honestly the worst that happens if you go to another website and see a ported texture or even model from your own personal perspective? You can say no and leave the website or you can download it and tinker it and look at it and so forth. Honestly, a good portion of avatars aka character models do border in some way on barbie dolls. In a silly way it's a lot like everyone is arguing over there ken doll having better plastic or more real eyes or they made theres from real oak tree and wood and painted it all up and such and they have more of a say on what a barbie doll is over others. But what people gotta remember is, even with childhood action figures, how many kids made there own vs. how many bought them or there parents bought them for them. Hell I made a literal toy out of a block of wood and nailed in appendages that couldn't move and I was happy playing with that as a child. So what if my creative levels aren't as articulate as some people. Does that make my level of imagination any less or weaker cause I can't bring something to life on the same level as other people? Absolutely not. Barbie dolls? EWW THAT'S FOR GIIIILRS. What would photoshop alterations and custom additions to models be? You're stlyzing your doll. Jedi Knight games are adult toys, and people spend more time fighting over how one kid has body armour to protect from your bullets and the other kid says no and how his dad works on a military base and he has armour piercing bullets and his bulletproof armour can't take the impact of these special militar bullets, basically more fighting over who wants to play what or be what instead of more people sharing there toys.
  2. I don't think copying from companies should be any different. We should be honest about what or were content came from. Not saying if you ported from a game company have to go so crazy as to find a video game end credits and find specific names of who did 3d modeling and art assets, at least naming the company alone is enough. With people we run into the same problem more or less. Me, personally, I say edit whatever I personally put out because I honestly can't truly stop ANYONE from editing any file I put out. Waste of energy telling people not to express whatever creative inspiration they may feel in regards to what I made/produce. Even content I made/produce got inspiration from somewhere else. I tell other people not to edit or dig into the guts of my work that would make me a hypocrite, that's how I started out editing any kind of game files for JA back in 06 or so. Even the base models come from a company and that was made by someones hands as well. Would they have honestly truly liked or hated me opening up my first reskin of kyle with nothing more than making the buttons on his belt a little more yellow in nothing more than MS paint? I honestly will probably never know and that doesn't bother me in the least, it was like baby steps for me in that learning process. I'm sure someone out there would find it adorable or cute. It seems like porting and big long copywrite thing on a community/modding level is more like an honour amonst thieves (is none). That sorta mindset and system breeds selfishness and self serving attitudes. People were just honest who can really hold that against you? Mean even posting a topic here someone might not like or wanna see/read you gotta know in some way in the back of your mind chance someone might report it or it might get locked regardless of how you word it or say it or put it or how nice and clean it may be. Some regard I think people these days are very fickle and so easy to jump on the finger pointing game, I can be just as guilty of it at times but that's just me being an imperfect little turd. Considering how much is out there that is ported these days, garry's mod even has steam workshops with ported content on it. How is a community place with about maybe 300 active people going to get into larger legal trouble for content that isn't being distributed for monetary gain (outside of kotf)? KOTF is still up and running so part of me feels like this might border on people wanting to feel like JA is a bigger than it really is, like you got this all powerful seeing eye come crashing down second anyone is out of line inspite of the fact with how small the game/community is these days and places/other games out there having more ported content I just don't fessibly see JK getting any sort of heat. For me personally it always seemed to border more so people making money of it more than anything else. Again, this is not meant to change the rules or anyones mindset. I'm pointing out something that is obvious to me but I think in some way isn't as obvious to others. Take that how you wish. There was even a full fan recreation in the works for vampire the masquerade: bloodines using all original game assets and nothing ported or everything aka putting it on a more fixed and improved source engine, yet CCP still told them to take it down. This does also show that people even at game companies like our own modding community can get very touchy on ANY kind of content alteration. Even when I setup Massassi Temple I personally went to JEDI and showed them and the one of the first thing they posted was me using textures in the map from alzoc3 and I even told them I will be more than happy to give credit to the creator of the content/map or change it out if it is a big enough deal to them with a replacement. I basically got as long as the specific person got credit for it, it was fine. Also looking at the little liscense alone from the core game install this is what I've found in it. I don't see anything in there about ported models. New levels you could kinda go onto other content aka ported content could get rolled into it but it doesn't say much else in depth about it. I'm sure website out there and eula's etc etc, lot of legal jargin is to mostly cover the companies butts. Websites take that on and create/setup there own to cover theres also. I'm well aware of that end of things. Problem and confusion comes into how we should interpret those things and finding a fine line is really difficult, sometimes it's easier to try and shush everyone up rather than try to address things. Not to mention how to implement it also which when you have a community of folks you have a lot of different opinions and views, not going to be very clear cut. Basically more in depth we go with it, more confusing it can become to really anyone. Also looking at this topic http://jkhub.org/topic/5472-request-model-sith-stalker/ @@DT85 I wasn't aware of the model being ported, I could be wrong on that matter though. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Point being is copywrite seems to more so rely on the physical media of data or whatever, something tangible. Ideas and concepts are just in peoples imaginations and be a bit hard pressed to persue legal action on the grounds of your imagination came up with this idea before someone elses. But what is truly tangible on quite literally 1's and 0's of data at the root of it. Are we going to say specific combinations of the 1's and 0's are copywrite but the 1 and 0 alone are not able to be copywrite? Still seems wishy washy and still seems as if it could open up new arguments and debates NO one wants to deal iwth. Point for me on this is though some ported content gets through and this comes down to a few things: -how regulated should content truly be (take forever fine tooth combing EVERY PIECE OF CONTENT uv maps, textures, googling, researching sources, etc, etc) -what truly is not only ported but how far can we go to argue/debate a port -does that tie souly into the core content itself and this leads into also -what about modifications/heavy modifcations of said content into the game as well. What truly constitutes a port aka something bad vs. something we might say is creative or worth putting a download link of up? Seems like an honour system even for file creations/uploads but the problem here is if some people and even some files on here are from ported sources, what is the integraty and honour of those that approve/upload that content. I think it's safe to say people who port content are probably well aware of it so this again ties into, people should just be honest if the content is ported or not. Whatever ported content is, not sure of how much truly is cause I don't have the energy to look at every single file, truly even on here should we literally just purge it all, even if it is something as simple as a sound file? Or a possible texture, or even a literally pen sized mesh on a map?
  3. He posted ported content here? I didn't honestly know that. Is there a download link up for that? All based on the skill set of the person who is doing it, a team effort honestly would get it done. I've done models in a day provided I stick to working on them from start to finish but I'm not exactly the most skilled or best at it. Lot better people at it than me.
  4. Of course they're in there right. I'm not talking about right and wrong. I'm trying to have a conversation with peoples personal views/opinions on what truly ported content is about, or what truly constitutes ported content without people assuming, presuming, or thinking any single thing typed or put here is going to magically change jkhub up. Nothing I type is to be taken as law or the golden rule anymore so than anyone else. Plus I'm aware of other sites who have ported content. But I don't see anyone really just talking about the general idea or stuff about porting content. Place like jkhub just get "it's illegal". I'm aware that it gets into a kinda weird yes and no situation but what about people specificly, has anyone else used ported content. Was it really that terrible, considering we have maybe about a 300 or so playerbase left in JA potentially? The conversation turned a direction of me more so taking the reigns despite what was originally posted which I do apologize for. But open conversations of ANY kind on sensitive matters such as this flare just about everyone up regardless of how level headed we try to make it, let alone how we think we might come off to other people. As for the large wall of text, trying to explain something in full detail can get lengthy, it can be annoying for anyone really. Just imagine how much you gotta correct or change or alter if you make a silly mistake. Even sumerizations don't work out to well for some people, that's myself included. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't personally care if they deny the content a billion times over, they personally don't want such content here, fine whatever. People still have a right to choose what they want, they don't seem to mind new topics on ported content coming up but seem to mind someone actually doing the ported work, so that's been made apparent at least. But what about the other content here that is ported in some way shape or form? Not to mention the fact that denying me in regards to said "ported content" that still doesn't stop ported content happening even on clan based forums. What about some clans/communities linked or hosted here via jkhub, are they going to need to be policed for any content or links that may be ported as well? I even posted multipe times I have ported content in my own maps I posted here, why not remove those also on top of the ported models I posted? Not going to wound my pride or hurt my feelings, people have the content already and they'll just manually share it or just ask me for a link if they truly have intrest in it as well. I still don't know how I'm passive aggressive when I tell them you're completely in your right to do with whatever you wish with the content I allowed you to choose to host in spite of the fact I even stated in the download pages what was ported. Why allow that, but deny character models? That's just silly. Only people who are going to end up suffering are people who play and actually wanna make use of the content, till they find someone who shares it with them. This entire conversation isn't about who wins or loose, I'm sure there is plenty of things we can learn provided people are willing to talk and read what others have to say on this. But it's obvious no one really cares to do that, I guess, I honestly don't know.
  5. Take the length of time to produce the 1st model, and multiply that by the amount of time it would take to do all other variations and or other possible Galen outfits/costumes. Example: Say the original model took 5 months to produce, factor in say 2 other sith stalker/lord style models that would probably take well over a year or so to flesh out and produce even for someone who is truly skilled in producing the content. But this more so plays on how dedicated and how much time/energy and how hard they work on the model. How fast or slow they work on it is irrelevant for the quality over quantity level of the content. Port, like a regular model, only looks as good as the amount of time and energy a person puts into the creation of the content.
  6. To long to read than obviously legality of content porting doesn't truly interest you either anymore so than the rules that jkhub enforces on what is allowed/not allowed. People who complain about it can just say "I don't truly care", at least you're more honest about it to other people. http://jkhub.org/topic/5469-pm-me-if-interested/?p=80494 @eezstreet If you wish to close this topic also you're more than welcome to, I fully understand. Good to know I'm the passive aggressive (denotes avoidance, I don't honestly believe I'm avoiding anything even in this topic and anyone could of view either topic, even the admins could see that topic like this one and I was aware that the admins could view it. Also I did try having a discussion via PM alone and tried having that conversation about the ported content but the admin choose not to answer or reply to what I sent to him. No I'm not mean enough to say who it was that sent that less they either want to post or say it's alright that I post it here). How am I passive aggressive exactly? What would my edit lines be besides showing people I'm also correcting whatever gramatical mistakes as well as new things I add into what I type?
  7. http://jkhub.org/files/file/774-malak-reskin-by-tobe/ http://jkhub.org/files/file/1004-toshis-anakindarth-vader/ http://jkhub.org/files/file/517-sith-council-v2/ Sith Council teleporters are quake 3 based models aka ported. Would also photosourced textures via Toshi models also count as ported content since the original textures were not in JK either. Also looks like this site DOES have some ported content in it already. How about Hapslashes own words on to NOT frankenstein his models as well as people more or less uploading and treating Hapslash like a door mat, across multiple games via making money off it in other games, even here with frankenstein models yet have no problem hosting/using that content either. Okay to treat someone you consider "your own" like a doormat but you have no problem of playing the yay or nay card for other things specificly while going a blind eye to how butchered his own work has become? Might say, no copywrite on that, so then there is also no respect for what he put his time/energy/hard work/heart into either? Don't you think that is as hypocritical as regular ported content, despite the fact even original created content comes from other sources or at the very least a simple idea? You can't use yoda models in SW:ToR, do you think Lucas Arts would mind people using playable Yoda models in JA/JO? People only care about anything like ported content when they are made aware of it, they don't care beyond that otherwise. You do realize also that even on jk2files some content was ported, textures taken from other sources besides video games. Do textures count as ported content via google and do people ask for the okay for that content to be used specificly in JK? How about people who practice on content, did people get the personal okay to open up another persons map source, import a .glm model into 3ds max to at the very least learn how to do those things in line with creating your first model? What about likeness of creations, you don't think a likeness is any more/less a port of content? I never asked anyone to disregard copywrite laws, let alone to port content. I'm simply asking personal opinions rather than the same old "no, cause we said so" attitudes. I'm trying to see where people personally feel/stand on the content itself and seeing what answers come out of in between all the comparing and constrasting what we potentially know/don't know rather than just trying to act like I know all the answers, cause I honestly don't know what other people think or may feel about it. I'm simply curious of this, not to mention there is still ported content hosted on sites and places outside jkhub and none of those have either been shut down and I have yet to see any sort of lawsuit against people who port stuff to Garry's Mod (even JK models). True freedom is self responsibility, things used/not used are based upon how you percieve them. I'm not personally asking anyone to use any content, I merely pointed out at one point or another any kind of ported content whether you were aware of it, or not, has come into your modview, base folder, etc. We all start out inexperienced at JK and I imagine, I honestly don't know, people have probably used ported content going all the way back to downloading it via pcgamemods.com. Hate it or love it people still wanted to get some kinda content off it regardless. Look at the impact of content we lost on that site. What about people ripping assets from other peoples work in JK. Would a personal level of copywrite aka respect or personal responsibilty be enough for another persons work in JK also count in asking for there approval to utilize said content and also how many people personally try to get into contact with said people before they use/recreate other peoples content into new content also? How many people have used textures from gcx for personal clan stuff asked for responsibility to use it or jedi's home or even MBII based textures? Does anyone truly know or have an answer to that? I've personally edited, tinkered, and ported content. Not because I wanted a name for myself, but purely because I wanted to learn how they did those things, and also to learn something new. I don't use to much of other peoples content in JK anymore honestly, most content I use now is content I personally put some level of work into, even at the very least if it was ported and always willing to give credit and if people really wanna know where I get any content I'm more than happy to tell them. Are people going to personally create a mod to regulate content in base folders? If no one cares, why would people discuss it, debate, or even make a comment about caring about it? Even a reply alone about who cares on the topic means you're aware of it on some level even if it is just the topic title. So obviously you care enough to ask who cares. I care, if you wanna know the truth. Perhaps some kinda knowledge or something I didn't know/aware of can be imparted upon me about this matter. Before anyone says something stupid like "oh you must torrent all your stuff cause you port". Only thing I don't legally own is 3ds max but this borders onto the simple fact that I tinker with things, I don't do it for money or profit. I do it as a hobby and enjoyment and I don't lawd it over people to go out and do the same there is plenty of free alternatives for modeling software. I legaly bought and own windows 7 ultimate, microsoft word, photoshop, kotor, kotor 2, etc. Point being is one person isn't souly the mouth piece of what is best for others and in regards to ported content I'm curious on a personal level of other people consider to be ported and if they're okay with using ported textures or music but against ported models. Doesn't that sound a little like playing favorites or these other 10 bad things are good, but this 1 bad thing is wrong?
  8. It is a stigma, not because of legal grey areas. If it was a legal grey area Valve would have knowingly shut down a vast majority of the content for Garry's Mod. Vast majority of websites that post ported content would have also been shut down as well. It's stupid to assume that companies anymore so than the players are not aware of content being ported/used. You can do same level of work on a ported model to the point it looks just as much like an originally created piece of work, even ported content still needs same level of weighing/rigging/and it's development only stops when no one wants to work on it anymore, just like originally created content. Only real difference in the work load with ported content and original content is really no difference at all. A person can spend entire life working on 1 model if they really want to make it "perfect" but no one does that cause it's a waste of a life. This also borders onto the fact that what is the real point of buying physical media, let alone digital, if you don't own it in some manor, shape, or way. Does this also make you personaly responsible if you let a friend borrow said content but they're the ones that rip any of the game content themselves and distribute it despite your knowledge of it, are we going to pass off responsibility of the person who ports it despite coming from a specific source? We have no problems with unearthing centuries of art and poetry or culture and "touching it up" or "renovating" it for use of the modern age, at the very least simply look at it which is ultimately what a lot of the ported content is till someone personally downloads it and puts it on there computer for said video game which means using the games animations and so forth. Are people fundamentally arguing/saying that if you utilize the content in any way outside of the box it is put into, you are morally wrong despite the fact we borrow/mix and match and composite ideas from varied sources into other things. What makes the mesh/model inanimate object any better or worse than someone making a carbon copy of an original piece of work from scratch? What about photsourced content taken from the internet itself and put on models used in JK games? Hapslash, Toshi, and the list goes on of people who either copied a specific image from another source, regardless if they did the textures from scratch, they had no real claim to the original image or idea itself. Should we remove there content on top of all things based off Force Unleashed by others, SWG by others, Kotor by others simply because they simply did a mock copy of an original idea at the very least? You can argue and debate about porting content, but isn't ported content just a direct mock copy and a shorter workload/time frame honestly? How about every time a new Star Wars movie comes out people instantly jump on the band wagon of wanting that same content in some way put into JK. We have no original claim to the original source or content but we applaud people who make it from scratch but stigma those who do some sort of ports, whether people want to admit it or not. What makes direct porting, which is just a shorter time frame, any worse or better than someone literally making a carbon copy of the content on a longer time scale? Is it simply because people, not due to legal issues because ported content and even mock copy ideas still get through, feel some level of guilt that they can't use that cause they'll get there hands slapped? Then why is games like Garry's mod still up and running. Why is there a billion Dayz like games or mock copy art styled games trying to take the thunder out of WoW? If there was no ported content that means most of us would have to honestly create content and ideas from scratch and considering how much content even JK relies on that is from another source, we wouldn't even have over 75% of the content we got now regardless of what level it was produced on. Least people can do is be honest to the best of there abilities where things are specificly coming from and give credit where credit is due. I feel people are more infatuated with an image of something, rather than accepting the reality of it never truly being able to live up to the image of it. Hapslash even told people not to frankenstein his model, people did it anyway. Are we going to remove a vast majority of frankenstein Hapslash jedi robe models now? No, I'm not saying everyone should port content and try to come up with nothing but original content. I'm saying people are still very black and white on the matter despite the fact the main hot spots of JA have always been very specific, it hasn't stopped people still porting and producing content on multiple levels in other places. Who is truly right and wrong on this matter? I don't think anyone can give a clear answer on that in any way. At one point or another everyone has used a ported model, to at the very least see it in modview, even look at the textures. I don't see MBII burning to the ground any more so than people making full scale mod creations off Dark Forces2/1 despite the fact people can still openly play the original game/content. It's okay to recreate that content because it was apart of the Jedi Knight series, but it's wrong to recreate or port even at the very least 1 single texture from Kotor less that's done from scratch like old Dark Forces games? So we should only keep specific ported/recreated content only in the box/game series it came from but not bridge it into other things we may enjoy or love to see it be given new life? This issue has always more so been on models setup and to be used for the _humanoid and people to play as iconic characters, I have not seen porting come up really if at all for anything other than player models. You can't sit there and slap peoples hands for player models and go a blind eye to potential maps, scripts, and textures that used content from other games. Sith Council V2 has quake 3 models in it, hell even a few photosourced things on here. I don't see anyone complaining about it right now because not everyone is aware of that. Is everyone supposed to magically know everything and anything about the content that comes in? That's very restrictive and borderline madness, you can't expect everyone to be on the same level with this kinda stuff and at the very least not explain why it is fundamentally wrong. Only reason I see people complain about this legally is purely because of money and nothing else and that's a silly way to percieve any sort of content. More to life than just money. Personally, I feel it is better to let people to personally decide and share there insight on the matter rather than being a brick wall about it and try to shush everything up or try to hide it like it is a disease. People should be more than happy to speak openly and honestly about this rather than acting like it's a crime and a crime alone. If you, again, own the original content and release/port it despite the fact you put it out there and are not making any money off it. Is that any better or worse than those that choose to download it and use it for there own ends? If you say yes it is bad or wrong, than you instantly open the flood gate for something potentially worse, such as someone actually charging money for the content or asking for favours to port the content from people who are very hungry/desperate for it.
  9. Not putting open links up, this topic is not to debate or argue either because there will be no real end to it. It is purely this: -Pictures of models -PM me if you are interested in any of these -Each model will support working hands -Works for JO/JA (don't complain if kata doesn't work for dual sabers) -Specific sound files to the character model itself -Team Skin support I'm not setting up working mouth/eyes as well as caps for simple reason, I played JO and it didn't need or use those in MP and these models are setup for MP. It's delivered specificly for FFA mode which is only what I play, it's that simple. It will not have bot support or specific lightsabers for them either. Don't reply to this thread or post some long winded crap, because I'm not responding to it nore am I'm doing personal requests. I'm simply showing pictures of what I've setup and if people want a specific download link simply PM me what link you want specificly. This thread is purely for showing pictures of what I got setup currently. They will be in the spoiler setup so you specificly will have to click the spoiler to see what the pictures are. You can't hold me accountable if you choose to indulge in your curiosity to see what character models these are. You don't have to like or agree with what I do, if you wish to properly engage me in a civil back and forth I would be more than happy to do it, but keep it in PM because this is something for the playing community who are in game, not for your pointless forum rants. This initial post is specific yet vague enough to not harm or wound anyones personal ego or what have you. If you choose to look at the picture of what I have setup, you are the one choosing to get upset over what I have done and also choosing to agree/disagree with me. I will keep all that is posted in spoiler, no this isn't anything horrible or terrible. It is just content that some people get very debatable with and this is just content given to the community without any hoop jumping or begging. I'm not interested in beggars or debaters, it is purely content people can choose to look at, then personally decide if they want a download link for or not. Don't blame me if you click the spoiler. Again, it is nothing that will end the world or destroy the community or graphic content or something that mind corrupt the children. What you see, is what you get. It's that simple. Again if you get control freaky, possesive, begging/requesting, threatening, or any sort of that manipulative hostility. You will get jack via me. Act like a level headed and like a mature/proper human being and you will get a simple little download link for this. For me, this is not about getting a big fancy title or being a hero or anything. To me it is practice and improving something and people get to test it out. So more people happy than unhappy I feel.
  10. Longer time frame, but it's honestly no more difficult. They still rely on the same core basics of construction and good solid foundation aka basics will always come back no matter how advance a project gets. A character model has animations tied to it and a skeleton but even a hilt still has tags just like a character model skeleton has as well. It is a few extra steps but it's still more or less the same. Even a weapon can be setup to make use of animations and such as well if you wish to create new weapon styles and so forth also so in the grand scheme it all ties together, none of which is any more seperate than the other.
  11. Most likely like most requests for ported content, even from people who port content, no one.
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