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  1. So many Star Wars projects have been announced, and I'm really excited for each one of them!

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    2. Circa


      Same, they sound awesome. Particularly Obi-Wan and the Acolyte, but the others as well!

    3. Lancelot


      Just awesome. I'm also really looking forward to the Kenobi series and the Rogue Squadron film.

    4. Lancelot


      I must also say that I'm happy that everyone is happy with Hayden Christensen's casting as Darth Vader, and how well the fans respond to the announcement. Back then, he received so many criticism and even a Razzie award for something that can be considered remarkable today. In that case, his performance in 'Revenge of the Sith' was ahead of its time.

  2. Somebody made a nice Reshade mod for Jedi Outcast. It looks really good. https://www.moddb.com/mods/reshade-preset-with-marty-mcfly-rtgi

    1. LukeJM28


      Looks Nice.

  3. Does anybody know how to play Dark Forces 2 (Steam version; on Windows 10) with a 1920x1080 resolution? The option is there, but it causes a black screen (the HUD is still visible).

    1. Lancelot


      The black screen is only limited to the game itself, not to the menu and the HUD.

    2. swegmaster


      The steam version tends to be a bit botchy, especially with mods

    3. swegmaster
  4. So many high quality maps recently. It's like 2005 all over again.

    1. TheWhitePhoenix


      I'll say. Not only is Knights of the Force 2.1 showing off some great maps and even some thought lost, but the individual maps coming out just blow me away.

    2. Lancelot


      That's right. Especially the Starkiller Base reminds me of Sith-J-Cull's works, who really made some awesome movie based maps.

  5. I'm looking for a skilled modeler who likes to finish my model of Rey's staff.

    1. AshuraDX


      Oi! Don't you dare - finish what you started ;P

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