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  1. Any one ever have trouble showing the inside of two sided surfaces like this? It happens on at least one or two other occasions for me. Can't figure out if it's a model problem or a setting problem. (Used modview's options to illustrate problem, but the helmet on the left is what appears in game) Vade Parvis's Imperial Army Trooper Pack shown as an example.
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    Inspired by the new New Republic Officer seen in Episode 6, The Prisoner, of "The Mandalorian" on Disney+. New textures and a new Rebel/Imperial model that replaces the default Rebel. Includes Team Support to be fully multiplayer compatible. To spawn in game: <npc spawn rebel> or <npc spawn rebel2> (This hasn't changed, it was the same for the original rebel too) This is my first public mod in a LONG time. You can find some of my old ones from when they were backed up from file front, and they were... not great. This is the first mod I've made since then that I feel confident enough to upload. Please feel free to use my models or textures from this or any of my mods. If something more high quality can come from my starting place, I'd love to see it!
  3. Where'd you get that white Ep7 Blaster Rifle? Any way to download it?
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