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  1. This is a great model for a (so far) great character. The likeness in the face isn't quite perfect and the hair isn't accurate but serves the purpose at least and is definitely good enough for JKA. Nice job!

    Chill House

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    I love maps like this, although I wasn't expecting it to be scaled so big. I was expecting it to be a couple normal scaled rooms to explore. Still, very nice job. It's definitely a mood. Only critique is to make it rain outside to match the ambient sound. Nice work!

    Holonews Studio

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    This is epic! One of those well-polished maps created by people that care about detail and immersion. Such a unique setting, too. I wouldn't want my galactic news delivered from anywhere else!

    The reception area is such a nice touch! Well done.

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  2. This is great. Not just because of how quickly you made him, but how well you did it. I do think the hair could use some more detail but other than that, this is pretty spot on for a JKA model. Amazing work! Added some good screenshots to the page to show full body shots of both versions!

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  3. Wow this is amazing. Bummer about the dice and credits but everything else is extremely well done. I love the Jedi Knight theme and locations! It makes me really want to try it out on a server with a group sometime!

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  4. The Dark Alliance series is one of the best SP story mods for JK2 and JKA. I remember I played this one first, before realizing it was part of a series, and it still holds its own as a standalone story. I'll never forget the first time I played it. Playing as Mara was so cool, and seeing the conversations between her, Luke, and Kyle was such an awesome feeling. Highly recommend at least checking this one out, but definitely play all 3 if you have the chance.

    The Dark Alliance

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    The Dark Alliance series is one of the best SP story mods for JK2 and JKA. This second entry in the series went even further than the previous one with higher quality cutscenes and writing, and continuing the interesting story of Kyle Katarn, which is always what the people want.

    The Mainframe

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    The Dark Alliance series is one of the best SP story mods for JK2 and JKA, and The Mainframe is the one that kicked that off. It shows it's age nowadays but it's still a gem of a mod. Highly recommend checking it out if you never have, along with the rest of the series.

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