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  1. Bad head, sry dude, but skin is nice, uhm, but this head =-= u know it, well... 2/5 points


    Same thing: this weapons cause some issues, I cant see them in any SP or MP <- SP MP basejka So I use only skins. Uh yea, coooolliest skins of Twi'lek babies
  3. GIFT to @@AshuraDX - Personal Hilt. Inspired from @@AshuraDX Hilts that I saw. ~? hours of creation in MS Paint Result's: 3 optional sabers from 2: "Tython" Staff, "Ashla" Single (Matt white metal with Black cut in Tatoo), "Bogan" Single (Matt black metal with White cut in Tatoo) "Force Balance Dual" ("Ashla" & "Bogan") Material: Unknown in galaxy high quality metal. Impossible to scratch the surface. Not melt at any temperatures. Handle of blades provided with magnets that allow u create a staff from two swords. "Bogan" is equipped with a unique poisoned dart - KILLS ALMOST INSTANTLY (ONLY "Ashla" can heal this). "Ashla" is equipped with healing potion syringe that heal ANY diseases. Manufacturer is unknown. Weight of swords practically insensitive. 1st - on\off button. 2nd - Poison Dart/Heal Syringe button. 3rd - connect\dissconnect "Ashla" & "Bogan" button. 4th - 2 magnets, Funfick xD While @@AshuraDX try to restore balance of Dark side of Force in himself on Bogan, he found one big statue that was ruined and something is shone in its hands. On the back of the handle of the sword was written: "Ashla". He was quite surprised to find this ancient sword. He thought - what if on Ashla there is another sword? Why Light side Saber founded on Dark side moon Bogan? Who create this hilt? Many question's floated thru his mind... After arriving on the Ashla, @@AshuraDX found one unknown exiled elder in the ruins of abbandoned city that remained after ancient war. Elder gave "Bogan" to @@AshuraDX with this words: "Use theme wisely, they both will keep the balance of Force in You. In Ancient times, these swords were found in the rift of "Chasm" on Tython. Whoever found them become mad from the power of Bogan. So now u know that they should be used together - that the only way to stay in mind. Otherwise, u will suffer exact same fate". After these words, Ancient evaporised in front of astonished @@AshuraDX. @@AshuraDX heard a voice of elder: "You learn a lot of the secrets that hide these blades, become one with them and they will show You them (secrets)" "Tython" Staff - http://prntscr.com/26amck, "Ashla" & "Bogan" Hilts - http://prntscr.com/26amoh I will be very glad that these swords will be in the Gold pack. SRY ABOUT BAD ENGLISH AND QUALITY OF PICS ^^'
  4. GIFT to @@Circa - Personal Hilt. ~9 hours of mindfu*k in MS Paint (>.< ) Why? My PC not handle with PS. Result's: 3 optional sabers from 2! "Mastermind" Staff, "Encourager" Single. "Encourager & Inspirer" Dual's (Same as Encourager, but different color of metal) This baby's combines simplicity and efficiency - no beauty. I'm sorry for not accurate drawing. Idea from my head only, I'm not steal it. SW Classic style inspired from @@Circa. Metal - matt\shiny metallic, big touch button (equipped with a @@Circa fingerprint lock !!! xD Joke) - red color, the inclusion of the sword. "Gear" at the end of the sword is made of a rare material that turns off the sword of the enemy (2 on Staff - 1 & 1 in Singles) for few seconds, protects hands from opponent saber. Specially treated surface of the handle increases grip hand with a sword. Staff - specially designed magnets connect Encourager & Inspirer, working only with each other. Magnets are connected to each other over short distances, your trifle will remain in your pocket, don't worry xD. 4 buttons tucked inside a special panel: provides protection to buttons\display against breakdowns\failure. 1st button - on\off, 2nd button - connect\disconnect "Encourager & Inspirer", 3rd display - Red color show's that the Sith is nearby, Blue - Jedi, Yellow - Both S & J xD, 4th - Translate the unknown Language that u can meet in galaxy to Your own language (micro hide inside hilt) xD. The best choice for a Jedi http://prntscr.com/25fx10 - Outlet, http://prntscr.com/25fx23 - tail-end, http://prntscr.com/25fx2y - Mastermind Staff, http://prntscr.com/25gdna - Encourager Single. I will be very glad that these swords will be in the Gold pack. SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH!
  5. Wish list to Gold Pack: 1.Jaden start "intro" mission with crude self made saberhilt like this http://jkhub.org/files/file/710-jaden-korrs-lightsaber/ . 2.Jaden lost hi's\she's self made saberhilt (broke, blow, crack) in "intro" mission. 3.Jaden can choose any class of sabers after lose self made saberhilt, and any color's of saber. include black color. and this http://jkhub.org/files/file/1638-omicrons-jaja-black-sabre-fix/ too. 4.Add to Twi'lek female skin color's Black one, absolutely BLACK. One Gray. 5.Only Star Wars Character's model's must be available in SP "choose u'r character before start", any in MP. 6.Add in MP models of player's (all if possible) the "Sith Variety" with horrible face and yellow Eye's.
  6. Bug's in Circa mod: 1.Before Tier 3 - staff NOT use Force "mana" in special moves. 2.Only Left and Right side Butterfly is available before Tier 3. I'm not use dual's, so i can't speak about bug's in them, but I'm suspect that they are kinda similar with staff. Ok Sir, sorry me please, i'm new here, and my english as one dude said: "U'r English from Dark Side of the Force" xD
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