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  1. It’d be totally awesome to change the lighting function to fit each effects in this mod which are after all just some visual effects. Though it’d require some serious programming job I bet. I remember when I was making this mod, I opened the lightning effect script files with document editing tool and tried to puzzle out those parameters by changing the numbers and swap the lightning skin picture with something like fire flame or snowflake and then run the game and see how it looks and then just test & test & fix & fix. It's like decoding thing and lots of headaches but it was fun the see the results. I’d only imagine it’d be a lots more headaches to change the whole lightning system though. But totally root for it!
  2. Thanks I'll check that mod on Youtube. And don't forget The Elder Scrolls series ?
  3. I have to play Mount & Blade someday ?
  4. Thank you for visiting! Hope you like my mods. And please feel free to use them for your mods if you want. Give me credit or not I don't really care. I'm just glad you enjoy my stuff and have fun!?

  5. tobe_one


    Fixed the download link. Thanks to the staff
  6. Fixed the download link. Thanks to the staff
  7. Someone made a fun video with this mod
  8. Someone made a fun video with this mod
  9. Maybe you have too many NPC file in your game? Try to clean up all the mods you installed.
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