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  1. I have quite an extensive portfolio, which is one of the reasons I now work for Sony and have been for two years.... Again I impress that your attitude of 'I know everything and I will condescend anyone who brings up a different view from my own' is just in your own words, silly. I choose to not show people like you my portfolio for reasons you MIGHT be able to comprehend if you ever worked for people who wanted to steal your work. The fact that you said 'I'm leaving this conversation' then jumped RIGHT back on it to try to further your point along with downgrading my abilities and intellect shows how senile you can really be man. An IQ is only a number, the fact that you bring that up here of all places shows you don't have any intention to listen to any idea you may disagree with. I can barely see how someone like that works for a company like RavenSoft. Kinda sad tbh as you were one of my first inspirations to start modding. The difference between you and I is I don't use my portfolio as grounds to condescend others.
  2. Cool. I love how you guys think 'there is one mindset of thinking and that's that'. It's not illegal to give people your best educated guess on something and then direct them in to a path that may better help them understand it. You are acting like these people telling me these things and me posting one quote is like, the end of the world. THAT is silly imo.
  3. My numbers have been consistant. One person from ravensoft, two from activision.....that hasn't chaged. 'I REALLY am not trying to come off as a huge douche here (already failed) but ravensoft is published by whom? Activision. 2/3 people I talked to were from Activision. Being a level designer for Ravensoft does not come with every know-how of what you may or not do on a game made in 2003' Also moon, socom FTB got shut down like 2 years ago for the PSP. I never had a problem telling people my best guess on what I was asked even if it may be hindering to the point of a legal crisis. As long as you don't directly say 'yes' or 'no' and give people a means to figure it out through higher ups or asking others is never deemed bad. We aren't the CIA, people can say "Yes you should send our support team a message for 100% truth, here is MY best educated guess tho" which is what each person I talked to did.
  4. Don't eat the bacon handouts either. Also, Yes the things I was told MIGHT be wrong. However I am not going to give someone's name out to the public if they gave me a wrong answer to the questions I sent. People have families and friends and their own lives to attend to, and you never know how releasing someone's name like that might affect them (termination, trolling etc). So right now my answer of '2 people from Activision and one from Ravensoft' will have to do :<. The whole discussion about my 'candid discussion' is this, I did not release anyone's name. Noone will be in trouble for telling me what they did. I simply forwarded like, 1/5 of the conversations I have to show this community that maybe if the envlope is pushed something may happen. I feel as if I had released the persons name here that at THAT point things could turn sour. I kept his/her name out for a reason.
  5. Meh not a war. I just want to get the point across that if people are satisified with one anwser they got and just QUIT on the subject because of it you may never know what would happen if you push it. LucasArts even said part of the reason they released the sourcecode was because the community bugged them for it since 2003. We have tried what, like once to ask about assets?
  6. He designs levels. Jesus man, he must know everything about the company :<. I REALLY am not trying to come off as a huge douche here (already failed) but ravensoft is published by whom? Activision. 2/3 people I talked to were from Activision. Being a level designer for Ravensoft does not come with every know-how of what you may or not do on a game made in 2003. I would really love to see some people go out and start ASKING about this instead of saying 'NOPE I KNOW U CANT CAUSE I WORK THERE' or 'NOPE CANT BE DONE CAUSE THE ONE EMAIL I GOT SAID NO'. Who KNOWS. MAYBE Ravensoft would give the community the right to edit the assets if people bug them like people bugged LucasArts for the source code since 2003. If someone had asked LA about it and they had said one time 'no' and NOONE had ever tried again then we wouldnt have the source right now.
  7. He actually devoleps games for them? He like sits at their HQ and works for the compny? I worked for the company that made Socom Fireteam Bravo 1 and 2, doesn't mean I knew everything about the company or their intentions. Also one of the people I talked to was from Activision, does he work for them too? http://www.ravensoftware.com/careers/job-listing/ <- I could apply for 2 positions right now that I am over qualified for with my masters, doesn't mean I would say I work for Ravensoft, thats called a sub-contract :<
  8. I am not going to entertain your ego on this one. I will say, however, that this is exactly the type of attitude that I am talking about. "I know everything and more than you so don't try to act like you are on MY level". I really am waiting for a reply now "I TALKED TO THIS ONE DUDE I KNOW FROM RAVENSOFT I TALKED TO ONCE AND HE SAID UR WRONG SO STFU" lol. But shit, it's moondog. He MUST have talked to every single member of the ravensoft team already to derive his opinions of this topic.
  9. Out of everyone here I can't believe everyone is kinda bashing this guy and acting like openJK fixes every error in the game. I actually wanted to do a little investigation, this whole talk on JKHub of 'altering assets' is bogus. After talking to a few people from RavenSoft, many of them basically said what warren is saying. Direct Quote: "Lucas Arts was shut down and they released the entire source code to the community. This usually means that a company no longer cares or has the time to attend to a game. The one work around is this; if you want to use assets, just make sure everything is never up-charged. This means you may never charge people for any altercations you make to the engine or assets. If people are really afraid to edit the assets, they should simply send the support team here ((he meant at RavenSoft)) an inquiry about it. I will give you my 99.99% belief that you will not be told no. In the past people were told that if they wanted to do assets to re-make them from scratch, so I understand the concern here. Just follow what I said and you should be fine" soooooo........what's going on. As a modding community I can not believe anyone here thinks that OpenJK will solve every problem in the game. It almost seems as if most of the community is content on doing what can be done with what they know, instead of going the extra mile to do everything possible. IDK. Just a skin/ent/map modder here. But yea, I think that JKHub staff should send out a request to use the assets as an entire team. That way the staff here can work on something. I mean shit, look at PhantasyStarBlueBurst. The team who made the mod only had to get permission once to completly alter the game any way they like and host their own server/master server.
  10. Did you make sure to not only download the client side but the server side as well? What you are describing sounds like you still have the JA+ server side. Also I am not 100% sure that JA++ works with OpenJK someone might be able to better assist you on that portion.
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