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  1. AshuraDX's post in BSP to MAP .BAT was marked as the answer   
    q3map2 -game ja -convert -format map testmap.bsp it's as easy as that. chuck this into a text file, edit the .bsp name to suit your needs and save it as decompile.bat
    then put your new .bat file nito the q3map2 directory and drop your bsp into the same folder and voila, you decompiled a map.
    Light entities and texture alignment can be lost in the process though. Same goes for misc_model entities I think.
  2. AshuraDX's post in Converting jk2 bones to jk3 bones was marked as the answer   
    Actually it's the damn jka bones that suck, jko has bones for all 5 fingers and toe bones which allow for much higher fidelity in animations.
    this video shows how to convert a jka model to jk2. If you reverse these steps, you should be able to get it working.
  3. AshuraDX's post in Changes to Assets1.pk3 Not Being Reflected In-Game was marked as the answer   
    First of all:
    Never directly change files in the assets*.pk3 files.
    Copy the files you want to change to a new pk3 file and make your changes there. Then name your new pk3 file so that it is loaded after the original. Files are loaded alphabetically, so naming your file "my_tweaks.pk3" or anything that does not start with an "a" will get you there.
    However, if you did in fact replace and overwrite those files in the original pk3 it should load the changes ingame. Did you actually place your modified pk3 in the base folder?
    Iirc, by default, any files taken from the original .pk3 file are set as read only, did you change the access permissions?
  4. AshuraDX's post in Custom _humanoid.gla file - I want to replace A FEW animations with modded ones taken from different mods was marked as the answer   
    You need to create a new textfile in the same folder as your glas and glamerge.exe
    Fill it with this content:

    glamerge.exe firstfile secondfile pause save it and then rename the resulting .txt file to .bat and run it.
  5. AshuraDX's post in Blender and SWTOR small problem was marked as the answer   
    Either a texture filtering issue or, more likely, caused by mismatched vertex normals along uv seams.
    Hard to tell without looking at the model in detail.
  6. AshuraDX's post in Substance Painter Export Workflow was marked as the answer   
    Nope, not exactly dependend
    But somewhat broken in its current state, I plan to remake it some time.
  7. AshuraDX's post in GTK radiant big terrain plug in \ script? was marked as the answer   
    Ask those questions in the Star Wars: Warzone subforum
  8. AshuraDX's post in Alternative to MD3 format for misc_models was marked as the answer   
    @@Asgarath83 This is for you

  9. AshuraDX's post in Model modelling: making a cap was marked as the answer   
    You use 3ds max, correct?
    Then it should be as easy as making a copy of your model, attach all pieces together and convert that merged copy to an editable_poly object. Next up go to the modifier tab/mode, pick border selection and drag a large rectangle around your model (ctrl + a sadly doesn't give the desired result here).

    This will select all open edgeloops on the model.

    Next up, click the "cap" button to automatically close those holes. Now hold ctrl and change to face selection - This should select all of your new caps, if it also selects additional faces: click shrink selection once. When you have all of your caps selected, detach them and delete the merged mesh.

    This will leave you with an object that has all your caps. Select that object, go to vertex selection, press ctrl + a and click "connect". This will triangulate the caps for you.

    Now add an Unwrap UVW modifier. Enable select by element and apply a planar map to all caps, I'd recommend using the "best align" option to make this quicker.

    Once this is done convert to editable poly again and detach each of the caps into their own objects and name them.
  10. AshuraDX's post in GLM complexity max vertex number was marked as the answer   
  11. AshuraDX's post in How big can a levelshot be? was marked as the answer   
    That is not a 2^n based resolution.Try 2048 or 4096 squared.
    While it's true that textures need to be by the power of 2, and all numberd that fall into that category are even, the power of two criteria does not equal "no odd numbers". And all textures that are to be used in this game have to fullfill this criterium.
  12. AshuraDX's post in trigger_multiple?? was marked as the answer   
    Make a copy of the .map file, open it in notepad and search for "trigger_multiple". 
    When you found it, select everything from the "// entity #" line above it down to just above the next "// entity #" line and delete it.
  13. AshuraDX's post in Possible to give a SWORD SP support? was marked as the answer   
    @@Lord Of Hate

    noBlade 1 for future reference:https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php?title=.sab#Sword_and_Non-lightsaber-blade_Weapon_Keys
  14. AshuraDX's post in Player Modeling, Too Many Verts?? was marked as the answer   
    Okay so, I took a look. 
    The problemmesh was very obvious and easy to identify.

    The torso's mesh normals are completely screwed up.
    Every hard edge between two faces causes the exporter to make a split there and duplicate the vertices along the edge. That torso has all edges set as hard.
    To fix it, go to the modifier List and add an editable poly modifier below your skin modifier. That should reset/recalculate the mesh normals and solve the problem.
  15. AshuraDX's post in Can't install mods on Jedi Academy? was marked as the answer   
    @@BigChoi were you trieing to move the mod onto the CD?
    You have to put it into the installation directory on your harddrive.
  16. AshuraDX's post in Script Not Saving But Still Loads in Behaved was marked as the answer   
    That may be fixable by running BehavED as Administrator
  17. AshuraDX's post in Bug: A part of my frankenstein appears hollow was marked as the answer   
    @@VectorHabibi the normals on that mesh are inverted, flip them and the problem should be fixed.
    You'll have to look up how to do that in Blender - I use 3ds max and have no clue about Blender.
  18. AshuraDX's post in [Mapping] Splotchy Patch Shadows was marked as the answer   
    @@Jedi_Mediator I did not even try the _cs 0 option yet - but changing to another (very similiar shader) compeltely fixed my problem.
    It seems, that using a 16x16 px texture "confuses" q3map2 and makes it produce these errors.
  19. AshuraDX's post in Is there a way to reload .shader files while playing the game? was marked as the answer   
    a random Idea: try and swap / for \ in your custom Pset.
  20. AshuraDX's post in Blaster Pistol GFX Effects was marked as the answer   
    it uses these textures:
    or if you want the .efx files referencing these:
    hope this helps
    The Blaster Pistol in JKA shares the same effects as the Bryar from JK2 and functions the same, it's essentially a model swap.
  21. AshuraDX's post in In Which Condition Player Model Has A Glm Weapon Model In The Hand? was marked as the answer   
    @@Langerd I had the same problem with my turntable - fixed it by making the gla path include _humanoid.
    So you're on the right track
  22. AshuraDX's post in Normal Maps for Player Models was marked as the answer   
    @@ooeJack You could do what I do and bae a worldspace normal map, then use that to prelight the model.
    Green Channel is overlayed at roughly ~70% Opacity and the Blue Channel is Multiplied with ~30% Opacity.
    I also overlay a curvature map and multiply AO on top. Here's what that gives you on a flat Color:

  23. AshuraDX's post in Staff base was marked as the answer   
    the staff is nothing different than a regular saber hilt , just duplicate the tag_blade, name it tag_blade2, rotate it and put it on the other end of the saber
    something to keep in mind is that the middle of your staff hilt (aslong as it's a "regular" staff saber and not a pike of sorts) should be aligned to the origin (0|0|0) of your grid in gmax
    if that isn't enough explanation I might be able to dig a old staff model I made up
    EDIT :
    here you go
  24. AshuraDX's post in Clipped Clothing was marked as the answer   
    yes, first weight your unclothed model then apply a skinwrap modifier to the clothing and pick your allready weighted model as source.
    Then tweak parameters and test deformation unitl you get a decent result, once you are statisfied press the covnert to skin button and admire your work
  25. AshuraDX's post in NPC Replacement failure was marked as the answer   
    say... are you using winrar to make your pk3's ? if so make sure that you set your winrar to output .zip and not .rar archives
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