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Sign up for the Third Scrimmage Match!

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Here you can sign up for the third scrimmage match.


In order to sign up for the scrimmage match, please post the following, as a reply to this thread:

  • Your General Location (for ping/timezone)
  • What times work best for you (on your timezone)
  • What platform you use (Windows, Linux or Mac; optional)
  • How many people you want to bring along with you (optional)
  • Whether or not you can record video (optional)


Here is the current list of sign ups, as well as timezones that work for them:




@eezstreet - Any time, by myself.

@@Darth Futuza - Mountain Time, any time except 31st evening, Windows, can record, +extras

@ - Australia time, any time, Windows and Linux, can record and stream, +2-3 extras

@@Dalo Lorn - European Time, any time between 12:00 - 22 CET (gmt+1), +1 extra

@@swegmaster - American Time, any time on the weekend

@ - European Time, any time between 12:00 - 22:00, +1 extra possible

@@Noodle - GMT-3, preferrably between 14:00 - 17:00, +2 extra

@@Onysfx - Canadian Eastern Time, any time

@@Ramikad - GMT+1, any time before or after midnight

@@gerbilOFdoom - Any time before noonish




Download link

Time of the scrimmage match

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Summons for people who may have been interested in the past.  If this annoys you, send me a PM and I'll be sure not to bother you in the future with JKG events :D


@@Dalo Lorn


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JKG Developer

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Downloaded it and tested it. Had to edit my run jkgalaxies.bat to "jkgalaxies.x86.exe +set cl_renderer "rd-galaxies" +set fs_game "JKG" +set fs_cdpath "." +set fs_basepath "../"" to make it work. I also had to rename the folder JKG_Dev to JKG. So far I'm having a couple crashes whenever I select the new items (jetpack and armors) in the shop.

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