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  1. Finding that the barrels in Moonbase have names in JKG was pretty funny, though it appears they've got cloaking devices now. Will there be a volleyball named Wilson?
  2. This feedback is really appreciated, I noted that there's actually quite a lot of disparity between various weapon projectile speeds. Some rifles actually have faster projectiles than sniper rifles. I'll definitely be going over this. I know that ping unfortunately greatly affects how easy it is to hit with projectiles, but I agree that pistols could probably have a bit faster speed. With there being a recent addition to the mod, we now have the ability to make it so that beyond a weapon's maximum range it doesn't disappear outright, but rather deals less damage beyond that range. I may nerf some pistol ranges (for example, the Q2 already has very short range) and in turn increase projectile speed, making them easier to use in close quarters but nerfing their ability to be effective much beyond that. I would think we should be able to include some sort of icons of damage types on the UI, or at the very least add this to item description, this is a really good idea. I have been discussing jetpack behavior with Futuza recently, I think the lack of inertia is making jetpacks feel very strong with no drawbacks at all. As Futuza mentioned there will be more counters to them in future patches. We do actually have source for the Bespin CTF map, I had originally modified it only to expand the base areas to act as safe spawns and have a vendor, but potentially more routes could be added.
  3. NPCs can have multiple items and weapons in their inventory as determined by treasure classes. NPC Interactions in combat: During combat, there are certain objects NPCs may interact with depending on what is happening. They may knock over a table for cover, or jump over it when they are trying to run away. They can also just simply take cover behind other objects or walls. They may kick over a barrel of volatile tibanna gas and roll it towards a player, or attempt to stay away from them if they are in combat, if they are trying to flee they will ignore the fact that they are there and may run past them. An NPC that hears gunfire may investigate or attempt to interact with a console that will raise the alarms, potentially activating turrets or calling for reinforcements, certain weapons are quieter than others and reduce the range at which NPCs can hear sounds of gunfire. An NPC may attempt to dodge (some are more skilled at this than others; some might faceplant upon landing, taking an extended time to get up) in certain situations. They may attempt to dive away from a grenade if it's within their vision or even when a player is simply aiming at them. NPCs may have multiple weapons in their loadout and may choose them based on situation. If an NPC fires a weapon long enough without causing damage to an enemy (other NPC or player) or the enemy goes out of sight they may try a new approach such as throwing a grenade or if the enemy is close to them they may swap to a stun baton, vibroblade, or simply their fists. If an enemy is close enough they also may simply kick them, pistol whip, or rifle butt. They may also use a sniper rifle at long range and a shotgun or pistol at close range if they have both in their inventory. An NPC that gets knocked down may draw their sidearm and fire it while on the ground instead of getting back up immediately, especially if an enemy is rushing them with a melee weapon.
  4. In case you've missed it, I've been streaming my development the past 3 days in a row. I've gotten the new IR-5 Intimidator blaster carbine in-game, this blaster will rival the LT-60 as an early game staple. It will feature a high capacity magazine and a high fire rate with the drawbacks of low damage per projectile and high recoil. I've updated the original posts with links to the recent broadcasts now available for playback on Youtube. Please remember to follow us on Twitch to be notified of the next stream!
  5. I'm available on Saturdays now, I got switched back to a Monday-Friday schedule
  6. Relatively short stream today of myself working on the IR-5 Blaster SMG
  7. I would definitely like 6DOF, that's pretty much one of the biggest things that would vastly improve over what JKA has.
  8. I'm going to for sure reduce the LT-60's bleed time, I'm not sure why it's 10 seconds on a rapid fire weapon, it gives it a rather strange edge in medium-long range combat.
  9. I'm okay with 0.6 damage from slugthrowers until the armor bug is fixed, but it really needs to be fixed, inconsistent damage like that is nasty stuff when it comes to trying to balance things! You may or may not see the issue I brought up with Class A detonators, I'm just using my knowledge of the game to tell you that that's a pretty plausible scenario. Class As are pretty FPS intensive for most people as it stands as well. I think you're right with the small tuning on the EE-3, it needs sounds distinct from the E-11 sounds too. I think I pushed the vendor change to develop, but I will double check. Some of the SMGs (none of which are implemented yet) are a little bit between a pistol and a carbine, I would also argue that the DH-17 isn't quite a pistol but not quite a carbine as well.
  10. These all sound like good changes, let's implement them. I would personally like to see the laser projector work as it was originally intended. I think giving ammo from picking up weapons is an excellent idea and one we had bounced around a while back (in fact I think at one point they did). as I mention later in this post we should make healing items that heal over time instead of instantly as well as instant ones. Let's try fixing the armor bug first so that it properly reduces damage before we nerf slugthrowers again. I personally feel the LT-60 series is in a good spot right now. Class A thermal detonators costing only 200 might still be a bod idea, even if they rarely show up in the shop a good player who has stocked up a lot of credits could buy half a dozen of these and spam them for lulz... not really intended gameplay. We could probably increase the amount that bactas healed if they actually healed over time instead of reducing the cost. I think we should simply make the stacking slow non-existent or reduce the amount that it stacks by a lot. EE-3 is a fairly high end weapon that was meant to replace the E-11 series by lore, we need to make it feel more different from the E-11 series though to justify the higher price... right now it sounds and performs about the same. As for the Bryars that's probably fine to reduce their cost. Probably fine, but I've removed the E-11 stun carbine from the general vendor. I want to implement a different weapon to fill this role instead of changing a different one so drastically. I have some concerns with this, but I think I'm okay with this change.
  11. @@Darth Futuza Ew, you still use P for switching perspective? Is that even still the default? Also casually editing post to say hyperdrive, no idea why I couldn't think of that term at that time... @@Asgarath83 I suppose being able to switch to specific weapons directly makes sense, it might be better to just have a throttle adjustment bound to just a couple of buttons instead of having 0-9 be all of the different %s of throttles. Probably just have an ACI (active combat inventory) for ships just like we do for players and let it be user defined.
  12. Dug up my old space combat concept: 1st person: You have less FOV, but you can see everything about your ship (fuel gauge, detailed damage reports, etc)3rd person: you have much more FOV, but you only see combat related HUD Movement controlsW = Accelerate, double tapping this will toggle engines into overdrive (not boost), this will rapidly generate heat and use up fuel rather quickly1-0 = Set throttle, instead of holding the W key to accelerate, 1 - 0 will set the speed to go to, 1 is only 10% of top-speed, while 0 is 100% and will bring you to your top-speed.+ = increase throttle= = decrease throttleS = Decelerate, double tap will stop the ship as quickly as possible, putting up air-brakes (if theres an atmosphere) and firing deceleration engines (if any)A + D = spin ship, double tap will quickly spin the ship in the corrisponding direction to dodge (generates heat)ctrl = landspace = boost (generates heat), takes off. Takes time to recharge but doesn't use much fuel.Q = Lock spin, this will make it so that you can only manually spin your ship around, no autospin of any sort (no correction to an "imaginary horizontal plane" aka X and Y axis)P = toggle auto-pilot Weaponry and combat controlsV = tactical view (shows wireframes, speed calculations, etc of other ships)E = fire modes, for example the xwing can fire each laser individually rapidly, all at once, 2 at a time, etc.Mouse1 = Primary WeaponMouse2 = Secondary WeaponMouse3 = switch Mouse2's weapon that it controls (if applicable) Astromech ControlsR = Tells your astromech to begin repairs (exposes the droid and makes it very vulnerable) MenusH = Hyperspace menu, choose a known location and make a jump once charged.O = open auto-pilot menu, contains commands for specific tasks the auto-pilot can do such as boarding a space stationN = AstroMech menu, this will give you all the commands you can give your mech. Squadron ControlsInsert = Accept last given command if it still persistsEnd = Command/formation menuHome = follow commander Other ControlsM = change size of radar, it will cover up the majority of the screen. Weapons: Blaster Cannons are your standard weaponry, they're balanced against all types of armor (other than magnetically sealed armor) They're you're go to weapon if you don't know what you're going to be up against. Not only can they take on vehicles or other ships, but smaller, rapid fire versions can be used as point defense to take out incoming missles. Ion Cannons are anti-shield and electronic systems weapons, they'll short out astro-mechs and temporarally disable most enemy controls and systems. The drawback of these weapons is that they are slow to fire and take up a lot of your ships spare energy meaning you won't be able to fire any weapon for some time. Missiles are extremely powerful weaponry especially against hull, They can easily blow off astro-mechs and cause some systems to be destroyed (such as a targetting computer). The drawback of these is that they're slow and can be out-maneuvered or shot down by point defense, the upside is that most missiles automatically lock onto enemies. Specialised weapons are a bit different, they're much more rare, more expensive, and are usually fitted to a certain task and aern't very flexible. An example of a specialized weapon is buzz droids, these droids will hook onto enemy ships and start slicing away until they run out of power, these can cause severe damage to ship systems and minor damage to a ship of any reasonable size, but won't hook unless enemy shields are low or non-existant. Expendables are devices that detach from the ship and activate on their own, these include but are not necissarily limited to: Cameras (which can be viewed with something like an F# key), Flares or chaff (anti-missle), Mines, radar, radar jammers, and sentry droids (basically the same thing as sentry turrets, just in space). ExamplesBlaster Cannons:- Heavy Blaster Cannons For taking out other ships- Light Blaster Cannons For taking out infantry and vehicles on-planet- Point Defense For taking out incoming misslesIon Cannons:Disables enemy shields, shuts down their hud, and reduces firing speed temporarily Missiles:Extremely Powerful, but is slow and can be out-maneuvered or shot down Specialised:- Prototype ARC cannon- Sonic Cannons- Buzz Droids Ship parts: Astro Mech slots may come with a fighter, and a AstroMech Bay can be installed in most (if not all) freighters. AstroMechs come with their own advanced interface for enhanced navigation, damage reports, and quicker hyperspace calculations. They can also repair some damage to fighters and freighters, however when they're repairing they can be destroyed. Hull plating is your main defense, this is what holds the ship together, if this is severely damaged or destroyed, you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye. This will slow down or speed up acceleration depending on how much hull plating you have. The more hull you have the more Base HP your ship has. Engines are how you move around normal space, a bigger engine means you'll have more top speed but slightly less acceleration. With a smaller engine you'll have less top speed but slightly more acceleration. Hyperdrives are for FTL travel, these aern't for piloting in normal space and are only for moving from place to place on a galactic scale. Turbolasers can be modified to be installed onto freighters, these will automatically shoot enemies, but if your targetting system is knocked out (?) you'll have to manually shoot these, hope you brought some friends or have a piloting droid or you'll be a sitting duck. Piloting droids are basically improved auto-pilots, instead of being restricted to flying to certain locations, they can fly freely and will avoid asteroids and other obstacles to make your ship hard to hit, they might not be able to fly as good as you can, but they'll keep enemies busy while you manually operate the turbolasers. Cloaking devices are extremely rare, expensive, and even more expensive to maintain. These require specialised crystals which are used up rather quickly when you cloak, they don't recharge so hope you brought quite a few on hand if you're gonna be sneaking through an imperial convoy. Every ship that has weapons comes with a basic targetting system, this will allow you to see where your guns are aiming, if you upgrade this you can get minor aim assist and on some higher end systems a tracking system that shows you where to fire to hit an enemy (leading shots) Shield Generators will create shields that will absorb most (if not all) forms of damage by taking damage itself, the shields will recharge over time after taking damage, however the more damage the shield takes it will degrade and not be able to hold as much charge, this can be repaired. Once depleted it will take some time for the shields to start to charge again. Ion weapons are extremely effective against shields. - Astro-mechs Enhanced Navigation Enhanced Damage Reports Enhances Hyperspace calculation Can repair some damage to the ship in-flight Can be destroyed- Hull Plating affects acceleration speed affects ship HP- Engines affects top speed/acceleration- Hyperspace For FTL travel- Automatically firing Blaster Cannons (for freighters, i.e. Mill. Falcon) Aka turbolasers- Cloaking device (uses up rare & expensive cloaking crystals rather quickly) Parties: When in a party, there is a commander (aka the party leader) the commander can issue commands using the end key, Fellow pilots cann accept these commands using the insert key (thereby activating auto-pilot) to autmatically bring them to their goal (such as landing at a station or intercepting an enemy craft) Auto-pilot can be disengaged automatically by pressing O, pressing insert will autmatically engage the last given command if it still exists. The command menu has a check box next to each party member's name, theres also an "all" checkbox to select all party members, to the right of that is a dropdown selection to choose the base command, under that it will give specifics (such as what target to intercept). Parties can also press the home key to automatically follow their leader, the commander can also set up a formation so that any ship following them will choose a slot in formation and lock into place. When a formation is initiated, the commander can switch out where everyone's position is, he for example can be in the back or that freighter should be in front while the fighters go behind it, etc. If a ship tries to join a formation the doesn't have an open slot, he'll simply follow the commander instead.
  13. Actually, that's a normal scope. The E-11A has an electroscope.
  14. Stuns honestly probably shouldn't last longer than 3 seconds, and that's quite long with how quickly you can die as it is.
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