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  1. This feedback is really appreciated, I noted that there's actually quite a lot of disparity between various weapon projectile speeds. Some rifles actually have faster projectiles than sniper rifles. I'll definitely be going over this. I know that ping unfortunately greatly affects how easy it is to hit with projectiles, but I agree that pistols could probably have a bit faster speed. With there being a recent addition to the mod, we now have the ability to make it so that beyond a weapon's maximum range it doesn't disappear outright, but rather deals less damage beyond that range. I may nerf s
  2. NPCs can have multiple items and weapons in their inventory as determined by treasure classes. NPC Interactions in combat: During combat, there are certain objects NPCs may interact with depending on what is happening. They may knock over a table for cover, or jump over it when they are trying to run away. They can also just simply take cover behind other objects or walls. They may kick over a barrel of volatile tibanna gas and roll it towards a player, or attempt to stay away from them if they are in combat, if they are trying to flee they will ignore the fact that they are the
  3. In case you've missed it, I've been streaming my development the past 3 days in a row. I've gotten the new IR-5 Intimidator blaster carbine in-game, this blaster will rival the LT-60 as an early game staple. It will feature a high capacity magazine and a high fire rate with the drawbacks of low damage per projectile and high recoil. I've updated the original posts with links to the recent broadcasts now available for playback on Youtube. Please remember to follow us on Twitch to be notified of the next stream!
  4. I'm available on Saturdays now, I got switched back to a Monday-Friday schedule
  5. Relatively short stream today of myself working on the IR-5 Blaster SMG
  6. I would definitely like 6DOF, that's pretty much one of the biggest things that would vastly improve over what JKA has.
  7. I'm going to for sure reduce the LT-60's bleed time, I'm not sure why it's 10 seconds on a rapid fire weapon, it gives it a rather strange edge in medium-long range combat.
  8. I'm okay with 0.6 damage from slugthrowers until the armor bug is fixed, but it really needs to be fixed, inconsistent damage like that is nasty stuff when it comes to trying to balance things! You may or may not see the issue I brought up with Class A detonators, I'm just using my knowledge of the game to tell you that that's a pretty plausible scenario. Class As are pretty FPS intensive for most people as it stands as well. I think you're right with the small tuning on the EE-3, it needs sounds distinct from the E-11 sounds too. I think I pushed the vendor change to develop, but I will
  9. These all sound like good changes, let's implement them. I would personally like to see the laser projector work as it was originally intended. I think giving ammo from picking up weapons is an excellent idea and one we had bounced around a while back (in fact I think at one point they did). as I mention later in this post we should make healing items that heal over time instead of instantly as well as instant ones. Let's try fixing the armor bug first so that it properly reduces damage before we nerf slugthrowers again. I personally feel the LT-60 series is in a good spot right now.
  10. @@Darth Futuza Ew, you still use P for switching perspective? Is that even still the default? Also casually editing post to say hyperdrive, no idea why I couldn't think of that term at that time... @@Asgarath83 I suppose being able to switch to specific weapons directly makes sense, it might be better to just have a throttle adjustment bound to just a couple of buttons instead of having 0-9 be all of the different %s of throttles. Probably just have an ACI (active combat inventory) for ships just like we do for players and let it be user defined.
  11. Dug up my old space combat concept: 1st person: You have less FOV, but you can see everything about your ship (fuel gauge, detailed damage reports, etc)3rd person: you have much more FOV, but you only see combat related HUD Movement controlsW = Accelerate, double tapping this will toggle engines into overdrive (not boost), this will rapidly generate heat and use up fuel rather quickly1-0 = Set throttle, instead of holding the W key to accelerate, 1 - 0 will set the speed to go to, 1 is only 10% of top-speed, while 0 is 100% and will bring you to your top-speed.+ = increase throttle= = decrea
  12. Actually, that's a normal scope. The E-11A has an electroscope.
  13. Stuns honestly probably shouldn't last longer than 3 seconds, and that's quite long with how quickly you can die as it is.
  14. On the note of movement speed, I actually feel like movement without armor is too fast, and movement with one piece of stormtrooper armor (not sure if movement slow stacks) feels about right. Armor only feels not strong enough right now because there is no way to increase your health from 100 HP. Maybe we should implement a rudimentary level up system to gain HP over the course of a game? On moving side to side that is exactly what I've wanted for a while now. As for sprinting diagonally it should move you on a diagonal axis even less than it does right now in my opinion - but only when sp
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