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  1. Hi Stark, sorry it took so long for me to notice your posts (I don't check the forums very often). There are a few servers available, but usually the best way to try out the mod is to join the discord and set up a match with other people. The community isn't super active at the moment, so we don't have players 24/7 like some of the other larger mods, but there are still a lot of other people that want to play - you just need to arrange a time. I'd suggest joining the discord and joining the 481st group and trying to setup a match with some of those players (there are about 30+ of them that
  2. Hey @STARK NPCs are basically partially disabled in Phase 1, some of the old lua scripts, such as the jkg_arena_tatooine one no longer work because a lot of the lua functionality has changed a lot since that script was written. You can spawn NPCs directly via console, via `npc spawn npcname`, but most of the npc behavior has been disabled since they aren't complete yet (for example we haven't hooked up NPCs to the JKG Weapon system yet so they don't know how to use the new items). JKG_Arena_Tatooine is also an old map that has been replaced by newer ones. Anyway, some of these things we h
  3. I really really want to put this in JKG and make it some sort of awful npc boss, but need to do so much more AI code 😞 It's really great though Chalk!
  4. You should make a night version!
    Wish more servers played with these maps, as there are some cool/fun ones.
  5. While this has been available in beta test for a while, we've released the second map pack here on JKHub. Enjoy!
  6. 250 downloads

    This is the second map bundle released for Jedi Knight Galaxies, you will need JKG installed first in order to play. (The second can be found here.) The bundle currently contains three maps: jkg_jawa_fortress - A Yzmo map, a complex canyon fortress located on Tatooine. jkg_mos_eisley_arena - A MaceMadunusus map, a small dueling arena located within Mos Eisley. jkg_imperialbase - A Noodle map, a small Imperial installation currently under attack by rebel forces. Also includes jkg_imperialbasectf for capture the flag versions. Assets are avail
  7. Seems like some of the renderer settings have changed, do you have a list of current settings? eg: r_magicdetail doesn't seem to exist. Nevermind I'm a dummy and forgot to enable the renderer.
  8. Lol you gave me a heart attack with that like.  Then I was like "oh righht jkhub staff".

  9. Jedi Knight Galaxies will be hosting a community scrimmage match next week starting at 4pm UTC/GMT on the 19th of December. We'll be playing on the JKG Public Test Realm server. Come join us! Check the count down here. You can get the mod at https://www.jkgalaxies.net/
  10. 1. So it depends on which starting weapon you use, the free one is slow on purpose because its supposed to be a sorta crappy. Other pistols are much quicker and have faster projectile speeds though, for example the Q2. Fights also tend to go a lot quicker the more people playing, so the initial pistol dueling phase tends to end a lot quicker when playing with larger groups of people. Many of the pistols actually have limited range just fyi. 2. Yeah I like that, I'm not sure if the engine will currently support icons with how we have the ui setup at the moment, but if not we could at le
  11. Oh neat. Nice work, should be interesting.
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