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  1. Jerec wins clearly to me. Much more experienced in the force and in lightsaber combat.
  2. My issue is simple, i can't find the "maps" folder that should be inside the /base folder, i installed the game from GOG, as i did before, and most of the time it works pretty well, but now, the folder simply isn't there. I want to open some of the multiplayer maps on SP for fun, but without the maps folder, the game doesn't find them, it's singleplayer campaign seems to be working fine btw.
  3. Damn, i always wanted something like this, it was so cool in DF2 and KoTOR and choosing your path by killing or not Rosh was pretty stupid.
  4. Thank you both. I managed to found a few that are still quite well populated like the JAWA clan server. I will certainly check yours.
  5. I downloaded the launcher and pressed the install button, but while it is "obtaining list of packages" i get an error that reads as follows: "A problem occurred while contacting the update server: Host update.jkgalaxies.com not found" So what can i do, if there's any solution at all?
  6. For some reason i can't seen to find any active online matches/games, most of them only have bots, or are completely empty. I have the gog version of the game, which i assumed to be fully patched, so, am i doing something wrong.
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