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  1. very badass, im not a console expert by any means, but i did install some smash bros mods on the wii via the sd card with a program called homebrew, so in theory would it be possible/doable to put jedi academy on the xbox one and maybe install it to the sd card that nintendo switch uses?
  2. I believe in order to have a proper first person perspective you need to export the model as md3 then make sure you have a corresponding _hand.md3, that determines the proper rotation of the model, if you open certain md3 models/weapon2 models you will see they are tilted in all sorts of directions which the hand.md3 rotates to its proper position. Sense its a repeater model you may have to make sure that the repeater.md3 matches the same pitch/rotation/coordinates as your model. Hope this helps, and GL on v2, and very nice model.
  3. can you hook a bro up with source you used to build the binarys, my server is kinda picky and i have to build with 32 bit and all the internal dependencys (except SDL), im guessing its whats on the latest dev branch, kinda sucks that the next 2 weekends are xmas and new years lol, but i think we should plan on the 7th for an official test. Also eez, maybe we can make a 2ndary distribution method via the launcher, one day we need to voip and ill show you how to update the launcher server, there's a few steps to properly generate a manifest, and i can hook you up with that launchers source so you can optimize for JKG if need be. I just need to have the balls to release it on the hub one day lol
  4. You may want to attempt to factor in a 3D map grid a lets say 9x9x9 which may be exsive and complicated but would waste less space me thinks, considering that maps RBSP maps may waste a ton of airspace, depends really if RBSPs are going to be cubed^3 in nature or a just on a plane of RBSPs on coordinate table, with the individual bsp being a 3d world. I am going to be most intrested in seeing how you can cook this up. The only draw back i can see is on the server initialize, cause that load time may be massive, but once everything is loaded i dont really see a problem other then hitting the ent limit, but if you can get the certain areas of rbsp multithreaded safely ent limts might not be a proplem. RBSP would also be a concept of multiple processes of JKG (local and cross server maybe?) all sharing the same RBSP grid type with each node in the grid having fields of IP, X, Y, (Z? if 3d) and would connect or "move" you cross local process or server. the RBSP, could maybe also be generated/hosted by a JKG master server, and the master server would dictate what is the universal RBSPs and control what BSPs the server would load, so any server running JKG would be added to the RBSP master server and provide a viable realm for people to play on
  5. Ill try to show up but its 7 am in the morning for me lol
  6. Ya i agree completly futza and i would love to develop quests. the best systems i noticed that did something to what you saying was the JEDI RP servers and some lugormod servers. Which would be cool if we can implement features comparable to them, quest design is going to be an amazing thing. In free play i would think that quests should be contested over by opposing teams or players, or something along those lines, but also at the same time having quest zones that are reasonably safe (close to spawn). While more contested zones would give more lootz depending on size and scale of the map. Thats all tenative of course. I was mentioning to eez a few days back and that i think that having his AI workshop ported into JKG would unlock the possibilities of the quest system (think hostage, and escort quests with the possibility of npc/player skirmish fights). While I know that phase 2+ is a long way off, its gud to be thinking about the debuggin tools first, along with the expansion of the GLUA system when we enter the phase 2 cycle. To give a bit of a concept of how questing should be I think we should look to other games and what quests do there, here is a small list inspired of what i could think of from games like WoW and ToR (along with few others). I think the glua system + ai workshop should be able to handle these cases in due time. Quest Types Multi Slay - Kill npcs (glua spawn, and ++ till count is met) Boss Slay - kill 1 particular npc ( kill npc with designated name/class) Gather - collect something meaningful for the npc or yourself (possibly something simular to scizco's credit system in atlantica) Escort - way pointed npc with possible additional npc spawns/encounters while on route (ai workshop PLZ!) Race - get to a certian point as fast as possible (with and without veh usage, possibly something like JApro? Eternal + Loda/Videop WHERE YOU AT!?) Deilvery - bring a package of some sort to destination (can we set "spawn with mins+max" trigger_questcomplete zones with glua? speed hampering with item type in (aci) inventory to make quest more challenging or ally dependant?) Hostage - protect an npc from onslaught (if npc->name == dead = gg) Infiltrate - get to an enemy defended/contest point and return alive with intel/package (similar to delivery but 2 way) The current system might already be able to handle some cases, but im just throwing low level ideas out there to help further implementation. All gud things come in time : )
  7. oh boi oh boi oh boi i have waited a long time for this moment
  8. Sense have yet to state a solid time ill make one up I call for 4:20pm PST Saturday, If Im not dead or busy with RL bull I will be on even by myself spaming npcs or something lol 7:20pm EST so thats like 11:20 pm Saturday for some parts of euro, which i think most can make it if they can suffer a high ping I will most likly be hosting with the latest binarys for linux, assuming no build errors occur but if someone wants to host there own server fine my me, but this server is located in Kansas with a 1gig port eez thinks it sucks and is a laggy peice of sh1t but i was ok and most other seemed ok too, so idk maybe its a linux thing And we will probably play until it crashes, cause once that happens we go back to debuging like last time LOL
  9. When you commit versionNumber++; gg WoW uses Expansion#.Major#.Minor#(7.3.1) and a build number, which is basically just a number that gets +1 everytime a change is made public, which i believe is more for developers to keep track of hotfixes, while the first set of number is to keep track of what content is intended for changelogs and public info. Not trying to make a point, but just giving ideas.
  10. ok I seem to have an ok working linux version, only crashed on map changes, which isnt too big of a deal, game seems stable otherwise, im going to look into mac support, but could take a long time cause i dont have a mac osx partition and honestly i never touch mac. da rips... unless.. my linux i386 build can be ran on da macs, i hear its the same thing under the hood but im such an osx noob
  11. Get some cheap smg, DH-17 or one of the E-11s, make money, then buy carboninte rifle. GG
  12. ty i will give it another compile here/test here shortly, but just right now i was compiling jkg in vs2013 however i had to remove "struct TextColors" and "textColorStart" and all things that referenced it in order to compile for 2013. Is the RGB color system working atm? is this struct needed/working for vs2015? btw im (Z) in in the discord chat, tho i might not be on for the next hour or so cause im going to disappear into linux land
  13. da rips, i spent the last day and half trying to get a working linux build, in order to host on a server that I believe will have gud up stream and down stream, I did get something to compile in the newest version of ubuntu, but it segfaults on when i connect a local client, but not with bots oddly enough. I also corrupted my primary boot partition because i tryed to install some crap to be able to referance more then 740 something gigs in 3tb harddrive. Note: turns out 32 bits can only access 2.2tb of info before it takes a shit, at least on win7 sp1. So i had to exchange that shit but im getting back on track, and hopefully by the end of today, I will know whether a linux server is feasible or not for jkg. But I haz to figure out how to get a gud debugger to work for linux so i can trace the cause of the seg fault. Sigh... compilers... If i am to default host to my home computer, in the past i was able to host up to 8-10 clients before lag became unbearable, eezstreet is across the US from me and he gets around 150 ping, I want to get something working more in the heart of the US, just... thats the proplem with getting gud cheap hosting, the servers are all linux.. fuk Bill Gates for charging for his op system.
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