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YT-2000 modelling help

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Greetings friends I am Darth Valeria I'm trying to make A Star Wars Story with machinimas


But i need someone to model a ship for me


YT-2000 Light Freighter



So i can use this freighter as a vehicle in the Jedi Academy


pls guys help me <3

We can never have too many vehicles in JKA. And the YT-2000 would be a welcome addition since the YT-2400 was added some time ago. :)

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The one in the video is way too high and the other ones are like PSX quality.


4k textures are a thing of beauty. I believe JKA maps were given a 4k overhaul and look amazing, considering the actual models are low quality. It's just a case of re texturing the vehicle.

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