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  1. minilogoguy18's post in Swtor Model Problems was marked as the answer   
    More than just the weights, the tags are likely the cause of the shooting being weird.
  2. minilogoguy18's post in Assimilate/Carcass error 4588 was marked as the answer   
    Whoa whoa whoa whoa, you can export whatever as the start frame, carcass will re-sort the frames based on the dotXSI files it grabs and the first frame of the first sequence will be starting at frame 0 despite what it is in Softimage.
    The problem is the missing root pose which can be at whatever frame number you want, as long as it's the frame before the start of the animation. This is why the model is skewed, it needs the root pose to figure the transforms of the merged animations.
    I'll have to update the files description because the root pose is there, it's just been stored as an action sequence and I didn't have that feature there when I made the video.
    @@gugatucci to add the root pose to the first frame of your animation...
    Select any part of the rig Press F3 to open the synoptic page Go to the frame before your animation starts Select "Root Pose" on the right Select "Key All" Adjust timeline so that root is the first frame and all other frames are in your animation Export as normal  
    At some point I may have to make a new video on that rig, sorry about that, it's undergone a LOT of changes since the initial video was made.

  3. minilogoguy18's post in Carcass problem was marked as the answer   
    @@WorstMB2Player Sorry it took so long, been very busy. Seems I gave the wrong assimilate preferences. Here are the correct ones.
    The carcass.exe must be in the folder specified in the preferences!
    The main problem with the model is that you chose the skeleton_root as a deformer, that is a no no. The nodes model_root, mesh_root and skeleton_root cannot be used as deformers. Removing it made the model compile, this is how you remove it...
    1. Select all your polygon meshes, do this by right clicking on stupidtriangle_off in the explorer and choosing "expand all from here" then select stupidtriangle_off and shift+left click the mesh at the end of the list, should be bolt_r_hand_cap_r_arm.
    2. Now, remove skeleton_root from the envelope for your meshes by going to the animate toolbar and selecting "Deform>Envelope>Remove Deformers" then simply left click skeleton_root then right click to end the picking session.
    3. Export to the folder /base/models/players/_huamnoid/, open Assimilate, choose File>Add Files and pick the _humanoid.gla file
    4. Click on the big "B" in Assimilate for build model and watch the magic.
    Let me know if you run into any more issues, if you do just post the command prompt in Assimilate as it will tell us what's wrong but doing this I was able to successfully compile your model.
  4. minilogoguy18's post in Modeling Problems was marked as the answer   

    Those should be your export options, you probably have "triangles" selected as polygon type when that is the function that isn't implemented, the automatic triangulation on export hence why you have to do it manually. You don't need animations to be checked.
    I had this image in the tutorial where the videos are posted on this site, I'll put this image back in there.
  5. minilogoguy18's post in How to make a mp model an npc model was marked as the answer   
    This is posted in the wrong section, really wrong.
    It's a simple text file called an NPC file, open up the assets1.pk3 and extract a few of the base NPC files and open them with notepad.
    They're pretty self explanatory, everything is written in plain english, googling or looking in the tutorials section will probably yield results on how to but it's so simple you don't even really need a tutorial. Just open a few of the base ones up and look at them.
  6. minilogoguy18's post in Devmap keeps Crashing was marked as the answer   
    Also since widescreen is so normal these days /r_mode -1 while using /devmap or /map will cause the game to crash for some reason.
  7. minilogoguy18's post in ModView bones error? was marked as the answer   
    The model you're trying to load is a model that was compiled with the JK2 skeleton, it has 72 bones. The only way you can view it is if you put the JK2 _humanoid.gla in the /models/players/_humanoid/ folder.
  8. minilogoguy18's post in Can't figure out what textures are what was marked as the answer   
    Just read the .efx and .shader files, they tell you what textures they use.
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