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Epic Matchup - Volume I


Epic Matchup - Volume I  

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  1. 1. Who would win, Kyle Katarn or Luke Skywalker?

    • Kyle Katarn
    • Luke Skywalker

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We are starting a new poll series called Epic Matchup. No, this isn't a dating game. It is a chance for ya'll to debate on who would win between these two characters. Use logic and knowledge of Star Wars lore to back up your choice, when necessary. Keep in mind the characters' abilities and personalities that we are aware of through the media they are featured in. Obviously some of these apply to the EU/Legends canon. Assume these characters are in their prime age, power, ability, etc. unless stated otherwise.


First round naturally features our lord and savior Kyle Katarn, pit against the beloved Luke Skywalker.


and GO.


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Luke got his ass beat by Vader, and only beat him by using the Dark Side, and then got fried by the Emperor..

Kyle beat 7 Dark Jedi on his FIRST DAY with his lightsaber, then he took on a whole army of Reborn and won.. 
Kyle would probably Force Lightning Luke's butt until Luke ran away like a pussy, and outcast himself on a tiny island in a shitty Disney Movie.. 

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Luke's bitch ass couldn't even handle a little lightning. Had to call out to his daddy for help. Luke better be glad daddy was in a good mood.



Luke got his ass beat by Vader, and only beat him by using the Dark Side, and then got fried by the Emperor..

Kyle beat 7 Dark Jedi on his FIRST DAY with his lightsaber, then he took on a whole army of Reborn and won.. 

Kyle would probably Force Lightning Luke's butt until Luke ran away like a pussy, and outcast himself on a tiny island in a shitty Disney Movie.. 



Kyle'd whoop Luke's whinny arse!


Yes but remember Kyle was made for a video game, in which characters are generally overpowered. 

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Even more, when Luke appears in Jedi Outcast it seems to be implied that he's way much stronger than Kyle. He doesn't even have issues beating Desann and he has to relay on cheap tricks to get away from him. 

I'm not sure I understood what you're saying, could you rephrase please?

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Even more, when Luke appears in Jedi Outcast it seems to be implied that he's way much stronger than Kyle. He doesn't even have issues beating Desann and he has to relay on cheap tricks to get away from him. 

You say that, but when I play that level on Cairn, Luke gets killed by the reborns pretty easily If I let him try to handle it himself.. 

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It's quite honestly a mismatch. When Kyle faced Darth Caedus in LotF, he had backup consisting of three Jedi and was still decisively beaten... And Kyle pretty much got rekt by Caedus, getting impaled on his lightsaber after Caedus used an airspeeder to pull Kyle into the blade. Even discounting the blatant Force superiorty of Caedus, it was pretty clear Caedus is the superior swordsman too.


"Katarn’s blade struck his, rebounded with snap-hiss, and came around from the other side as the Jedi Master executed a lightning fast spin. Caedus stepped back from it, not engaging the blade. He watched the blade flash harmlessly past him."



Caedus just moved out of the way of "lightning fast attack" of Katarn just by stepping back.
"Caedus rolled out of Katarn’s kick to his head, catching a scrape along his cheek, and swung at the Master’s leg, but Kolir’s blade intercepted his before it bit into flesh. His strength batted her weapon away, but she had deflected his blow and spared Katarn an amputation."


Kyle being saved by the backup of the other Jedi from being swiftly defeated opening himself in a kick.

"He sensed Katarn’s attack, threw up his blade in a block so well practiced that his muscle memory could have performed it while he slept."
Caedus being superior in defense.


Now I don't want to post the entire scene, but you get the message. Caedus >> Kyle as a duelist, completely and utterly, not to mention the Force which he used to cut him down. Kyle had 3 other Jedi at his side, and was still downed, and in fact as you can see the backup saved Kyle.

And this is how Luke stands next to Caedus.

In the next instant, Caedus found himself flying across the cabin toward his observation bubble. Luke had not gestured, had not flinched, had not even shifted his gaze; he had simply grabbed Caedus in the Force and hurled him five meters into his chair.
"Don't lie." Luke started across the cabin. "I'm getting tired of it."
Caedus sprang out of the chair... or attempted to. Instead, he found himself struggling against an invisible weight. He felt as if he were accelerating to lightspeed with a faulty inertial compensator.
"Luke, you've gone mad." Caedus reached for the controls on the arm of his chair and discovered he couldn't even do that much. "You can't do this. I know you're having trouble dealing with Mara's death, but..."
"This has nothing to do with Mara," Luke said. "And you're lucky it doesn't. If she were here-if she had known what you were using Ben for-there'd be pieces of you scattered along the entire length of the Hydian Way."
The irony of the statement was far from lost on Caedus, but he was too astonished-and too frightened-to take any pleasure in it. While it was true that Luke had taken him by surprise, it was equally true that he had done so with no visible effort-and that he was continuing to hold him with no apparent exertion.
Keenly aware that all that stood between him and a quick death was Luke Skywalker's much-strained sense of decency, Caedus let a little of his very real fear seep into the Force, just enough to seem properly alarmed.
"Then I'll take it for what it's worth," Luke said. Leaving Caedus Force-pinned in his chair, he started toward the door. "I'll show myself out."



Yep. He rendered him immobilized lifting a finger.
And this is how Luke fights Caedus in a lightsaber fight.

Luke didn't give Jacen a chance to surrender. He just sprang.
Ben's jaw dropped, and Jacen started to spin, snatching his lightsaber from his belt and igniting it in the same motion, bringing the emerald blade around high to protect his heart and head.
But Luke was attacking low, striking for the kidney to disable in the most painful way possible. Jacen's eyes widened. He flipped his lightsaber down in the same moment Luke's met flesh.
The tip sank a few centimeters, drawing a pained hiss as it touched a kidney, then Jacen's blade made contact and knocked it aside. Even that small wound would have left most humans paralyzed with agony. But Jacen thrived on pain, fed on it to make himself stronger and faster. He simply completed his pivot and landed a rib-crunching roundhouse.
Luke stumbled back, his chest filled with fire. Jacen had caught him on the barely healed scar from his first fight with Lumiya, and now his breath was coming in short painful gasps.
Good, Luke thought. This was supposed to hurt.
Jacen followed the kick with a high slash. Luke blocked and spun inside, landing an elbow smash to the temple that dropped Jacen to his knees. He brought his own knee up under Jacen's chin, hearing teeth crack-and relishing it. He parried a weak slash at his thighs, then drew his blade up diagonally where his nephew's chest should have been.
Except Jacen was sliding backward, one hand extended behind him, using the Force to pull himself toward a tendril-draped rack in the far corner of the torture chamber. Luke leapt after him, bringing his lightsaber around in a low, clearing sweep.
Jacen stopped pulling and started to swing his free hand around. Luke was ready, had been expecting this since the fight started. Still flying through the air, he raised his own hand, palm outward, and pushed the Force out through his arm to form a protective shield.
The lightning never came. Instead, Luke was blindsided by something heavy and spiky, and his body exploded into pain as he slammed into a durasteel wall. He found himself pinned in place, trapped by a bed of thorns Jacen had hurled across the cabin. He felt the hot sting of the thorns pumping their venom into him. His hearing faded and his head began to spin, and he saw Jacen, one hand still raised to keep Luke pinned, sneering and taking his time rising.
Bad mistake.
Luke raised his lightsaber, slashing through the thorn bed as he sprang. Jacen scrambled to his feet, barely bringing his weapon up in time to block a vicious downstroke. Luke landed a snap-kick to the stomach that lifted Jacen a meter off the deck, then followed it with a slash to the neck-
-which Jacen ducked. He came up under Luke's guard, holding his weapon with one hand and driving a Force-enhanced punch into Luke's ribs with the other, striking for the same place he had kicked earlier. Luke's chest exploded into pain, and he found himself croaking instead of breathing.
Luke struck again with his lightsaber, using both hands and putting all his strength into the attack, beating his nephew's guard down so far that Jacen's emerald blade bit into his own shoulder. Jacen kicked at Luke's legs, catching the side of a knee. Something popped and Luke felt himself going down. On the way, he swept his blade horizontally.
Jacen screamed, and the smell of scorched bone and singed hair filled the air. Knowing Jacen would strike despite the wound, Luke rolled over his throbbing knee and spun back to his feet with a clearing sweep.
His blade met Jacen's in a shower of brilliant sparks. Luke freed one hand and drove a finger-strike at Jacen's eyes.
Jacen turned his head, but Luke's little finger scratched across something soft and bulbous. Jacen roared and stumbled away, shaking his head. Luke feinted a dash toward his nephew's blind side, then-as Jacen pivoted to protect his injured eye-Luke hit him with a Force wave.
Jacen went flying, and it required only a soft nudge to steer him into a tendril-draped rack in the far corner. He hit with so much cracking and crashing that Luke worried the rack had broken, but the thin tendrils quickly entwined Jacen in a net of pulsing green.
Luke started forward, his injured knee buckling each time he put weight on it. The rack's slender tendrils were tightening around Jacen, cutting into his flesh and oozing a yellowish irritant that made skin puff up and split. Jacen began to slash his lightsaber up and down, cutting the vines away two and three at a time. If Luke wanted to finish this-and it seemed like a good idea, given how battered he was himself-he had only a few seconds.
Luke closed to within two meters without saying a word. What point would there have been? Jacen wasn't going to surrender, and Luke wouldn't have believed him if he offered. It was better to attack quickly, while he still had the advantage. He brought his lightsaber up to strike.



I figured it may be the best comparison to draw, since you have the common measuring stick of Caedus and how Kyle and Luke stack up to him. Sure, there's more to Jedi skills than that, fighting styles stacking up to one another, how their strengths and weaknesses interact, etc. but you can clearly see it's too much of a difference. It's like Yoda vs. Obi-Wan. Two completely different levels, no matter the personal differences. Luke just completely roflstomps.

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Skywalker obviously.

Even though I hold Katarn as a slightly better protagonist, Luke is the superior Jedi. His Force Powers are of a higher quality in that, he's had at least defeated more formidable foes than Katarn did(Darth Vader, legends Lumiya, Mara Jade etc...) 

Regarding physical attributes, Luke matched Vader in raw strength weaving curtains out his lightsaber, fighting faster than thought, generating afterimages, deflecting blaster fire from 128 shooters at once, perceiving the sublight-speed motion of ships in slow-motion and so on reflecting greater strength and speed than Kyle by at least a noticeable margin.

Pitting both to go out against each other is just pretty much making Obi-wan fighting Yoda. Actually, Obi-Wan vs Kyle would be a pretty close fight.

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