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For those who really want a Tulak Hord Model and Saber:








Comes with lore-accurate NPC Support (as in, the NPC is LEGENDARY with a lightsaber in-game), as well as Bot Support.

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@Psyk0Sith ported over Garland from Final Fantasy Dissidia at my request, all credit goes to him, although I added new sounds:


In-game model ^.

Sword included (no chain for obvious reasons):


As I said above new sounds have been included, both for the model and the sword, comes with npc support, but no bot support, maybe in future.

Anyway, enjoy:


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I've ripped the sounds from both FF1 20th Anniversary Edition and also Dissidia 012, expect to see an update soon including both of them.

@Colonel Birdstrong

I've taken the sword slashing sounds from FF1 and the blocking from Dissidia and created a decent weapon soundpack for them.

@Psyk0Sith has updated the Chaos models after many failed tries, so expect him on the moddb page soon as well as Garland.

At some point I'd look to do some work on @Delta_135's Terrain map: https://jkhub.org/files/file/549-terrain/

I wanna at least change the skybox so it'll display Castle Cornelia as in the Dissidia NT arena:


A lot of info at once but I figured it'd keep ya'll, especially @Colonel Birdstrong up to date.

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Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core:



There are tons of Buster Swords from FF7 that have been made already, so bringing the Crisis Core one to JKA would've been pointless.

To know more about Zack Fair, go here: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Zack_Fair

Thor from Marvel Cinematic Universe with his hammer:







To know more about Thor from the MCU, go here: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Thor

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I'll reveal a few models to get ya'll excited:

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach/Bleach: Heat the Soul 7):


Ignore the messed up hand.

Erdrick (Dragon Quest III/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate):


I've been assured the eyes will be fixed. These aren't done yet so be patient, and yes, it includes his shield.

I'm also working on the Thor model, he currently sucks as an NPC or Bot no matter how OP I try to make him, solely because his hammer is so tiny in terms of length compared to sabers.

A saber's length is normally 40 in Jedi Academy, Mjolnir is awesome at the moment and I have added a lightning effect, but it's length is 20, so it rarely ever hits an opponent. I made it this length to keep it realistic, so that enemies of his NPC or Bot weren't getting hit by thin air.

I was gonna make Mjolnir have a shockwave effect, but that requires a ton more work, as mentioned, it has lightning come out of it whenever you hit an opponent, and has sounds taken from the movies, but the swinging sounds sound like blasters. I'm not ready to re-upload him just yet until I make him a viable combatant.

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43 minutes ago, Lord Of Hate said:

That could be for any number of reasons, what's the error it gives when it kicks you out?

It actually doesn't give me a error after I'm kicked out of JA. But Darth Desolous works perfectly fine whenever I use him in sp. I never get kick out of the game when i use him. 

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1 hour ago, Rebel_Jedi said:

It actually doesn't give me a error after I'm kicked out of JA. But Darth Desolous works perfectly fine whenever I use him in sp. I never get kick out of the game when i use him. 

Try downloading OpenJK, it lets you tab out and in of Jedi Academy at will, and lets you use Jedi Academy models that may not work in normal Jedi Academy:


There are plenty of tutorials for installing it.

If it doesn't work, then you may have a mod that conflicts with it, I know MovieBattles II has their own Darth Phobos model that may have used my npc as a base, so it may conflict and try to spawn them both but the game may not be able to handle it. -Shrugs-

If neither of those work, then I really don't know, it works for me and several other people that I know of.

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