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  1. Dissidia Final Fantasy for the PSP I believe
  2. @@AshuraDX That did it. You sir are a genius and I applaud you Can't believe it was that simple of a fix... well now I know. Thank you! I'm marking this as solved.
  3. @@minilogoguy18 thanks @@AshuraDX here's the link for it https://www.dropbox.com/s/284c7b2alkmx8cc/ff_chaos2.max?dl=0
  4. @@AshuraDX I'll post my .max then but... I'm a noob to forums so idk how... *embarassed*
  5. I'm starting to wonder if it's the model itself, since it's a port it might be kinda jacked up by jk3s standards. It also doesn't have a standard "spread eagle" pose... here's the link of the model https://www.models-resource.com/psp/dissidia012duodecimfinalfantasy/model/1225/ At first when I saw it i thought exactly what the rest of you probably will think.. wtf!? That won't work! Well I managed to get him posed proper but... Well obviously there's something else I'm not seeing, kinda wondering if it just has to do with the model itself. At some time somebody else was able to port the warri
  6. @@Kualan no lol, in this case basically what I'm doing is taking an existing skeleton (with the tags) and rigging a player model to it, I detach the parts of it so I have a head, torso, 2 arms, 2 hands and 2 legs and parenting them to the stupid triangle. I've used this process a few times now and haven't had problems with other player models. @@AshuraDX seems odd it would do it now for no apparent reason since there's nothing to change as far as settings go. I use 3ds max 2015 and I'll see if I can.
  7. 69 downloads

    A sword used by Chaos from Final Fantasy, by request I made the model from scratch, the texture I'll admit was photo sourced (wanted it to be accurate as possible). To install put ff_chaos.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder. The un-installation is simply removing the file from said folder. To get it in SP type into the console (after you've enabled cheats) saber ff_chaos_sword The only performance altering I did is the blade length is 50 as opposed to 40... so it's got some reach. Other than that it's pretty vanilla.
  8. says "R_LoadMDXM: models/players/ff_chaos/model.glm has more than 1000 verts on a surface (1679)" basically just says too many verts and no specifics and yes i named the basic parts what they should be (l_leg, r_leg, torso, hips, head, r_arm, l_arm, ect.) double checked that and my spelling a few times to make sure i didnt just typo it
  9. Alright.. I'm stumped. I'm trying to port this model and everything seems to be going ok in 3ds max as far as weights, hierarchy, and meshs/verts go. It exports with no problems (as far as I know), I go to Modview to check it out and it tells me I have too many verts (1679 to be exact). Ok.. well except the total verts overall is only 1771 and the biggest mesh on there only has 304 verts and I have DEFINITELY done a model with more than that! I've tried looking around here for the same topic and found a couple things to try, like make sure there aren't overlapping vertices or isolated v
  10. 289 downloads

    A player model I modified from the vanilla jedi human male to look like a Sith pureblood from SWTOR. My first player model ever so don't be overly critical Has team support and custom taunts! Installation: Just put zzz_sith_pureblood.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder Insects (bugs): There's some clipping with the cape but other than that I think that's it.
  11. 324 downloads

    Liked Naga Sadow's and Ludo Kressh's Sith swords? Well... Here's some more!!! I have left the old versions of Sadow's and Kressh's swords in this pack, so if you still have the old pack replace it with this version. To install, put the_other_sith_lords_swords.pk3 into your gamedata/base. To uninstall, simply remove it. In this pack we have 9 swords to play with (well ok, one isn't really a sword... more like a techblade ) (and also it's technically 10 swords since there's two versions of Naga Sadow's sword) As it was pointed out to me, the old version of Sadow's sword didn't have the
  12. oh yeah.. almost forgot about that lol. Got side tracked with the Arwing, then improving the textures on this . Got a few more to make and some textures to improve
  13. 1,516 downloads

    This is a pack of 16 custom sabers with the "Star-Forged" theme, meaning they have a sort of disrupted/unstable sound set. I've been working on these sabers for around a year and a half, mainly for my own use and experimentation. I did go a bit crazy with WavePad and mix, pitch, distort, reverb, and gargle the crap out of some random sounds and add lots of low end bass. If you've got good ears you might even guess the base sound I used! The ignition sound on the longsaber and Fury I made using a mix of high and low tones. I modeled a few of the sabers using the MHS Builder from thecustoms
  14. 106 downloads

    Frankly I am surprised nobody has made this for JK3 sooner! (Unless someone did and I didn't know?) To get in game, open the console and type npc spawn vehicle arwing_v2 (yes I made an experimental version before this one but am not releasing it) If you've never heard of the Arwing, it's the starfighter from Star Fox games made by Nintendo. I modeled this one roughly around the one from Star Fox 64 (3D). It's a nimble and fast fighter with plenty of firepower. It's probably an unfair vehicle for JK3 for the fact it has more health and shields than the X-wing, out runs the Tie-Fighter, and
  15. Depends on what you wanna do I think. If I have/want animations then I would assume you'd check animations, if not then don't. For some reason if I un-checked animations assimilate would yell at me but I got my vehicle in game and working. Looks like crap since I didn't really put time into the modeling/texturing. I mainly just wanted to see the process first hand so I could do it again, maybe next time I'll try a simple "idle" animation
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