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    This is the Buster Saber! It's a lightsaber I made for personal use, but decided to release for anyone else who might like it. It's heavily inspired by Cloud Strife's Buster Sword, and features two materia set in the handle. The materia comes in three colors: Green, purple, and yellow. Console commands for Single Player use: bustersaber bustersaber_yellow bustersaber_purple
  2. Not really any updates, sorry! I've been busy with a lot of other stuff, and haven't quite been in the mood for model importing.
  3. Finally uploaded some more characters! They are Jotaro Kujo and DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2.
  4. For Singleplayer? If that's what you're trying, I don't remember giving Alucard or Jonathan singleplayer support. Once you're ingame, though, you can use the console commands "playermodel alucard model_default model_default model_default" and "snd Alucard" to play as Alucard in singleplayer. Just beware that once you reach the Hoth levels, the skin will glitch out and you'll have to redo the first console command. And may or may not have to restart the game. You can do the same stuff with Jonathan, but I don't remember his model's folder name. It might be "JonathanJoestar" or even just "Jonathan".
  5. Actually... I already have him in! Jotaro, too. I just really need to get back to uploading, I'm sorry it's taken so long!
  6. I've done a model import of her before, and... She did not turn out well. It's mostly because of her dress, that thing's a pain to rig and it looks terrible ingame to boot. But, one of the characters is OoT Sheik, using the Hyrule Warriors model! She's technically Zelda, does that count for anything? The other two are Link from Skyward Sword and Ghirahim. SS Link had a lot of fun voice clips to use and Ghirahim is just one of my favorite Zelda villains.
  7. Here's Lucina: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkX6Kvh15ESd2n3693PGB22jO5NAhR7a I'd recommend grabbing my Chrom mod for her weapons as well. The reason she wasn't already up on this thread was because I was really considering redoing the import, I feel like this current one came out pretty bad.
  8. I got a couple more characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, at least three Zelda characters, Sora from KH2, Naked Snake from MGS3, and Greninja.
  9. I'm not sure! I'll think on it. I have to say no to being paid, though- I have no intention of making money off of porting models. Unless those models were 100% made by myself, anyway.
  10. I'll definitely consider him! I need more villain imports, after all, and he'd be perfect. I also have more to upload! I've just been slacking because of Monster Hunter.
  11. I don't really have a good model for Darios, unfortunately. Sephiroth already has some decent models made, and I've never heard of Valhalla Knights, sorry. As for Hero... I think I'd prefer to do the DQ8 or DQ11 heroes! Eight's who I usually use in Smash, and I've been playing DQ11S recently.
  12. I'd be pretty concerned about his armor, if anything. There might end up being clipping galore. As for PSP games, it depends on which ones.
  13. Thank you! Samus, Ridley, and Chrom have been uploaded. Enjoy!
  14. Oh, it's not mine, it's the one that's already been made by someone else. I plan on uploading some more stuff today or tomorrow as well! Likely the mods I mentioned earlier: Ridley, Samus, and Chrom.
  15. Ohhh, that one! I don't have any plans to do any Zero Suit Samus models since the one we already have seems good enough, but that version of her Zero Suit has always been great. I'm pretty partial to the orange Zero Mission version myself.
  16. I use this site quote often! Though usually I prefer to use models I rip myself, like Marth and Robin. Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate are all really easy to get models from, thankfully. I don't have the Fusion Suit, but I have her Varia Suit from Metroid Prime that I'll be uploading sometime, along with Smash Ultimate Ridley!
  17. I actually have imports of Roy, Ike, and Chrom in already! I'll upload Chrom at a later time, but the others are a bit odd- Roy's model is pretty high poly and causes a return-to-menu thing when there are too many bots/NPCs in a game, and Ike's model uses his Brawl model. I'm thinking of redoing them at some point, especially if I can learn to optimize the models from Smash Ultimate. As for Alucard's weapon, I just didn't really feel like doing one. Maybe if I can find a good one to use from Grimoire of Souls, I'll do that.
  18. Hey there! I'm Colonel Birdstrong (or Bird of Light, or SatoshiKura), I do a lot of model imports for different games of characters I like. I've been modding this game for years, mostly just keeping my stuff to myself. I think it's about time I start sharing it, though! I've got a lot to upload, so I'll put stuff up in increments, hopefully. I don't usually do requests, just to clear that up right away. Fire Emblem Marth Download Screenshot: Details: Robin Download Screenshots: Details: Chrom Download Screenshots: Details: Lucina https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkX6Kvh15ESd2n3693PGB22jO5NAhR7a I may redo this import, hence the lack of features included with her. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jonathan Joestar Download Screenshot: Details: Joseph Joestar Download Screenshots: Details: Jotaro Kujo Download Screenshots: Details: DIO Download Screenshots: Details: Castlevania Alucard Download Screenshots: Details: Metroid Samus Download Screenshots: Details: Ridley Download Screenshots: Details: Kingdom Hearts Sora Download Screenshots: Details:
  19. That's awesome, thanks for keeping me updated! Looking forward to seeing if you're able to change that skybox too.
  20. These are pretty great! I'll definitely be using WoL and Garland in my own game! Perhaps I should make my own thread for my model ports?
  21. This is looking great, were the model pieces optimized at all?
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