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  1. These pictures are freaking awesome! Is that Desert Starkiller available anywhere?
  2. I'll have to try downloading it again, again then. I probably put them in a wrong place, it didn't download right, or maybe it's conflicting with something else I have.
  3. First of all, I love your works. These are all really great and unique. That being said: I've tried these out, but for some reason only Boba Fett wants to work for me. The others give me a "bad or missing bone, or missing animation sequence" error when I try them in MP. Are they not MP capable? Or, (and this is usually the case with me ) did I bork something in the download/installation? Regardless, these look really cool, keep up the good work.
  4. I dunno about anyone else, but that China map gives me some Shadow Warrior vibes. Looks awesome nonetheless
  5. He's in the works! As are a bunch of Crisis Core and Dissidia characters Dude! Nice! I definitely recognize the room, but since most of my SAO knowledge comes from the Abridged series, I couldn't tell you exactly where officially.
  6. First off, I'd like to apologize for my sudden vanishing. Life took me on an adventure some call "preparing for the first day back at school", which is a pain. I do not return empty-handed, though I will address what I've clearly missed in my absence. As of right now, as weird as it sounds, I'm not entirely sure how to do weapons (though it is on my list of things to learn). I did fluke the Genesis Copy blades, so sometime in the (hopefully) near future, I will work on these weapons, release 'em, hey presto. I will totally update the main file with all this, or somethin', when/if I get the chance. And now, without further ado, I present what I have done lately. Kirito - Sword Art Online (Requested by Droidy365) There's no NPC support, nor team colours, nor sounds yet. However, much like many of my other models, it'll get an update with all that stuff in the future. I didn't want to leave a post with just that, so I've thrown together some previews of future work. Can you figure out my latest obsession? As always, let me know any bugs you find, I'll fix 'em up ASAP
  7. My apologies. Helping the family get ready for the Christmas has taken up a lot of my time. Kirito's not quite ready just yet, but I have the weekend free, so I should be able to get the player model done at the very least. Sorry again for the delay.
  8. Yeah, the names of the models are download links. But, some (if not all) of the models are messy, some don't have sounds, and dismemberment doesn't have the caps on the limbs (yet). Haven't added bot support, NPC support, or SP Menu support either. This is all stuff i'm working on, I've just released them in a "there's the model playable in game, have fun" state (call it peer pressure, lol).
  9. I can certainly give it a shot! Last time I tried doing a saber model, it crashed the game when you saber threw it, but I'll certainly keep you posted.
  10. Yes! I was hoping it'd be at least a bit recognizable, lol. Glad to see someone got it, and so soon.
  11. Thanks! Though, many of these models'll have a lot of transform errors. I need a lot more practice xD
  12. More shameless shameful porting! Sounds aren't yet done for these. (I can't find 'em online, and my PSP died. But, it will happen in the future! Gabranth uses Desann's sounds as a request from a roleplay friend) Gabranth Alternate Outfit 1 - Dissidia 012 Genesis Copy - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 And here's one I'm putting together. See if you can guess who it's meant to be.
  13. Red and green walls, a crystal garden where red and green are prominent, all wrapped up in a snowy blizzard bow? You sneaky lil' devil.
  14. Holy cow! Just judging by the screenshots, this is awesome! Very accurate to the show, totally and utterly mind-blowing. Now, when I've scraped my brain matter off the walls, I'm going to have a good look at this. Definitely keeping both my eyes (sleep as they may be) on this.
  15. Hey there. I'm The4thRemnant, very rookie model porter for Jedi Academy, who's useless at making models from scratch. I was requested by a few members in the roleplay group JAO (Jedi Academy Order) to attempt to port some models from various games for their characters, and decided to post the results here. These are very W.I.P, and the rigging is in no way up to par with anything anyone else posts here, but I hope these models will be good for some purpose. (Important Note: I DID NOT MAKE THESE MODELS! I ported these from their respective games, and rigged them to the Jedi Academy skeleton (and badly at that). I take no credit for making these models. This goes for all models here, unless otherwise specified.) (Side note: None of these models have SP Support, NPC Support, Bot Support, or even dismemberment. These will be supported in the future, when i am better at this kind of thing. Until then, try to enjoy these models in their current state) (Extra side note: Don't worry about any weird model names. Those are from the RP group, but the models still work) Warrior of Light - Dissidia 012 (Requested by Lord of Hate) (I believe somebody rigged his weapons, but I am unsure where. If you have them, feel free to use them in conjunction [and maybe send a link my way? ]) Genis/Genius Sage - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Requested by Revan'koon) Zidane Tribal - Dissidia 012 (Requested by me)
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