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Development screenshots: cool things that are being worked on

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Looks good but needs moar rend2. :P

rend2 is going to be implemented as part of Phase 2, as an optional second renderer to use.

We're also going to implement TTF fonts and a new UI system probably then as well, with UTF-16 strings for more translations hopefully.

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Development screenshots showing off how the differences in ammo types can make a huge difference.


In 1.3.0, we added the ability to purchase and use new special ammo types. Some weapons have multiple ammo types at the same time, while others have different ammo types that you can cycle through. Some are a mix of both!


Explosive Quarrels are extremely powerful, and turn your bowcaster into a glorified grenade launcher:



...while Splitting Quarrels do the exact opposite, and turn your bowcaster into a glorified shotgun:



This change has been brought to you by Engine Changes . We had to up the limit of loaded .efx files in order for this to work correctly. HAYO!

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This looks great!

Slightly off topic though - What time are the servers online? My server list always comes up blank. Australian time zone btw.

We usually schedules matches for that, but I'll see if I can get NubSmoo to host one for the latest alpha.  Its best if you come on over to the discord if you want the latest updates/find out when people are hosting matches.

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Fixed healing buffs (buffs can now also properly heal you).  Additional damage plums had gotten broken earlier at some point (probably when we switched to new debuff system), so they were not displaying correct green healing colors when gaining hp.  This has also been fixed.  Now I just need some healing buff items to actually have something to try it out in the game with.

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Okay so I know its hard to tell what's going on from a single frame, but overheating is now affected by the map's ambient temperature (if specified by the mapper).  This will lead to some fun things like energy weapons being more effective on Hoth than on Mustafar, for example.  (Not that either of those planets are planned to be included, but that'd be cool if we did get maps for them some day).

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