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  1. The Force guided him through the shortest route. Or something.
  2. Jerec was literally a master. Desann's a student who ran away. *goes 180* Yet, I can't give it to Jerec that easily. A master in the Force and lightsaber combat, with the power of VOTJ, still getting whooped by some random "Jedi" who picked up a lightsaber not long ago and had no master? Desann deemed others weaklings back when he was a Jedi student, though I don't know how much of that was due to his natural strength as a Biglizardman. But years later Luke didn't whoop his ass in seconds so he's got that going for him. But Kyle was also kinda inexperienced in Jedi ways when he defeated Desann since he had severed his Force connection after JK1... IT'S THE SAME SITUATION IN BOTH GAMES It's hard to tell because Kyle is OP af and wrecks both of them. I vote Desann because he's cool and big and strong and has a lizardface. Also JK2 is a sequel to JK and more often than not in such fiction latter foes are stronger than former.
  3. My interest dropped sometime between TFA announcement and TFA release. I didn't want to go to that movie, and boy I wish I didn't.
  4. I know lightsaber hilts have a tendency to be uncomfortable, but this one? How do you even grip it when there's this weird "wing" coming out of it... I wish Lucas and then everyone else thought this through better.
  5. hleV


    Might not be cheating, but a bad gameplay feature/mechanic. 3rd person corner-peeking in Arma/DayZ anyone?
  6. While some (many?) EU stories were good, some of them seem more "major" than even the movies. The events of the movies no longer seem as significant when you take EU into account. Still mostly better than GL's The Ones and Zombies.
  7. Eagerly waiting for that 1.4.0!
  8. So wait, do slugthrowers really completely ignore shielding, or are completed ignored by shielding?
  9. My first thought was that the shuttle is broken and was dragged in for repairs lol, and it's not its appropriate place to be kept in. Could be random plot element, why you had to fix it
  10. It doesn't need to be turned off, it needs to be better.
  11. Only the cape part of this port is better than yours.
  12. Doesn't UAC simply stop you from doing something and ask you to press "Yes" each time? Seems like a nuisance to me so I always have it disabled.
  13. Who/What did the stormie lost contact with?
  14. So it's a mod for noobs who don't know how to choose, download and install shit? Just call it All in One then.
  15. I've heard of KOTF (mostly bad things), but I have no idea what's it about and why was it (supposedly) so popular.
  16. So what's the actual OpenJK CVAR for bringing SP movement closer to that of MP? No such thing as g_mpmovement, at least in JK2 Enhanced.
  17. Why would anyone want KOTOR1 robes? They look like shit. KOTOR2 ones are fine.
  18. Holy shit. I didn't like TFA but dat model man
  19. r_mode -2 seems to make the cutscenes properly widescreen (widening sides instead of cutting top and bottom). Not sure if this is OpenJK or JKE thing, but... thank you!
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