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Hi from Sith-J


If I were to make a SWVII JKA Duel Map  

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Hey Guys,


Just wanted to drop in and say hi.  JKA is an excellent community and I have fantastic memories of mapping and playing in it!  It's great to see all my maps still hosted on here and the website is great and a real credit to the staff here!


I never really said my goodbyes from JKA mapping, thats because l never really officially stopped mapping, I mean the Christmas before last I even got my Star Gate map out of mothballs to release on here and I am itching to go back in with some newly learned 3DMax skills, so check out the Poll above!


Anyway, I have been concentrating on '@JCulley3D' which is a coming together of many skills I picked up and progressed back in my JKA days.  My releases and the feedback you guys (and the players at that time) gave me was truly motivational and is the reason I progressed my journey into 3D animation and development.  I have found a love of digital animation and as such have a few commercial releases under my belt with one or two more in the pipeline!


So if its any motivation to any budding developers, keep it up and get on board because you never know where it may take you!


Twitter: @JCulley3D




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Welcome back! Love your work!


So I'm deliberating asking you to help out with this SP campaign a dozen years in the making; I can handle the scripting (but I haven't been, for the last couple of years), but one or two maps look a bit subpar. Should I ask you about that?

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Hey Sith-J, I really enjoy your maps, yours and Szico VII's are my favourites. I remember you were working on maps for the JKG mod, be cool to see if you still work on those when JKG becomes bigger. Would just love to see a full planet map!

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