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  1. Absolutely fantastic to see you again old friend. Reviewing your maps was always one of the highlights of working at JKFiles!
  2. I think these are for the Alpha, so they may Increase for full release, but it gives you an idea anyway.
  3. Ohhh the tomb! Blimey I had forgotten about that, I think I need to go back and re explore some of my own maps lol!
  4. Ahh you found the secret then, awesome! I'm so happy you liked my maps!
  5. Intriguing... it looks similar to JK Combat, but too many fancy weird jerky movements. Still, it is tempting to try though.
  6. Nozyspy

    yoo :>

    Greetingsh friend. Welcome!
  7. Tsk tsk, you will no doubt now be assassinated by EA goons for that! Typical EA, all mouth no trousers!
  8. Nozyspy

    Hello There

    Graeme!? o.o Blimey I remember you! Nice to see you hear mate!
  9. I'm not sure I have ever come across someone who doesn't hate EA!
  10. This looks fantastic! Its been a long time since i last played Dark Forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith, i need to get them installed again. Keep up the excellent work!
  11. Ok, so i have been out of the loop for quite a while about JKA's source code release, so you will have to bear with me. I am guessing this is a kind of post processing shader system, similar to the GLSL shaders for Minecraft? In which case, would setting one of these shaders in your shaders file (presumably) for a map then render that map unplayable in Base JKA? Or are these parameters simply an addition to the default shader which causes these new shaders to override the default ones when this shader system is installed in JKA? Again, i'm really not up to speed on all this so forgive me!
  12. I can imagine, the Base JKA Korriban textures contain a surprising amount of different colours!
  13. Haha yes, its a shame they even considered changing the aesthetic design completely, rather than just making it cleaner and more modern, it really worked quite efficiently on that site. Jeff 'noe' is actually still around by the way, I don't know how he hasn't been driven to madness by now!
  14. I cant quite remember now since it was so long ago, but I may well have left you and a couple of others on the staff list. I seem to remember when I was made aware of the login bug I left any retiring staff on the list just in case, since removing and re-adding them later on would have stopped their login from working. I remember at the time you said you were pressed for time, a few other staffers left for similar reasons so its nothing to worry about! You were one of my best staffers, in fact, didn't you do some HTML stuff on some of the pages on the site like the rules page to spruce them up? I ended up kitbashing that on several other pages in an effort to make things look a little prettier!
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