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  1. I downloaded the Mara Jade model and tried "npc spawn rebelmara" in jk2sp and it works just fine, the gun is held in the right place. I tried both vanilla and (an ancient version of) OpenJO. Maybe another mod is causing your issue?
  2. Could you link to one of the broken models so we can take a look at it?
  3. The Jedi Academy player model has fewer bones than the one in JK2, which I think was a compromise they made so it would run better on XBOX.
  4. No, I think neither base nor JA+ support it, you'd need to code a custom mod.
  5. I don't think anyone has tried porting a compiled .bsp to source yet, you'd have to program your own tools for it. With enough effort, it should be possible, if you know what you're doing. But if you have the original .map file for the map, I think you can use NetRadiant Custom to save that in a format that Hammer can use, so that might be easier. If you succeed, please document how you did it so others can learn from it.
  6. Check out the coding tutorials, particularly https://jkhub.org/tutorials/coding/compiling-openjk-win32-must-read-for-new-coders-r6/. It says to use "Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2013 or later" but I would recommend using the latest available version, which is currently 2022.
  7. OpenJK is not for modding, it's for playing. I referenced its source code because it works the same as the original Jedi Academy. Here's what I learned from reading the source code: For an NPC to be able to grab, it needs to have class CLASS_KYLE in the .npc file (only Kyle-class NPCs are allowed to grab) use weapon WP_SABER (you have to be a Jedi to be able to grab, and the only way for a Kyle-class NPC to become a Jedi is to wield a lightsaber) have spawnflags 1 enabled (on NPC_Kyle, that is the "Boss" flag. Only the boss version is allowed to grab.) have an animation for BOTH_KYLE_GRAB, and optionally for BOTH_KYLE_PA_1, BOTH_KYLE_PA_3 & BOTH_KYLE_MISS (to be able to successfully grab someone, you need to be in the BOTH_KYLE_GRAB animation. The rest is played during the grab or when it misses, and are technically not required). Note that the player will always play the same reaction animation.) All player models using the _humanoid skeleton have such animations. So you need to write a custom .npc file with the correct class and weapon, use an npc_spawner with spawnflags 1 to spawn it in a map, and it needs to use a model with a grab animation. Spawning it using the console is impossible, as you cannot set spawnflags 1.
  8. Judging from the source code, the NPC needs to have the "CLASS_KYLE" class and Spawnflag 1 ("boss") to be able to use kyle's grab attack.
  9. It's possible, but it will require programming. You'll have to find the code responsible for the disruptor disintegration, and re-use the relevant parts of it for lightsaber kills.
  10. In principle, 7zip should also work, but you have to be careful not to create a .7z file, it has to be an old-school .zip. But if Pakscape works for you, it's probably easier to simply stick to that.
  11. You cannot move the bones, all player models share the _humanoid skeleton and have to conform to it. Besides, you don't need to move bones to attach the model to them, you need to weight the model, i.e. define which vertex is affected by which bone. Since this needs to be quite precise for facial animation, weight painting may be the best option.
  12. So what exactly are you looking for? If you just want to create some NPCs to battle against, you can use the "npc spawn" cheat.
  13. Turns out this was already fixed in 2020, you must be on an older version of the plugin. The version on jkhub is used to be outdated, you can find the latest one here: Release nightly · mrwonko/Blender-Jedi-Academy-Tools (github.com)
  14. Make sure the name of your pk3 comes alphabetically after assets6.pk3. If it's something like "alternatekyle.pk3", it will be overwritten by the original assets instead of the other way around.
  15. In the Ghoul 2 properties, I don't think the name is supposed to end in _0. Compare that one to a working model to check. Usually the _0, _1 etc. suffixes are only there to disambiguate the objects, but all LODs have the same G2 name with no LOD suffix.
  16. The importer only supports one .skin file at a time, and it does not auto-hide surfaces marked as "*off". You'll have to manually combine the .skin files into a single one, and then manually hide/remove all undesired surfaces.
  17. Yeah, apparently time.clock was removed in Python 3.8 and Blender must have updated to that version (or newer) now. The add-on needs to be adjusted accordingly. I hate it when programming languages just randomly decide to break your program in a new version...
  18. I currently do not see the connection between the title of this thread and your message. Please describe in more detail what steps you have performed. How do you merge glas?
  19. No, you cannot change the lightmap using entity modding. The only way to get rid of it is to use a fullbright shader that ignores the lightmap, but a) that's going to look terrible and b) there probably aren't any existing fullbright shaders for the textures you want to use, and you cannot add new shaders through entity modding.
  20. I don't know of any, and if there were any, I wouldn't want to use them. I appreciate the Discord having different channels I can mute individually, to recreate that with telegram you'd need dozens of chats that people have to join individually. Just fix your Discord?
  21. Check the manual, you need to unpack models/players/_humanoid/_humanoid.gla and either have the files in GameData/Base or manually configure the base path on import.
  22. Does the underwater fog still work? I assume the blue character is related to that somehow, since it's also blue. bespin/water2 has fogparms configured to give it that blue fog, while caulk_water does not configure any fog, so I'm not sure which takes precedence when you mix both on a brush.
  23. Yes, it's a known bug in 1.4 that the native save dialog is broken since Vista or so, and the other one requires you to manually add the extension. But I fixed that in 1.6, which to my knowledge is no less stable than 1.4. However, nowadays many mappers swear by NetRadiant Custom (NRC).
  24. See https://jkhub.org/tutorials/general-modding/installing-editing-and-managing-pk3s-r73/, but remember to never edit the existing assets files, and instead put your modifications into a separate pk3 archive.
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