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  1. I know that a single broken shader can break all following shaders as well. Maybe that's also the case for NPCs? One broken NPC in turn breaks others? Try removing mods to find out which one is causing it, then share that one here and we can have a look at why it's broken.
  2. Sounds like Jedi Academy Enhanced might have added support for progressive jpeg textures, which are originally unsupported and lead to that error message. You then installed a mod that uses them (maybe Jedi Academy Enhanced ships with progressive jpegs? That would be a little mad...) and this makes it incompatible with the original game. Try removing mods until you find the offender.
  3. I don't understand the difference between spawning and showing up. Can you elaborate? Also, what's an example of a mod that exhibits this behaviour?
  4. You can compare the glm saber models for Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast sabers using the ModView tool. At first glance, I can see that Jedi Outcast appears to use a tag called "*flash" to define where the blade starts, while Jedi Academy uses "*blade1", presumably due to the added support for multi-bladed sabers. So you'll have to edit the model to rename the tag, which can be done using the Blender Plugin or a hex-editor (making sure to replace instead of insert so the overall file length stays the same). The other issue is that Jedi Outcast does not have customisable sabers. That either needs to be programmed in (which needs to be done inside the VR port), or you can replace the default saber by giving the new one the same name. If you go the latter route, you should provide one PK3 file per saber, and then the player has to choose only one of them.
  5. Which steps are you referring to? What guide are you following?
  6. It's an animation used exclusively for that purpose, right? Then you could change the animation, e.g. by replacing it with a different existing one by editing models/players/_humanoid/animation.cfg, or by modifying the animation from the _humanoid.gla itself e.g. in Blender. The relevant animations should be BOTH_STAND1TO2 and BOTH_STAND2TO1.
  7. That would best be done using a sun light, which can be done using a custom sky shader, as described at http://q3map2.robotrenegade.com/docs/shader_manual/light-emitting-shaders.html, or using a directional light entity with a special key I can't quite remember, possibly "_sky" set to "1".
  8. These light rays have been created using brushes with a special texture, possibly common/dark_dust, on its visible sides, and system/nodraw on invisible sides.
  9. It would be nice if you could share your .map and .bsp, so we can see if we can reproduce the issue. I haven't watched your video yet, but it sounds like you're hitting some bugs that could be fixed in the engine.
  10. You could probably use vertex alpha for the fade, which you can control using alpha volumes. The principle is similar to (one method for) blending textures on terrain. I was going to point you towards SimonOC, but the website seems to be down. Somebody else can probably provide more details.
  11. It doesn't need to be called "base", you just need the correct folder structure inside of it,
  12. what Ramikad said, and make sure to read the included pdf manual for more details.
  13. Can you share the broken version of the map? This looks like a bug in the code that should be fixed, but we'll need a way to reproduce it first.
  14. Nice. I did a brief search for Blender Merge Normals Across Objects and found this alternate approach, but use whatever works for you.
  15. If you're using the Blender add-on, make sure to use the latest release, the version on JKHub does not handle normals properly. If the normals already look like that in your modelling tool, you need to fix them there, first.
  16. I experimented a little, and the name of the .shader file appears to be irrelevant. What helped was renaming the pk3 to come alphabetically before assets, e.g. aaa_animated_sky.pk3. I think for shaders, pk3 load order is reversed from what it usually is.
  17. Share your modified pk3 and I can take a look later.
  18. The order in which shaders are loaded (and thus override each other) is somewhat unusual, I don't really understand it, but if your pk3 currently comes after assets1 (alphabetically), try changing its name so it comes before, or vice-versa.
  19. That map uses the shader textures/mp/s_bespin (defined in mp2.shader), you need to change the first line of your shader to that (but keep the "skyParms" as they are).
  20. That looks like it was built as a replacement for the Bespin sky. I don't think the Bespin sky is included in Jedi Academy. What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to replace an existing sky? Or use this as a new sky for use in your own map? Either way, you'll have to change the "textures/skies/bespin" parts. The top one is the name of the shader, as referenced in maps. The one in the "skyParms" is theoretically the path to the textures that make up the sky, though in this case the later "map textures/AnimatedSky/skystars11" puts another image on top of that, so that should not matter.
  21. If it doesn't work on Blender 3, you're using an outdated version of the plugin. The latest version is available at https://github.com/mrwonko/Blender-Jedi-Academy-Tools/releases/tag/nightly
  22. The version on this website is outdated, I have yet to get around to uploading the latest version (I want to do some more fixes/improvements first). I would recommend updating, because older versions may not work on the latest Blender and can lose vertex normals on import.
  23. To be able to use (any) Radiant, you need a .map file, but the game only ships with the compiled .bsp files. You may get better results by using SomaZ' BSP importer for Blender and then exporting from Blender.
  24. FYI the player.npc file you found is for the NPC version of the player used in cutscenes.
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