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  1. Still working on this, it's been delayed but I'm recording a mini documentary for my YouTube about my awesome experiences with the JKA community and to launch/release the updated maps! Check back soon SJC
  2. It's back up, but being updated. Thanks.
  3. ASE limitations? I'm thinking of modelling a bunch of assets in 3Dmax for the upcoming maps, can anyone remind me of the limitations? Cheers SJC
  4. Thank you & update Hey guys, sorry been busy working on my YouTube content as I'm building a Star Wars room in my garage... Please give me a follow (you can even see my Iron Man physical suit build and cosplay) The room build will be completely themed like a rebel base / SW ship with falcon seats etc... Anyway I posted here as I was so happy to have found all of my old maps on a working HDD as I feared a lot of it lost do so long. The comments here are very humbling.. but rely I just made a few maps once lol. Anyway I do plan to do a few things for the JKA community: Kamino II I do plan to release a Kamino II it will be very different from my first... I may just keep it as an outside experience using landing platforms and the cool Ocean I spent a while getting to work just right with minimal inside areas... The issue is trying to merge the new area with my old map, but I will attempt to do that too and keep you all posted. Millennium Falcon I had created a new more accurate version of the Falcon and again I do intend to release this perhaps for RPG, I will create a separate post for this and collect ideas from you all. Tatooine - Homestead I will release this map day and night version. It's pretty much complete but needs a once over EVII to EIX Map pack This is a possible.... I'm not committing to anything here but it would be cool to make some maps based on the latest films... Community Resources I've got a whole folder full of incomplete maps and materials, I will gift these to the community over the next few months. New map for (UE4) And finally I've been working on some content for Unreal Engine (also VR) based on a R1's Jedha & The Mandalorian feel, I know this is not JKA but I will make the textures (simplified) available to the JKA community if that helps) You can follow all my project in instagram @jculley3d Cheers guys, stay home and stay safe!
  5. Thanks guys, still getting this weird log in issue.. have to reset my password every single time!
  6. Ah it's good to be back here again! Thanks for this btw ??
  7. I was wondering if you guys would expect to see the contents of Kamino I with this new outside area or something new altogether new?
  8. Hey guys, thanks! One thing I'm having huge problems logging in.. says my deets are wrong everytime I try log back in have to reset everytime?
  9. Lockdown = Time to sort through my stack of HDDs and I found ALL of my unfinished maps... Kamino 2 anyone? Stay safe guys ? SJC
  10. Hey guys, Managed to find the old source files and have now provided these to the devs. Sorry for the delay, 3D work commitments in real life are much and varied so it's a busy time. I haven't read the entire thread but just to confirm, my inaction is not due to me not caring, it's just a busy time. Good luck with the mod, I look forward to seeing it progress! I'll check back from time to time. James
  11. Some great ideas guys :-) I have already made some low poly stuff from EVII which I could port to JKA so we are half way there :-) Reys home: https://youtu.be/bsJEbk41bbY https://youtu.be/mVYWeXygeY4 Maz Castle: (but this is stylised) https://skfb.ly/LRHS But the poll did favour The First Order... So I'm stuck between wanting to do the ice base and Reys home... Or maybe even the resistance base... As I also have made part of that.. https://youtu.be/b9-7DEXz_TQ Decisions....
  12. Hey so, over in the introductions thread I started a poll and you guys seemed to like the First Order theme. So what's your ideas? I'm going to try something a little different this time and hope to build most of the map in 3D max, and import everything into GTK as Ase files.. Perhaps some of you modders can point me in the direction of info on poly count limitations etc..? As previously I have only used BSP to map. Anyways would be great to hear your map ideas below?
  13. Hey, again thanks for the comments :-) I will answer each individually soon, just wanted to say that I am still here and will indees be building a new JKA map, so thanks for the feedback on the poll :-) just been a little busy of late will get to it soon.
  14. Wow guys, thanks for those comments.. I had no idea that people even remembered me anymore! Well I am defo going to release for JKA again at some point, a SWVII theme duel map for sure just not sure when!
  15. I of course love anything Star Wars and it could be argued that one the most innovative things to come out of the Star Wars franchise recently is BB-8! Well the first teaser trailer hit our screens a while back now, believe it or not about the same time I started to use 3DMax... so I jumped to it and made a very crude, very inaccurate model of him not only because my 3DMax skills were basic at the time, but also because there wasn't a lot of reference material out there for him. Anyway, I loved the teaser trailer and enjoyed the YouTube parodies that followed, so I made my own.. I worked out animation and camera rails and I recreated the Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer #1 from beginning to end with but replaced everyone with BB8! it's had a few views on YouTube of its own so far! https://youtu.be/-tqrDwCTq-c Since then though, my love affair with BB-8 has grown, so when I saw more of him roll onto the stage at the last SW Celebration, I hit 3DMax again, this time with improved skills and lots more reference images. Here is the updated version in all his PBR glory, see him on Sketchfab here: https://sketchfab.com/models/d4b82ccc626c469fb7800ce779097fcd With my new improved version of BB8, I was itching to animate him again, so made his very own dance off video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9-7DEXz_TQ As if that wasn't enough, to mark the 21st of October 2015 (Back to the Future Day), I stuck him on a Hoverboard and animated him again here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltkTSoWh_60 Anyway... I do have a bit of a fascination for BB-8 can't wait to see what he gets up to in the movie! Cheers!
  16. Yes totally, cant wait.. I played the beta and have pre-ordered... god knows how I am going to fit in any time to game though!
  17. Hey Guys, Just wanted to drop in and say hi. JKA is an excellent community and I have fantastic memories of mapping and playing in it! It's great to see all my maps still hosted on here and the website is great and a real credit to the staff here! I never really said my goodbyes from JKA mapping, thats because l never really officially stopped mapping, I mean the Christmas before last I even got my Star Gate map out of mothballs to release on here and I am itching to go back in with some newly learned 3DMax skills, so check out the Poll above! Anyway, I have been concentrating on '@JCulley3D' which is a coming together of many skills I picked up and progressed back in my JKA days. My releases and the feedback you guys (and the players at that time) gave me was truly motivational and is the reason I progressed my journey into 3D animation and development. I have found a love of digital animation and as such have a few commercial releases under my belt with one or two more in the pipeline! So if its any motivation to any budding developers, keep it up and get on board because you never know where it may take you! Twitter: @JCulley3D website James
  18. The spiral staircase on the second floor goes nowhere.. And is just caulk btw..
  19. Thanks man, means a lot coming from you sir :-)
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