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Jedi Knight Galaxies officially closed

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I absolutely loved it. The armor system had an invaluable potential, the gunfights were very exciting, and most of the credit for this goes to the first person view and animations (had to be careful for Resuru's explosive traps, though - you didn't want to piss him off).

The pazaak was a nice diversion to the fights. And the saber system was in my opinion the best around: the duels had the particular vibe of the Original Trilogy, where you can literally "give in to your anger", and attack repeatedly, in such a way that reminded me of Luke's furious strikes in Episode VI. When I engaged in a duel, I didn't istinctively block myself up in a tight, impenetrable defense, but rather felt like jumping into battle, engaging the opponent.

And it lived up to the promise of the developers - easy to learn, hard to master.

And objectively, Coruscant was a great sight :P

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Out of interest, was it ever going to be this 'roleplay revival' mod that it was praised back during the twilight years of JKA? (2008-2011) It was my assumption that it was going to have a set storyline that was to be followed, and not really a 'free roam' roleplaying mod that could be adopted for just about anyone.


Not surprised either at this turn of events, they set themselves goals way too high. Here's hoping they release the maps.  :P Some of them looked alright, especially for ctf and just plain eye-candy.

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The gunning system was great, the ability to buy stormtrooper armor and put different pieces of it on your model was awesome. Shame it had to go, guess all the people who said in the end it would fail were right...


EDIT: But hey, life happens and ruins things.


its all obi wans fault.

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I never did get to play this with other players. I would have enjoyed it's rpg-ish storyline. Oh, well, as long as the download still exists, there still might be someone playing it. I know the feeling, I was part of a similar community project for Star Wars: Battlefront, that was abandoned due to a hard drive failure (mine) and a general loss of interest. (It's remaining assets can be found HERE, if anyone's interested.)

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The released assets aren't in a PK3. I think they're on a Google Drive type of thing.


I've sorta been in limbo/apathetic/brainfart mode atm, so take this with a very severe grain of salt, but I might be interested in making my own fork of it now that there's no bureaucracy and attachments to worry about (XD sorta...I mean I was really running the show for a while, let's be for real). I just want a small bit of code to mess around with and I don't really know where to go.

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@, wont let me click the link, says I need to register. Was curious since I used to mod the Pandemic Zero engine as well for a long time (SWBF1/2).


@@eezstreet, you should play around with it, who knows, you might think of something else to contribute the code it had to, like another jkhub project that's in active development.

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I never did get to try it. I wanted to install it one time, but the updater thing failed. Was it any good?

I'll try and get some builds up, but I'm still working out how exactly webhosting the builds and such will work.  Unfortunately the install size is bigger than most servers want to give me bandwidth for and I haven't had a lot of time to work out moving things over to dropbox /moddb yet.  I'll try and have it up soon though.  (Unless one of the other Devs @@eezstreet wants too host something somewhere before I get to it?)


I also plan on adding some more documentation/tutorials for building/how to do stuff in the coming months when I get time.

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JKG Developer

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Really the only thing that's the problem is the assets. Once you download them, all you need to do is continually update your DLLs and maybe a PK3 or two that I decide to change.


@@Darth Futuza: if you'd be a peach and upload the assets here, I can write proper installation, compilation, etc instructions as well as basic information on how to host. I'm also kinda stuck since I don't have the most recent copy of the assets, otherwise I'd be chipping away at some code.

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