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  1. well, i was kinda hoping that a vulkan render could make a good thing for openJK project. I mean that with vulkan maintening a render based on it could ease (despise being more complicated to implement than openGL based render) and also you would code one render for windows and linux. For the MacOS version we could still use the openGL one for now... This is my two cents idea...
  2. Hello there, Guys. I was wodering if you guys have looked at Vulkan API as a possible replacement of openGL based render? what would be the pros and cons of using Vulkan?
  3. Tarkin was awesome, despise being CG. I was worried about the fact that I kinda believed that Peter Cushing was still alive. Voted for K-2SO, because it was one character that wasn't so empty.
  4. damn, this is a really good model!
  5. is the rend2 available in the builds? or do i have to compile it? does the rend2 have support for widescreen resolution of 1366 x 768?
  6. been a while since i last check this topic but i've got to say this is looking awesome! good job!
  7. You know that somehow made me think of the game Brink by Splash Damage. their SMART button that enable new moves depending of your location, speed and etc. we could have some thing like but only for animations/moves. OK picture yourselves having a specific combat style and using a smart thingy that allows you to have more moves only available with that combat style. while the input would be increased by more key we could use mouse key additional side key to use this things while we avoid having more Keyboard keys input. Does that makes sense to you?
  8. never modeled until now but i have to say that this is very intimidating skill that you have ChalkYne! awesome work can't wait to play on that map!
  9. I only play SP, MP gameplay is nice but i do suck in PvP! JK2 story line is what makes me play over and over again. i do like the new force powers any movement animations from JKA. SP over MP due to SP's NPCS are more difficult to deal with than on MP, imo. for the mods i usually play with the Yoda mod, and few other mods that add few lightsaber and new skin for the player. Hate to see the same npcs over and over with texture changes. Mods that i would like to see are, a CO-OP mod, new force powers and animations, fighting styles.
  10. time passes and so does everybody. nothing could last forever but indeed JA community still is around with lower numbers and less free time.
  11. truly this is a big shame that LA didn't make more games by it's own instead of licensing their titles to 3rd party studios. sure that bioware did a great job for KOTOR but they did make TFU and it was good, TFU2 was bad unfortunately. being consoles port to pc didn't help LA that much. 1313 had a nice story line and good gfx, haven't tested the game nor seen how it was played since i can't afford to go to the E3 or GDCs events. If only they did give a small damn to their fans maybe they would have make better games. Anyway hope that the next EA games for Star Wars won't fail us.
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