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Level 11: Gorc & Pic

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Here's my first WIP for this very simple level. I've got pretty much all the brushwork done and added some basic lights.


What you see is basically an attempt to mimic the original as closely as possible. Tiling textures and all. I would love to add some more detail to make it less boring than the original, but I don't know how close you guys want to stick to the original game's visuals. How much can we add to these levels?


[Any advice on how to embed the images rather than just link to them? It doesn't seem to be letting me.]






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Keep to the original structure but add details in as you see fit. Just make it look like the details belong. Also, swap out some of the texturing as the original levels have piss poor application of textures. They just look slapped on anywhere and don't make sense half the time.


One thing I still need to do is add sounds to floor textures.

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Nice start, could you please embed the images so that we can see the images here without being linked to an external site in the future?


The first image should be pasted like so...


I'll also go with what DT said, the structure so far looks true to the original which is good but texture work is what's really going to need to be done to make it "pop".

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This floor texture here is used way too much:




Also, try and round some of the blocky details but only where it makes sense to. Like you wouldn't round a square beam, for instance. The levels are to be lit from obvious light sources, unlike the original game. :)

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Even though I like the freshy look of the familiar environment, which brings lots of memories back to my time with Dark Forces II, I would agree that new details are in great demand here. :)


It's too bad the video in the game doesn't show too much of this large hall. I think developers tried to design as much as they could envision from the video. I am not sure what kind of room is that by the way. Is it some sort of central ventilation shaft or larger storeroom?

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When I try to imbed the images using tags, it gives me the message, "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Do I not have enough permissions to use tags here?


But I love adding detail. What I've done so far is just staying true to the original game's boring texturing. I'll start making it look better today and post screenies of my progress.

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Just map it after the boss fight level instead of the live action cutscene since you can barely see the room containing the cargo containers and maybe add some enhancements like a conveyor belt in the background for moving boxes in the level

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When I try to imbed the images using tags, it gives me the message, "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Do I not have enough permissions to use tags here?

Because you're trying to embed a web page instead of an image. You need the direct link from the Photobucket page, found in the bottom right.:



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Looks really good.


As far as adding that extra "pop" to the level, try adding pipes.  One of the old DFMod team members was addicted to pipes, so much so that the WIPJabba ship level had them everywhere.  But they looked like they belonged there.  Maybe a few hanging cables as well. 

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I could definitely add pipes and/or wires if we wanted to go that route. My question (potentially to everyone) is how closely we should stick to the original level designs. Obviously, the original Gorc & Pic level did not have pipes or wires, but if we don't mind deviating a little, it could definitely add some variety.

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Just so long as it looks like the extra detailing belongs, go for it. B)


I'm really impressed with your work. The only issue I see is the "pipes" that connect the ceiling lights to the roof. Maybe tweak how they connect to the roof. There are also some light models in JKA that I've been toying with as well. But also if you need a model or texture made, let us know. :)

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probably add some kind of framing aorund those floor holes in the big room aswell - to suggest that these are elevator shafts or something - random perfectly square holes are just... meh not realistic and quite boring to look at ;)

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