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Level 11: Gorc & Pic

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It's a possibility. I'm having OS problems so i'll have to restore and reinstall a few tools, gotta love windows breaking itself.

@@Psyk0Sith -- STOP! There's a great free Windows Repair Tool program that I have used with great success! Let me get the name of it this evening... and give that a try first before such a drastic measure of having to do a clean install.

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@@Archangel35757 I would be using a ghost image so it's just a matter of minutes before everything is back to normal and then reconfig / install a few tools. The problem is pretty severe, windows won't load any freaking services, except basic ones + antivirus and firewall, when trying to manually restart them, the option is not even available but wait it gets worse! The stupid thing was making BSOD repeatedly before i went in and started diagnosing startup services, when i loaded default config, no more BSOD (there was an error message about not being able to stop a certain service). It's a major meltdown.


I'll give the tool a shot but i don't usually trust those things, ghosting fixes everything!

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Well, Easter Break is over and I'm ready to start thinking about mapping again. @@DT85, what additions/changes would you like to see me make to the Level 11 map? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I'm pretty close to being done. It closely resembles the original, and I'm pretty content with the level of additional detail.


Once this one is complete, I'm thinking of doing one, MAYBE two more maps for the mod.

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Yeah, it seems like it's pretty much complete, I mean there may be little things we may think of at some point here or there. I think I'd probably still at least would have to play the map to see for sure though.


I think since you did this one maybe the level before it should be your next one, that way the theme is kept similar and this map actually looks like it's part of the level before it.

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I have the map files.




The map looks pretty good, however there's a few things I'd like you to go back and fix please:


1) The vis isn't done efficiently. You made a big box on the outside of the map and made everything inside detail brushwork. It's better on FPS to not do this. Please fix this by using the outer brushwork as structural, leaving the inside as detail.

2) There's alot of areas that aren't caulked. By this I mean does not have the caulk texture applied thus not rendering the surface.

3) There are a few areas that have odd looking brushwork like around the door frames for example. This isn't your fault exactly as the original map also has this, but please flatten them out or make it as patch work and also apply a different texture.


The lighting however looks fine, & the map itself looks to be almost an exact replica of the original so great work there. :winkthumb:

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He sent me the map with some changes that I've already uploaded to the source files link in PM.


There's still areas that could use some more fixing before I personally would deem it ready. However I can be quite nit picky.

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It's always been a lack of active mappers. I stepped down, and had hoped production would continue but I realise now this was mostly a 1-man project.

What do you need mapped? I mostly use Blender, I'm not sure that program would work.

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Wow...a LOT of life changes for me since I last looked at this thread. I just realized that I had never actually finished the fixes that were requested to complete this map! I want to take care of those so I can at least call this done.

will you release this when you're done?

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@@Jedi_Mediator do you have any plans on finishing it? Right now the mod is on hold until we can rebuild the team, so far the only people still in it are @@Ramikad and myself.


I'd like to keep stuff exclusive at least until we can see where things are going. I only released the AT-ST separately because so many asked. I'd really like to attract attention to this mod once again since it's one of those mods that doesn't require huge changes to the game to make possible.

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