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  1. Here's some more Not sure, but probably more is coming tonight
  2. Details will certanly come, but as a last thing. Right now the focus is on the circular vast area around the towers These two guys took me 4 plus hours to make and I'm still not entirely done with them. With that amount of time I finished the whole inside of the castle ("texturing" included), so I need to find another solution to make those areas that doesn't take away so much time. I was thinking of making them in a x or y directon, rather then how they are now, but, at least for these levels, which you don't see in the cutscenes, I'd like to stay as faithful as possible to the original design, with details that will make it look better. As for the towers, I'm not really sure what kind of details they should have. They are almost identical to what we see in the cutscenes with the only difference of some antennas being on top of them. I don't know if it's worth it for now, since you can't even see what's on the towers, maybe for the palace escape map?
  3. Not that much probably, but I'm really loving how the castle is coming out, and I also finished the entire inside of the castle. Now the real challenge will be the whole area around it, lots of diagonal shapes.......
  4. @@DT85 Will do Now, speaking about textures, some of the ones I need aren't in the texture folders I downloaded from here, so I had to extract the .mat file from the original game and convert them to jpg. Is that okay?
  5. Thanks a lot, and yes, I thought about all of that, and have some ideas, so details will come, but later. Right now I'm focusing more on the basic achitecture, which is 98% done in the city, and about 40/50% for dark palace. The thing that is taking long for me isn't the scale of the map, but the fact that there are a lot of diagonal shapes, if it were only horizontal and vertical would be great lol (I tried to recreate yun's duel map, just for fun, I already know ashura is working on it, and it only took a couple minutes, and it's identical to what we see in the original game) once I'm done with the dark palace and mitre with both maps I'll go on details to make these maps look more interesting and less old. I'd also like to work on the following level, you know, the palace escape after yun's level, since it's currently unassigned, but we'll see about that
  6. I apologize for being so late, but I am out of town because of work, so I don't really have a lot of spare time, but I managed to take some screenshots. I hope you like them
  7. So, I just wanted to say that the level 5 (the fallen city) is done. I still have to do some good mitre job and add a little bit of details and it's pretty much done. I'm not home now, so I will upload some images later today or tomorrow (with also a comparison with the view from above in radiant and in ZED) and after that I'll try to record it as if it was the actual level; not sure when though
  8. Yes, the thing is that I'm gonna do the basic brushwork for now, and then add the details. In the meantime, here's some more "gameplay" of this level. Didn't have a lot of time to put textures, but I think that the structure, at least, is almost identical (I've compared it with the original level in zed) Don't worry about areas in which you see the skybox where you shouldn't see it, I'll fix it later, same thing with the elevator that takes you where the probe droids are. Other than that, I hope you enjoy it Hopefully I will continue saturday or sunday. Edit - Alright, I managed to fix the flickering castle thanks to Jedi_Mediator
  9. Ok, I took a little break from the Baron's hed city and started working on the following level. I think it's a little bigger than the actual level, but it shouldn't be that much of a deal. Here's a video, let me know what you guys think
  10. So, again, didn't really have much time and I took it easy, but I really do hope this place looks familiar:
  11. So, I didn't really have a lot of time to progress with the map, but I did some fixes to the whole area before the city and I added some random textures and lighting to simply help to understand what you are watching, but of course that's not gonna be the final product, but overall I'd say that the basic structure of that river area is pretty much done, even if it definitely still needs some improvements: Yes, I know there's no room with items on the left when you get out of that circular area, I forgot to add that, since I revisited most parts of the map. I'll add it later.
  12. Yes, but, as I said, I put those lights there on the ceiling of the tunnel and on the bridges just to have a general idea, of course they won't be there like that, without any source, by the time I'm done. Also, I don't like the green light either, but I think that blue and red can kinda be together and I was thinking about putting some light sources on the sides of the bridges and on top of the tunnel. I'd also really love to have the tunnel pretty dark. In the original it was quite lit but that place always gave me the idea of being like a sewer where people never really access, but only droids, so that's why imagine it dark, even if not as dark as in the screenshots, it has to be lit enough in order for the player to see where he's going. Edit: oh and thanks for the video, but the point is that I have quite good ideas for lighting, but i still have to learn how to use it well in radiant.
  13. Here's another few images of what I managed to do today. Yes the lighting sucks, but I was just curious to see how it looks with some depth, but the basic structure is coming pretty well for now: So, I took some inspiration from a video I saw on youtube of this level in Jedi Outcast; I think it was Trank's, but I'm not 100% sure. And yes, I know it's dark and you can barely see, but I am still learning lighting, so I think that, when I'm done, I'll let someone better than me do the lighting, if that's possible of course
  14. Yeah, sorry about the tag, but it was 2.00 am when I uploaded this and didn't really think about it. Glad you're saaying it looks better than the previous one and I used the original textures only for the screenshots, since otherwise you couldn't really tell the floor from the water or the walls, so they're there just to give a general idea. Anyways, regarding discord, I'd appreciate if you could link me the server Edit - Also I'd really like to add some more details because this map, especially the first part before arriving into the city after the tunnel, even in the original game, looks and feels very empty and boring. Only problem is I'm not very imaginative and expert enough to come up with a good idea, so I am very open to suggestions!
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