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Jeff's never ending WIP's

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Scerendo is working on a model of both the Shore Trooper and Hovertank driver. Not sure exactly when it will be out, but there is one in the works.

I can confirm, found in the Movie Battles 2 Roadmap:




There's other works of his in the roadmap too, including Chirrut and Supreme Leader Snoke.

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Any news about Armored Darth Krayt?



If I recall correctly Jeff never said he was doing Darth Krayt, but he has been asked many times. I double we'll see him due to how complex the armor is. That's a lot of very specific detail work that couldn't be borrowed from (or used on) another character.

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From what I experienced from being a member on JKHUB for a long time now, not everyone is going to stop what they are doing and go out of their way just to fulfill your request. The way I see it is if they got free time and are interested. We all have a life outside of JKHUB and I'm sure most of us have a job. I think sometimes people think that some of us live on JKHUB 24/7 which is unlikely. Where I am getting at here is sometimes you have to motivate yourself into doing what you want to see happen instead of hoping or nagging others to do it for you. I know my computer doesn't like to cooperate with some programs I need for editing, that's why I was lucky to be able to use my woman's laptop to see if I can install blender on there and it was a mission success. Now look at me, went from regular old skinning to kitbashing coming up with my own creations with skinning on top of that. You won't be seeing me throw requests anymore because I finally rised above, unless I need help with how to do something on blender. So all I can say is motivate yourself to push yourself forward into what you want to see happen, if you put your mind to it you can do it.

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I have school ;)

I am happy to see you are using one of my kitbashes as your profile picture. But I would be even happier, if you invest more time to learn at least basics of Blender or any other similar software that you can afford, I believe Blender was for free. Believe me it is easier to swap a model's head or arm, cape - than typing an entire request or spending time to bump up requests. Who knows if you try yourself you may be the next masterpiece modeler or mapper in here, but you gotta try it. Don't hide behind such excuses as school as many of the older members here since I know myself or this community are or were already adults with way more problems to deal with in personal life, but they still got it working.

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These would likely be the same responses as if you were in any other modding community. I have a life outside JKHub (my projects were lost, I'm afraid, sorry fellas) and Gametoast (SWBF2 modding) and the only requests I ever make are for things that already exist but have no working link anymore. I have my own projects I'm doing in my spare time, which isn't a lot of time, but I'm taking time to learn and to thrive in the areas I know I'm good at and enjoy. Sadly, my computer does not like modeling software, so XSI and Blender are out of the equation. If I make a request here, it's very rarely, and I know that people here have a life of their own with jobs and family obligations. Things like this are peoples' hobbies in their spare time, unless they're using this work to build a portfolio for gaming companies of course. I feel like this argument has been made too many times before on this forum, and seeing as though I don't want to derail Jeff's topic even further because it's a place of his work, I will end my reply here.

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