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  1. Sorry,someone has this model of Sadic (made by ShenlongKazama) for JA? http://www.mediafire.com/file/nj049de940zki7u/Lord_Sadic.rar
  2. Dude,thats awesome,could you please,release or share this model?
  3. Could you put the head of this revan :https://mega.nz/#!RgkmxC4Z pass:!yvrdj5X3yIuA76zMpKYwBa0nBRZZHjus6eDA-qvMKII on this reborn model : https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi%20Academy/Skins/Others/111639/ please?
  4. Any chance of sharing the Zabrak Jedi skin,please?
  5. I think the model was already ported,check on this page:https://community.moviebattles.org/threads/lt-claims-workshop.60/page-5
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